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Capital Construction Research
Posted - 2009.10.14 21:49:00 - [61]

Originally by: Zach 101
any possioblity of a smaller class wormhole division being set up?

That is certainly a possibility and has been a long standing goal of mine in order to support younger players. Also you should note that if you have over 10 mil sp then you have a high chance of being able to survive in a C6 with us.

Tymara Jade
Posted - 2009.10.15 19:30:00 - [62]

29.5M Sp character Industrial/ Scientist. I have submitted an application and awaiting interview. Thanks for your consideration.

Posted - 2009.10.16 01:48:00 - [63]

Recruitment still open, apply at or join ccres public.

Posted - 2009.10.17 18:47:00 - [64]


Capital Construction Research
Posted - 2009.10.20 15:01:00 - [65]

Recruitment is going quite well, our US timezone is growing as planned and in the next week or so I expect that recruiting for AU timezones will be ramping up. Any AU recruiters available? :P

Capital Construction Research
Posted - 2009.10.22 17:29:00 - [66]

If you want to see everything that wormhole space has to offer then join this corp! Excellent teamwork and coordination - they really know what they are doing.

Posted - 2009.10.22 17:30:00 - [67]

been here a few weeks now 1 off the best moves i have made on eve come along have a chat

Jade Fine
Posted - 2009.10.22 19:54:00 - [68]

I am willing to train whatever ships need to be flown. I have already filled out the form and sent it up. i can fly T2 gall frigs and cruisers. can train for the logistics cruiser or can just use the remote rep domi i normally use in W-Space. I have extensive C3-C5 experience and W-Space gang roving PvP under my belt. mostly with the RR domi. can run at a minimum of 4 large RR cap stable on the domi while providing firesupport from the drones. which as of this time i have not lost a single drone in W-Space even though thew get shot a lot. only catch is i can not join for 4 weeks or so. if you will have me post and i will join when i pull my own POS out of my current C3 space.


Capital Construction Research
Posted - 2009.10.24 19:09:00 - [69]

We will probably have you, as with all applicants we would like to do an interview. When your ready please contact Myself TechPalatinus or Vertical Axis.

Jade Fine
Posted - 2009.10.26 02:33:00 - [70]

Edited by: Jade Fine on 26/10/2009 02:35:14
Edited by: Jade Fine on 26/10/2009 02:34:54
Ill be in touch in the next 4-5 days to set up the interview. Not sure if I mentioned it in the app but I am located in Japan but my playing time is generally whenever anyone else will log in. I generally do not sleep.

Jorin BladeSire
Posted - 2009.10.27 17:52:00 - [71]

high five on the grand theft rorqual.

If you are interested in joining a corp that knows what its doing in w-space and whats in it such as sleeper sites, gas cloud harvesting or high ganking efficiency when an opportunity rises. Do come talk with us in our public chan. " CCRES PUBLIC "

Team work is a must :)

Ace Secunda
Posted - 2009.10.27 19:00:00 - [72]

W-Space conquest ehhh, we may have a thing or two to say about that Very Happy

Jang Khan
Capital Construction Research
Posted - 2009.10.29 23:46:00 - [73]

Best organized corp I've seen for W space! School has been in for this vet and I thought I had seen it all.


Kuzya Morozov
Capital Construction Research
Posted - 2009.10.29 23:47:00 - [74]

One of the few corps I've joined that actually provides everything listed in the recruitment pitch. Great people to hang around with, very knowledgeable, and very organized!

Posted - 2009.10.30 10:52:00 - [75]

Hi guys,

I have 3 chars i would like to bring in a WH corporation, there is a slight problem though, I like the caldari missiles and shields.
None is trained to use T3 bassically for isk reasons so far , but all can learn the basics in a day or two.
1 of them can fly anything subcapital pvp (freighter, transport included)
1 is an uber leadership pilot - i really mean it -, and logistic pilot. Also has codebreaking at lvl 5.
1 is a caldari/gallente pilot.

All of the chars above are over 62mils sp each, all are subcapital capable, with no mining or industry skills.
All are remote repping capable (some shields some armor). Personally i am not the best pvp-er but i won't avoid a good fight either if the possibility is there.

So, is my missile/shields background a problem?

