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Solaskia Spide
Posted - 2004.09.21 11:48:00 - [1]

Edited by: Solaskia Spide on 21/09/2004 12:11:54
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Spiddle and Mcgee Allied Universal Industries lmt.
Its a smooth name, a name that flows off the tongue. A name feared by no one, because only three people have ever heard of it. My friends, I spread the word. Spiddle & Mcgee are here!

Our exciting new offer is that of a corporation, tailor made for new players, by new players. Thats right, the CEO and director (Spiddle and Mcgee) are new players! So we know what you want. Money! Money, money, and more money. And we also know that money is used to buy things. So we make things for you to buy! Could this get any better?

Our aim is to get you from the frustrating role of a frigate pilot to the horizon you didn't think you'd reach for weeks- a cruiser! We've been there before. And sure, you can reach cruisers by yourself. We all can. But its much faster and more fun to do it with a group of new mates you've made, mining for yourself and for others at the same time.

Our ultimate role is to grow with our members. While you advance, the corporation advances. And lets face it, the easiest way to kill people without being a pirate is corp wars. And here at Spiddle & Mcgee's, we understand the value of a good fight. Thats why half the frigates we make (Alright, the cheap ones) go towards dueling! Kill yourself, someone else, who really cares as long as theres an explosion. Thats our motto.

Spiddle and Mcgee Allied Industries is run by Australians. That means, we're ten hours infront of GMT. And while we have an impressive array of countrified slang, we don't use it. So, if you live in the southern hemisphere, are nocturnal, or know something I don't about the time in other countries that makes it convenient to join us, do just that! And if you live in Tasmania and have ever felt attracted to your cousin, bugger off.

We have offices in Funtanainen, and Hakonen. Right now, anyway. We are actually planning to get more. But if you want to share in the stupid humour, the money, the explosions and the cousins, travel on down to the Lonetrek region and join Spiddle and Mcgee Allied Universal Industries lmt. We aren't really limited, but its like parsley. Gives the name that extra spice. And as an extra bonus, SMAUI is only two letters away from SMURF! Though we are in no way connected to the smurfs. Even if we do like their little hats. And is Smurfette should be a model or something, cause damn... Would sell alot of hats, too.



This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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