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CCP Zymurgist

Posted - 2009.06.28 17:05:00 - [1]

As some of you may have noticed, the forum stickies are undergoing a bit of a spring-clean in an effort to update and consolidate them.

If you have any suggestions or any threads you wish to highlight to be added to a resource thread, now is your chance.

Please post below with any rule change, new rule submission or resource you feel useful for fellow players or something you want to bring to our attention.

GTC Rules

The latest GTC guidelines
Updated May 28, 2009, these are the latest rules surrounding trading in GTCs.

Trading GTCs

GM Nova gives a refresher course to all those who want to know how to trade GTCs securely.

GM Nova announces the death of non-secure trading

General GTC News

GM Grimmi warns GTC cons
People have been selling GTCs with less time on them than advertised. This is wrong and will be punished.

The thread bumping guide
One bump per day seems too little to some users but that's the rules everyone must play by.

EVE Online ETC Game Time Card Retailers

Buy GTCs here

Securely sell GTCs to people for isk here.

INSTANTLY add time to your account here.

With thanks to Sue Zuki

How To - Reactivate a suspended 2nd account which doesn't have enough isks:

Transfer the isks from your wealthy account to the suspended account. To do this you should send it to the character on the suspended account.

When buying the GTC simply tell the seller the character name on the suspended account. The character must be the same character whom you sent the isks too.

Now login to this website in the Account section, it must be the Account section because often you will be denied access to the forums if the account has expired.

From the Accounts page you should see in Common Tasks a new icon and text. Click where requested.

Check the offer, are the days and the amount of isks as agreed? If so then accept it and your account is now active.

Not Enough Isks on your active account buy you have enough on your expired account?

This is easier, you are already good to go so long as the seller will make the offer to your expired character who has the isks.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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