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Posted - 2009.07.05 20:59:00 - [1]

Edited by: Calhounn on 05/07/2009 21:41:16
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Edited by: Calhounn on 05/07/2009 21:03:19
A 11.5 mill sp pilot looking for an established, mature corp in a developed alliance or NPC in 0.0.

I've been away from Eve for about a year and want to get back into the game.

I'm in US Eastern time zone.

No kids and no racist or vulgar corps please.

-Calhounn Cool

The Fallen Angels Unit
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2009.07.05 23:40:00 - [2]

have alook see what yu think

Violent Force Productions
The Volition Cult
Posted - 2009.07.06 03:15:00 - [3]

i may have a spot for u if we can talk and see if u would be a good fit for my corp and alliance i'll convo u in game or u can mail or convo me

Posted - 2009.07.07 01:11:00 - [4]

Bump - Still looking!

-Calhounn Cool

Posted - 2009.07.07 01:22:00 - [5]

check out firefox trading and transportation

I have a post up for it. New corp, I'm looking for leaders.

Boreas Ezra
Posted - 2009.07.07 04:45:00 - [6]

Sent you an EVEmail, Calhounn

Posted - 2009.07.08 02:35:00 - [7]

Bump - Still looking.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2009.07.08 03:54:00 - [8]

Try Annhilation. Convo me or eve-mail me in game.

Posted - 2009.07.09 02:30:00 - [9]

Bump - Still looking!

Dejana Morgana
Posted - 2009.07.09 22:40:00 - [10]

tried to convo you, you seem afk :D

contact me, when you are back

Spiritus Draconis
Posted - 2009.07.09 22:53:00 - [11]

the above is my alt........

Gladiators of Rage
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2009.07.09 23:17:00 - [12]

Gladiators of Rage is looking for new or older pilots.
PVP are welcome.

Proud Members of the Fighting Wildly Inppropriate Alliance [WI]
And the last of all the Founding Corps

We're running daily : PVP YARRRR!!

* Roaming Ops Daily
* Fleet Alliance Ops
* Cap PVP OPs

We have for your pleasure :

* 0.0 PVP, Exploration, Mining
* Active PVP alliance with good FC
* Alliance Outpost
* Corp Owned Outpost
* 0.0 POS
* Sovereignty systems
* Team Speak dedicated server
* Alliance & Corp Killboard and Forums
* Friendly corp (+175 members currently)
* Ship replacement Programs
* Cheap ships & modules from our invention division
* Access to nice belts
* The best Alliance Logistics team in the game

Requirement :

* 10mil Skills points strict minimum
* Api key
* Stay 95% of your game time in 0.0
* Join regulary PVP op
* Must have working headphones and Mic Team Speak is a must
* Must be a Team player if not don't waste our time

Benefit for PVP :
Ship under Jita prices, target close, PVP small & medium gang and with ally daily

Our pilots are based in US and EU timezones.
We are located in Branch & Geminate for 0.0
Don't hesitate to talk to us on our public in game eve channel: Gladiator's Coliseum
Contacts: Cosmoboy, Herce & Facepalm


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