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Meat Explosion
Death of Virtue
MeatSausage EXPRESS
Posted - 2009.06.30 01:49:00 - [1]


My name is Meat Explosion, chairman of the Save the Asteroids! foundation.

We here at Save the Asteroids! foundation see the same sad story far too often. Young, impoverished asteroids cut down in the prime of life by the scourge of mining.

This is Otto the asteroid. Look at that adorable face.

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Otto's story is a tragic one. His mother, a dense Veldspar asteroid, was tragically cut down in the prime of life by a set of T2 mining lasers. As a consequence, he was forced to leave Chribba's finishing school for young asteroids and look for work in the fields in order to support his family. As it is, they barely have enough to survive.

Sadly, Otto may not survive until the next downtime, as a plague of mining lasers rage through the asteroid fields, slicing through innocent asteroids with no care for their well being.

This is why I started the Save the Asteroid! foundation, to help young asteroids like Otto survive until downtime and grow into big asteroids, so they might produce little asteroids of their own.

We are looking for sponsors to help us Save the Asteroids! Your generous donation of a mere 25M ISK a month, can make the difference in a young asteroid's life.

What would you otherwise do with a mere 25M ISK? Buy a Battlecruiser? A skill book? Blow it on Poker? Why not sacrifice one ship and do something that will make you sleep better at night.

And with your adpot an Asteroid program, you can receive peroidic letters here from your asteroid. Every post shows the growth and progress of your little asteroid you made possible.

25M ISK a month breaks down to only 700K ISK a day, but dont feel obligated to give so much if you cant afford it. We encourage you to please, give what you can.

You generous donation will enable us here at Save the Asteroids! foundation to protect little asteroids like Otto from the miners that are ravaging his people.

We will of course, update our progress towards the eradication of miners here, and acknowledge our sponsors for their generosity.

Please send donations to me, Meat Explosion. Thank you for your time. And remember, your donation gives little asteroids like Otto...


Norse'Storm Battle Group
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2009.06.30 02:01:00 - [2]

*eyes the image of Otto*
Chribba missed one? I think it's a hoax. Everyone knows Chribba doesn't miss.

Commander Yassir
Dirt Nap Squad
Dirt Nap Squad.
Posted - 2009.06.30 02:36:00 - [3]

I...That was.... *Breaks down in tears*

Posted - 2009.06.30 02:43:00 - [4]

My god.... I ... I never knew.... *cries*

Sir, this is my checkbook, I have signed every check. Please take all that you deem necessary to save these beautiful space potatos...

Pajama Sam
Black Legion.
Posted - 2009.06.30 03:40:00 - [5]

Edited by: Pajama Sam on 30/06/2009 03:44:27
Originally by: De'Veldrin
*eyes the image of Otto*
Chribba missed one? I think it's a hoax. Everyone knows Chribba doesn't miss.

It most certainly is not. I myself witnessed the massacre of a family earlier today.

Poor Otto, his story is so sad.... Sad Have my credit card. I know it's going to a good cause.

The Sexy Carebear Boredom Convention
Posted - 2009.06.30 04:23:00 - [6]

This is the saddest story I have ever heard. Expect a donation when I log in.

Intense Thinker
Posted - 2009.06.30 05:56:00 - [7]

Chribba!!!! Chribba!!! I found one!!!!

Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2009.06.30 06:27:00 - [8]

Sure thing, dont kill the asteroids they say. well, i dont care about the lives of asteroids... afterall, everything you fly is made out of asteroid.... so, you should all give your ships and modules and all your other bits and bobs to me! which in turn, reduces the amount of ore mined by me, which overall reduces mining related asteroid deaths significantly.

your choice.

Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2009.06.30 06:33:00 - [9]

theres already organisations aimed at Protecting Innocent Roids And Their EnviromentS about :)

Posted - 2009.06.30 06:55:00 - [10]

Oh wow!

On the other hand, what a sad story...

Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
Posted - 2009.06.30 07:08:00 - [11]


Jojo Redana
Posted - 2009.06.30 07:11:00 - [12]

I don't know where did you get your intel mate. I think you have bad intel or you're a minion of the Elder Royal Nullsec Roid Community (ERNUR).

I have close friends at the Younger Roid Community and Otto is one of my informers. Otto said to me years ago, the Younger Roid Community is more than happy as they are. Otto, his family and his friends has realized long time ago what is their purpose in life.

But there are some Roids who can't enjoy full cycle of a roid's life. The roids (members of ERNUR) who are very very old roids and they live at nullsec space. They are feeling sick because they can't reborn as often they normally should. Because of this illness, and years and years of torture not being popped, their mind is now evil and twisted.

This plan against Miner Industry is truly ERNUR's evil plot against the Younger Roid Community.

You should reconsider your side in this matter and do not donate any money for this minion of ERNUR.


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