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Deviana Sevidon
Butterfly Effect Alliance
Posted - 2010.03.14 18:35:00 - [61]

March the 30th. should still be the correct date. I believes some websites listed the wrong release date

Dr Amira
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2010.03.14 19:23:00 - [62]

Looking forward to it. I remember following the link to the new chronicle (I think it was Crystal Boulevard) back when I first discovered EVE and being hooked from there. Part of EVE's depth is it's immense prime fiction, which is so deep and detailed I'm always being pleasantly surprised by something new, not to mention that it keeps growing every fortnight.

Good luck, and I hope the book is the bestseller it deserves to be!

CCP Greyscale

Posted - 2010.03.19 20:19:00 - [63]

Originally by: CCP Dropbear
Originally by: CCP Greyscale
Originally by: CCP Abraxas
Originally by: Toramii
Any comment CCPQuestion

Amazon put up duplicate listings a while back and I suspect you chanced to preorder wrong one. It's no biggie, though - we're working on having them eliminate the ghost listing, but you should be able to put in a preorder for the proper item whenever you want. The book is coming out in March, and I know this, BECAUSE THE VERY FIRST PRINTED COPY IS SITTING ON MY DESK RIGHT NOW! Very Happy

Sorry, guys. Having a bit of a geekout moment here...

Confirming that I've touched the book and it is in fact real.

Confirming that I've touched the author and the pleasure was in fact real.

Confirming that I now have my own copy on my desk Cool

Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
Posted - 2010.03.20 11:11:00 - [64]

The book is available for ordering here in Sweden now, delivery time 5-8 days. yay!

Posted - 2010.03.20 15:38:00 - [65]

Qty Item Price Shipped Subtotal

--------------------------------------------------------------------- items (Sold by Amazon EU S.a.r.L.):

1 Eve: The Burning Life £13.29 1 £13.29

Shipped via Royal Mail (estimated arrival date: March 26, 2010).

\o/ Now I have something to read for the train journey back home! Love you Abraxas!

Posted - 2010.03.20 17:06:00 - [66]

Edited by: Boffles on 21/03/2010 10:17:36
I is current reading it as we speak.

So far it is excellent, very different from the previous novel. Much less pod pilot orientated just like I like my fiction


Finished... interesting but not sure about the ending

Project EIGNS - Coming soon....

Alexeph Stoekai
Stoekai Corp
Posted - 2010.03.21 21:31:00 - [67]

I hope I get it before my trip to London next week...

Seriphyn Inhonores
Eleutherian Guard
Posted - 2010.03.22 19:23:00 - [68]

Amazon UK had paperback release as 1 March, and hardcover as 25 March...but I ordered mine yesterday and it's on the way...

How come it was released with complete non-ceremony?

Posted - 2010.03.25 08:01:00 - [69]

Edited by: SW0RDITE on 25/03/2010 16:59:37
An excellent read and well-worth the wait! I just have to ask though... Haargoth? Shocked

I suppose that may just be me taking things too literally of course, but it would be nice to think that the story did contain some secret little nod towards the players actions.

Also, I feel terrible for doing this, but an error that leapt out at me as I read it. I only have the Hardback edition, not sure if its just confined to that version or both Confused. On page 161, I believe the 11th line up should start with "The", not "They". I am sure that I came across another error a little while after this one, but I can't for the life of me remember where it was, maybe I'll spot it again when I reread the novel next week!

I love how you never paint the universe in black and white, other than through the eyes of its inhabitants. I also noticed your "stasis/stagnation is death" motif appearing again, another little trademark of yours that I've come to love. Thanks for another brilliant story full of those lovely shades of grey!

PS: Any chance of a follow-up chron about what happens to Ralea after the story ends? Or are you saving that for later ;)

Arnulf Ogunkoya
The Causality
Electus Matari
Posted - 2010.04.01 12:54:00 - [70]

I have bought it and read it.

It's a vast improvement on The Empyrean Age. I actually found myself liking some of the characters for one thing. I do have some minor quibbles but I'm not sure if this is the right place to discuss them as doing to would involve giving out plot spoilers.

Posted - 2010.04.10 04:20:00 - [71]

Where can I find a list with all the EVE novels guys?

Thanks in advance

Posted - 2010.05.10 05:29:00 - [72]

I dunno.. I'm reading it, but it just doesn't do it for me like the Empyrean Age novel did. Dont get me wrong, it isn't bad, but for instance in one paragraph a guy is playing an instrument with eyes closed, and the next it says he's playing it with eyes half open. There's quite a bit of that, and also some emotions of Drem (the rage about his parents) was not expressed at all, it just assumed you knew? There's some holes, but hey.

