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Posted - 2009.11.16 01:40:00 - [181]

I agree with most of the points already mentioned. The NPE needs a serious overhaul, and CCP is losing mountains of potential cash with the current setup.

Markus Reese
New Eden Weekly Sentinel
Posted - 2009.11.18 04:28:00 - [182]

Said before, but I wanna say it again ^.^

Eve needs introduction videos. Now a video itself is quite storage intense, don't want to add an extra gig of data if we don't have to. Here is an idea though, what if eve adds an offline program that is optional download. Say an eve online ground school. Doesn't need to be pretty, throw together some univeral stuff. What is needed is a sort of initial script written by experience players from ground up of how to start with the most basic things, camera controls, then basic movements, lock ons etc. In that can be included things like where to go, what to do when finished tutorials.

Nuts Nougat
Posted - 2009.11.19 12:54:00 - [183]

Originally by: Markus Reese
Said before, but I wanna say it again ^.^

Eve needs introduction videos. Now a video itself is quite storage intense, don't want to add an extra gig of data if we don't have to.
Could also simply do scripted cutscenes with the game's engine instead of videos. Would add a couple megs to the download, but would be very good quality. (depends on your rig ofc)

Also, noticed on the trial page it says:
  • Choose from hundreds of skills
  • Explore over 5,000 star systems
  • Expand your skills, your fleet, and your influence
  • Exploit resources to build your empire
  • Exterminate your enemies
This is all cool, but it should say something like explore 5000 charted systems, and find another 5000 uncharted ones or something :P

Posted - 2009.11.21 04:37:00 - [184]

Originally by: Markus Reese
Said before, but I wanna say it again ^.^

Eve needs introduction videos. Now a video itself is quite storage intense, don't want to add an extra gig of data if we don't have to.

Why cant they just use youtube and have links? Loads of companies use you tube now. If they made a series of tutorial videos it would be great, and would really show new players the depth of Eve, whilst at the same time explaining it to them. You could also have advanced levels tutorials etc

I cant believe that CCP haven't done this already - its so easy to do, I'm almost tempted to do it myself. I've been playing EVE for 6 months, and recently I very nearly gave up on it, but now I kind of understand it and I'm becoming very addicted to it. 80% of what I know about Eve has been learnt by using google! Thats a very bad reflection on Eves NPE and tutorials.

Markus Reese
New Eden Weekly Sentinel
Posted - 2009.11.21 06:23:00 - [185]

Oh yes, youtube or other online source video! They have it for the exploration and probing!

The three that I teach regularily are.

1. Movement: This one would need to show the right click menu to orbit, approach as well as the overview selecting. Also the doubleclick for manual move. How to cancel warp and when get stuck is needed as well.

2. Fitting. Just the basic stuff. This includes fitting for the ship/choosing the right ship for the job, and the basics of setting your tank and offence. Also needed is the basics of knowing how to read your modules; optimal range etc.

3. What to do in eve. This is a big problem I see lots on help. Need a descriptor for the different agents, how to find agents, and how to get started with industry such as mining.

For new players, I find that these three issues cause the most problems for all players. Having a viewable tutorial I feel for these three topics can add alot for the new players before they enter space.

Taishi Combine
Posted - 2009.11.27 09:24:00 - [186]

I agree with the decision to blow up a newbie ship, and warn them about LowSec.

How about a mission where the "Agent" says something along the lines of "Hi... I am XXXX, <Agent>'s Personal Assistant. <Agent> is in sickbay, and this this mission just came in. It is urgent and imperitive that you get it done immediately."

Have the mission send them to low sec where a cloaked ship appears and blows them away.

On return the real Agent appears and apologises for his PA's stupidity at sending an inexperienced capsuleer to their death. "Of course, you should know better that to go into those lawless Low Security areas."

"A ship appeared out of nowhere you say? Hmmm.. they probably had a cloaking device. Remember that just because you cant see anyone, it does not mean that they are not there watching you."

"I am sorry for the loss of your ship, but we did receive some valuable intel about the enemy from your ships final transmission. In return, we have a replacement standing by."

Taishi Combine
Posted - 2009.11.27 09:29:00 - [187]


Why not have an interview with a Toon? Could you animate a number of toons so that you have a selection of stories from different career paths. They need not be 2004 toons either.. a range of experienced Combat pilots, Market traders, Industrialists, and maybe some newish toons that have just got their first battle cruiser or just survived their first low sec gate camp or even built and sold their first battleship. Toons that are partway into a long term career but have that glint in their eye of more adventures to come.

