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Posted - 2009.06.30 02:19:00 - [1]

Edited by: CCRES CEO on 11/04/2011 22:31:40
Post cleared due to new thread.

Posted - 2009.06.30 04:56:00 - [2]

good corp friendly bump

Posted - 2009.06.30 18:24:00 - [3]

Joined these guys a couple of days ago. Definitely the most professional and dedicated bunch of wormhole dwellers I've come across. You wont find a better WH-corp elsewhere!

Posted - 2009.07.01 20:49:00 - [4]

CCRES is still recruiting pilots looking for a WH corp that really knows their field.

Loctar Bashere
Posted - 2009.07.03 15:43:00 - [5]

Still need a couple more !



Derek Ladoon
Posted - 2009.07.09 11:45:00 - [6]



great corp

Chimay GR
Posted - 2009.07.10 04:19:00 - [7]

Bump for an excellent crew.

Tallia Melloric
Posted - 2009.07.10 09:45:00 - [8]

i'll contact you ingame later. my 4 mining and indutry alts may be interested.

Posted - 2009.07.11 13:55:00 - [9]

Superb corp! YARRRR!!

Posted - 2009.07.13 13:23:00 - [10]

Bump, I am a recruiter you can talk to me for initial review of your application or for any questions you may have.

Posted - 2009.07.14 21:55:00 - [11]

just joined these guys, fun freindly bunch, come join the wormhole expierence today.

Posted - 2009.07.18 15:04:00 - [12]

Still recruiting! (Shameless bump)

Loctar Bashere
Posted - 2009.07.22 19:26:00 - [13]

Need more T3 ready pilots

Posted - 2009.07.26 11:22:00 - [14]

Still hiring

Posted - 2009.07.27 12:02:00 - [15]

Tengu pilots especially welcome!

Posted - 2009.07.30 11:03:00 - [16]

Extra guardian pilots required.. Anyone close will be offered support to get the skills they need. T3 skilled pilots a bonus.

Posted - 2009.07.30 16:52:00 - [17]

Edited by: Nitecom on 30/07/2009 16:52:23
Sounds interesting.

11m sp char here, mainly combat focuses, but can also fly a hulk.

No pvp experience, but extremely interested in learning.

Drop me an ingame mail.

Posted - 2009.07.31 13:19:00 - [18]

Joined a few weeks ago. Been solo for ages and this was my last attempt to get the most out of Eve and especially WH space type stuff. Organised corp and Helpful advice too...

Here endeth the shameless bump.

Capital Construction Research
Pioneer Alliance
Posted - 2009.08.02 10:40:00 - [19]

This corp really knows it stuff....after being in so many boring,selfish corps this one is such a welcome relief!!

Everyone working together,with good humour and wisdom.

Always got something intresting goin on and learning something new everyday.

Evan ThePilot
Posted - 2009.08.03 00:50:00 - [20]

I am intersted, but...

Do you gents normally schedule ops 3+ days in advance, and have at least 1 scheduled op per week?

Also, are you ops generally on USA evening time or EURO evening time?



Blue Republic
Posted - 2009.08.06 21:25:00 - [21]

Edited by: TheStarman on 06/08/2009 21:27:06
Edited by: TheStarman on 06/08/2009 21:26:22
I've been searching for what I've wanted to do in eve for a while. I thought 0.0 might be it, but when it wasn't, I unsubscribed -- I found the boringness, backstabbing, metagaming, and POS OPs just too much. I resubbed and found these gents, and I've found that this is really what I wanted to do.

Only in WH space can you find a Rokh and a Drake running a plex, have a covops staring at them cloaked 20 km from them, and when they're done with the sleepers, have us all warp in and blow em up. As soon as the Rokh I tackled popped we found it full of faction loot. :)

Normally in 0.0 they'd see us in local and spook.

We're not pirates of course, but we will go clearing neighboring WHs.

Drop by our public channel. :)

Blue Republic
Posted - 2009.08.08 01:41:00 - [22]

We'd like to hear from you! Smile Bump.

Posted - 2009.08.10 20:07:00 - [23]

If you fall into any of the following categories, don't apply because you won't be happy with us and we won't be happy with you :
  • You're a lone wolf and like doing stuff solo

  • You can't be arsed to do things like scan or gas mine

  • You're a caldari flying, shield tanking monster and have no skills for armor tanking or remote repair

  • Only interested in 'pew pew' and get-isk-quick situations

If instead you can be described as:
  • Flexible, multi-talented, team player

  • Armor tanking, amarr/gal flying pilot

  • Guardian flying, remote armor repping logistics warrior

  • T3 capable or willing to skill up T3 quickly

You will fit right in to CCRES and have a blast with us. WH space isn't empire. It's not even null sec. It's not for everyone. In some ways it's more exciting. In the course of a couple hours you might harvest some gas, shoot some sleepers, hack, salvage, mine enormous bistot roids, PvP, or scan for WH chains. In other ways, it can be much more boring. You can't do much solo in a class 6 WH. If your corp / alliance mates aren't on and active, you'll have some idle time. Such is WH life.

Posted - 2009.08.10 21:33:00 - [24]

Would you be open to recruiting a -10 toon?

Duncan McCloud
Posted - 2009.08.11 12:56:00 - [25]

I'll contact you in the next day or two. This sounds like something that I'd be interested in.

TGUN Industries
Posted - 2009.08.11 19:04:00 - [26]

This sounds interesting. I will get in touch in a week or two when I get more time to play.

(bookmarking this thread for now)

Posted - 2009.08.17 20:32:00 - [27]

Active Guardian, t3, commandship and aspireing armour tankers still required.. euro timezone prefered

Posted - 2009.08.19 19:50:00 - [28]

Still recruiting..

Posted - 2009.08.24 18:56:00 - [29]

even more recruitage.

Posted - 2009.08.26 18:23:00 - [30]


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