Vaygr Crusades
Posted - 2010.05.19 12:04:00 - [73]

GDGD might get it the other novel was really good Very Happy

Zazaza Papp
Posted - 2010.06.14 22:09:00 - [74]

sooo is there going to be a third EVE novel?

InVictus Kell
Gladiators of Rage
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2010.06.18 18:43:00 - [75]

Originally by: FeralShadow
I dunno.. I'm reading it, but it just doesn't do it for me like the Empyrean Age novel did. Dont get me wrong, it isn't bad, but for instance in one paragraph a guy is playing an instrument with eyes closed, and the next it says he's playing it with eyes half open. There's quite a bit of that, and also some emotions of Drem (the rage about his parents) was not expressed at all, it just assumed you knew? There's some holes, but hey.

i feel the same way. "empyrean age" had a fantastic plot and great pacing, but it was marred by some subpar technical writing skill. overall a very good book and i have a feeling that Tony Gonzales will get better and become a stellar author, the writing style strikes me as someone fresh out of college. Very good, but the rough edges need some refinement.

But "The Burning Life", while better written, really had some pacing issues. everything was just a little over-explained, more like a synopsis across the pirate factions than any real story-telling. and the characters we're dull, i really didn't care what happened to any of them, not like the first book which hooked me (and made me sad and more than one occasion when some really likable characters had bad bad things happen to them). There were some good parts, and the opportunity to get a look deeper into the mythos of EVE is exciting.

i'm certainly looking forward to any more novels.

Steve Zodiak
Posted - 2010.08.07 12:37:00 - [76]

I too would like to see Mr Gonzales have another stab at Eve, for the reasons given above.

Although I am not so sure I agree taht TBH is the better written book - personally, what I take from Abraxas' chronicles is that they show he is a technically proficient wordsmith but sometimes the prose style he chooses to use jars with me as lacking in the kind of lyricism I appreciate. Mind you, having (just) read TBH (albeit quite quickly) that particular facet did not actually strike me so hard.

Destination SkillQueue
Are We There Yet
Posted - 2010.08.07 15:21:00 - [77]

After reading both books some time ago I would like to give my opinion about any future novels you decide release.

  • A solid story should come first. Don't write a novel if you don't have a good story to tell. Keep the deus ex machina crap to a minimum. If you have to struggle with how you can get certain things to happen, it propably means it will be suspenceful and interesting for the reader to read too. Pulling things out of your ass and having people act like the plot requires just to keep your lazy ass story going in the direction you want is not entertaining to read.

    A nice payoff at the end would be nice to have too. Just having resolution isn't always enough. After all the fuss and powerful factions backing your revenge seeker in TBL it ended with a whimper. Nice short story or chronicle material, but somewhat unsatisfying in a novel that made so much fuss about the (LOL)plan and the possible consequenses.

  • Stop with the synopsis crap with the factions. I know you want to intoruduce people to it, but a story driven novel isn't a place to do it. Especially TBL reads at times like you had the revenge story worked out and were ordered to include introductions to many races and factions in the story. It made reading a very simple revenge story a pain in the ass and broke the flow of the book. Seriously, it ruins your books. Giving glimpses to them through your characters and the places they visit is fine, but don't keep forcing them in to the books in so blatantly and never at the expense of the storytelling.

  • Write about EVE that we know. I'm not trying to say ignore what happens behind the curtains, especially with the limits gameplay puts on what you can show in the game. What I would like to see is things that are relevant to the players of the actual game. This is your core audience for the books and the outside people your books attract to the game(s) will propably want to see familiar things and events from the books in the games.

    There is also the point, that writing about the unimportant people and events isn't normally done for a good reason. You can't get a good overview of any situation from their perspective and it usually is really boring to read or watch. It makes for good comedy and short story material, but bad story material for a novel.

I did enjoy reading empyrean age and to a lesser degree TBL too, although the sidetracking from the revenge story and constant faction/faction leader introductions should have been kept away from it. Both have big flaws but nothing you can't improve upon and fix in the writers future books. Just remember that you are supposed to write story driven novels instead of short stories and don't let the idiot who is forcing you to put all that faction inroduction crap in your stories anywhere near any of your future novels. Save that for chronicles and other short articles where it belongs.

Good luck on writing your next novel. ugh

Posted - 2010.09.02 11:48:00 - [78]

Just got this from the local library and it was a great read, really was a good look at missoning, which obviously doesn't bear close examinaton if you are any sort of role player. Also a really great slice of background on many pirate and empire factions, thoroughly recommend.

Ronen Osden
Ronen's NEW And Improved Mining Services
Posted - 2010.09.06 03:09:00 - [79]

MINOR PLOT SPOILER WARNING: I just got around to reading The Burning Life, and have to say I'm a bit disappointed with the ending.