White Noise.
Posted - 2009.10.30 16:35:00 - [76]

Edited by: ****edtool on 31/10/2009 11:36:26
We only use armor tanks during ops so you would have to as well. Very few Caldari ships can armor tank but you can use missiles with Minmatar if you like. If you are cross trained to Gallente you should have some armor tank skills trained up and you can use Gallente ships all you like.

Posted - 2009.10.31 18:17:00 - [77]



Smooth application and interview process....looking forward to working with these guys

Posted - 2009.11.06 15:53:00 - [78]

great corp, great bunch off guys been here a few weeks now loving it, join up u will 2

Jorin BladeSire
Posted - 2009.11.07 02:06:00 - [79]

what? u want to join the best in the WH business?

what are you waiting for? Dont waste your time anywhere else :)

join us in CCRES PUBLIC and drop an app @

Posted - 2009.11.08 08:26:00 - [80]

Edited by: AshesGirl on 08/11/2009 08:26:35

Wow ...has been a ball working within this corp...

Organization and leadership are the strengths of this corp...Which multiplys the fun factor

If you are seriuosly into EVE ....u wont find a better place to call home

Posted - 2009.11.10 06:17:00 - [81]


Still having a blast in this class 6 WH...

Come on in and JOIN the fun!!!!

Capital Construction Research
Posted - 2009.11.15 21:07:00 - [82]

We have just reopened recruitment (technically it is never closed but we are increasing our efforts for at least the coming week).

I am happy to announce that we have recently surpassed the 100 member milestone. If you are wondering what this means activity wise, an average of about 60 members logged in over a 24 hour period and about 85 in a week.

We are active primarily active in EU timezones with plenty of activity in US timezones.

Contact me, ****edTool, Vertical Axis or TechPalatinus.

Feel free to join our recruitment and diplomatic channel "CCRES Public" and our general WSpace interest channel "WSpace Colonists".

As always the fastest way to apply is to fill out an app here.

Tycho Seafire
Posted - 2009.11.20 01:34:00 - [83]


The Big Coffin Hunters
Posted - 2009.11.20 01:34:00 - [84]

We could always use more US timezone people. Everyone I've talked to has been very helpful in getting me adjusted to WH space.

State War Academy
Posted - 2009.11.20 13:00:00 - [85]

Do you gents schedule ops at least a few days in advance of the event?


Capital Construction Research
Posted - 2009.11.20 18:48:00 - [86]

Originally by: PastaGuy
Do you gents schedule ops at least a few days in advance of the event?


We do not, we run ops depending on what sites are available to us. Usually a couple times a day. Killing sleepers and gas harvesting are the most common. We also usually manage daily PVP.

There is no need to schedule ops and if we did we could not guarantee a start time as we are at the mercy of what sites are available, collapsing and rescanning takes a little while so keeping to a fixed start time while possible isn't very practical.

Leer0y Brown
Pegasus Battle Group
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2009.11.20 23:54:00 - [87]

i have 7.5mill sp but im 1d from gallente bs 4 and i have remote rep 4. i can also fly minnie bs as well. after reading the thread, it seems like id enjoy working with you guys. ill lurk in your public channel. also free bump.

Bevil Smyth
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2009.11.21 00:47:00 - [88]

Edited by: Bevil Smyth on 21/11/2009 00:54:12
do you take players with good sp like mine (42m in gallente/amarr combat ships and mods) but literally know nothing about wormholes other than they are big swirly things in space? And have volatile EU zone playing hours due to work and shouty girlfriends?

this isnt my main btw.

also i can fly guardians and command ships but have never even bought the former despite having the skill.

worth asking too that in not interested in 00 or alliance warfare as i can go re-join my old corp out there if i want to get back in to that, and dont really want to end up flying agains them if i can avoid it. I take it you guys largely stay out of politics in the great unknown?

Posted - 2009.11.21 05:44:00 - [89]

Currently, I have a stable of 4 pilots, 3 of them 60m+ sp'ers, and on who is sub 20m

one is 52d away from maxed leadership, can fly all but 2 command ships (she doesn't fly gallente) and has ALL 5 mindlinks (also jumpcloney skill V)
All are capable of remote rep, shield, armor and structure, 2 are capital class remote shield etc.
reply to this char, I'll contact w/ my main ofc

Doc Brown
Capital Construction Research
Pioneer Alliance
Posted - 2009.11.23 03:14:00 - [90]

Excellent Corp.

'nuff said.

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