When I finished reading it, I looked back and felt as thought it was almost like there was a page/word limit, and the ending was simply made to wrap up the story quickly.

I wouldve perfered the story to go along the plot of the galactic plan that looked like it was going to actually happen.

HUGE PLOT SPOILER WARNING: Also I would believe Drem will have several large enemies after him now, since he clearly does not intend to put said plan in motion...Angels, Guristas, and Sanshas ... YAY!

Ruby Udders
Posted - 2010.09.20 19:21:00 - [80]

Got the book.
Read it.
Liked it.
Would read again Very Happy

It deserves a sequel and for Eve's sake let the man go past 400 pages this time \o/

Himnos Altar
Daisy Cutter's
Posted - 2010.09.21 05:53:00 - [81]


I saw this here and I thought it was a new book coming out in '11....:(

but yeah--good read.

explores the cultures of the four empires, the Sisters, and a few of the Pirate factions (including Sansha's Nation).

Story wasn't really all that engrossing to me, but I loved the culture exploration.

Larg Kellein
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2010.09.23 13:17:00 - [82]

Finally got a chance to read the Burning Life. I enjoyed it, though I liked the story in Empyrian Age better. The ending seemed a bit rushed, but the trip through the various factions was interesting.

I have to add, though... Abraxas, you ass! Several references to looking out the station windows when no such thing is possible. Damned tease :p

Brujo Loco
Brujeria Teologica
Posted - 2010.09.27 02:29:00 - [83]

Honestly, I'm only writing here to point out, that after Empyrean Age, with all of its flaws, was still a superb and better written book than this literary piece of "pulp" novel related to the EVE Online IP.

Practically every teen writer of twilight aspirations is better than "Abraxas" overall, and how CCP even managed to let him write this sloppy piece of literature is beyond my understanding.

Unfortunately, after reading Empyrean age and then ... this novel in sequence, I'm ashamed to say I totally loathed it.

I might be late on the bandwagon on reading these novels, but no matter that, if anyone still ever reads this, if you want a solid novel on EVE lore you better focus on Empyrean age rather than this ... travesty.

If CCP ever manages to schedule a new book, I pray to the Amarrian gods it not be by the hand of Abraxas. If he even keeps writing up stories on the backstory section of eve I don't know, I stopped clicking and even bothering to pass over there after he was made the lead writer of short fiction there.

Anyway, -10 to my standings simply because I can't possibly lower it anymore.

Bad book, some interesting points, but as I mentioned a LONG TIME AGO, I don't care about the life of the sewage control janitor and his epic struggle against the forces that be. If I wanted to read about such things I will probably read Mao's and the Party's ruling books and edicts on proper ways of living than on any eve related books.

Yes, I hated this book and the lame writing style of it's "author" that much.

Posted - 2010.10.30 14:02:00 - [84]

Just read the book and I really enjoyed it! Well written and an absorbing story.

And with all the places Abraxas takes the reader I finally got some insight into the different factions... after 2 years of playing Eve. Laughing

Thx a lot, Abraxas! Was a great read! Please keep ´em coming!

Posted - 2010.11.12 00:55:00 - [85]

Is the book avabile on shelves in australia or are we able to buy it online??

Posted - 2010.11.17 04:12:00 - [86]

The book felt great to sit down and read. I tore through the pages hungering for more to happen. I have to admit the end happened a bit too soon for my liking, I guess that is the way all good books are though. Escalation much like premature...well we get the picture I suppose. At any rate I loved the book and really hope that more like this will come out.

I do hope however something more will come from our writer of the Emp. Age as well!

Kabaal S'sylistha
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.11.21 18:04:00 - [87]

Read like a vaguely connected tour through the factions. I'd recommend it as an introductory book to the Eve universe to people I know who enjoy the RP aspect of games, and wouldn't have to worry about it being too difficult for most literate people.

That being said, please don't do another one in this style. The pirate side could have been passable as a story that wasn't simply seeking to hit all the major highlights. Ralea's story was obvious about it.

Deviana Sevidon
Butterfly Effect Alliance
Posted - 2010.11.22 07:51:00 - [88]

Having recently read the book, I would have also disliked the book. In my opinion the ending could have been better with a twist of fate, were the former blood raider becomes a capsuleer himself and in the final chapter himself attacks and destroys a mostly civilian deadspace-facility.

Posted - 2010.11.27 20:51:00 - [89]

Dose anyone know if it is possible to get this as an ebook in Australia? said they can't sell it outside of America. and .ca both had say the same thing for their respective countries.

I tried a couple of the book retailers based in Aus that I know deal in ebooks but I none of them seemed to have this book.

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