Posted - 2009.11.30 16:16:00 - [188]

Originally by: Amandin Adouin
Lost of stuff.

This. Excellent suggestions. I read the tutorials and so got to play the game, but all your points are valid, from the excel in space problem, the controls, the boringness of the new players' game to the ridiculousness of the racial choice options and the lack of voice.

I dunno. I kind of think CCP dropped the ball a long time ago and are just slapping new workarounds on the original stuff without really making any real changes, and I don't think they really want to. I think the only thing that will make CCP make any real changes is fear. Fear in the form of eventually some other space MMO getting it right and pulling the new players away from Eve. That MMO may be like WoW or be really good. It doesn't matter. If it's less of a confusing, obscure mess than the new player experience in Eve is, those people will go there.

Posted - 2009.12.07 17:19:00 - [189]

Edited by: LodiLode on 07/12/2009 17:19:39
One thing I'd like is knowing what skills and starting points are affected by what racial traits chosen. Choosing the character backstory is nice and all, but I'd like to know that choosing XYZ will yield a char with more PvE skills and attributes versus industrial to start than chosing ABC. I know you can get an idea of what skills you'll get based on the descriptions, but it's still a guessing game.

Posted - 2009.12.08 07:22:00 - [190]

Edited by: Generat0ren on 08/12/2009 07:57:30
Here's a suggestion for a fix.

- Grouped weapons should be saved into fittings.

Never have to group i.e. 7-8 weapons every time after loading a fitting for my battleships. Getting tired now of all this grouping.

Aradiell Galleel
Posted - 2009.12.13 14:37:00 - [191]

Here's an idea...How about letting us lock the view on the ship, so that we dont have to re-adjust each time we jump/exit station etc?

Thanks Smile

The Hunt Club
Posted - 2009.12.16 06:04:00 - [192]

Edited by: Pesets on 16/12/2009 06:11:39
Got around to checking out the advanced combat tutorial. Overall, the mission are basically "fly to the beacon and activate a different module on the target". They are disconnected from each other, and don't build up much of a progression - until the "exam", where you're supposed to use everything at once, plus figure out on your own how to tank, against opponents that are suddenly doing real damage and take some real dps to kill. It almost looks like you want the new player to die as much as possible while learning as little as possible. Yea, Eve is harsh, HTFU and all that, but how about teaching something a noob wouldn't already know?

Speaking of dying, the mission where you die "against overwhelming odds" makes no sense. Firstly, it has nothing to do with the examples in the description (the ones telling you when you would go for a certain death in normal game). Then, after killing the first target you get an ubervolley that would probably obliterate the scouting frig you're supposed to bring there. The problem with that is, all your enemies are battleships, and being one-shot by them gives the impression that battleships wtfpwn the frigates (which is kinda not quite the case).

Then, since i brought a tanked combat frig, i actually survived that volley and lived long enough to kill one spider drone and almost kill the second one - then i received two more deus-ex-machina ubervolleys that killed me for good. I mean, ffs, if you're going to kill me, at least do it properly. If i figured out i can speedtank battleships - perhaps send in a group of destroyers to finish me off. What's the point of showing me that you can kill me with script magic?

The mission where you're supposed to web the NPC "to scare him into cooperation"... Umm... what the heck? Since when does webbing by itself scare anyone at all? Why not make an NPC that orbits you really fast with "MWD" at like 9km, so that you need to combine web and afterburner to kill it? Speaking of MWD, i don't think it was ever mentioned that scrams shut it down. Or that it blooms your target sig 500% its normal size. In fact, nothing about target signatures (or anything else about the basic combat mechanics) is mentioned at all.

I took the tutorial from the Gallente agent, so the "weapon of choice" mission was about drones. Do i need to go all the way to the Caldari agent to learn how to use missiles, and to Minmatar to learn how turrets work (and Amarr to learn, not sure what else)? How am i supposed to find those agents (the career funnel just picks the one closest to you if i understand correctly). Also, the agent said that he gave me some Minmatar standing. Wouldn't it be more logical for a Gallente agent to give Gallente standing (especially with how he tells me about joining FDU)?

And a minor nitpick - in the mission that introduces the scramblers, the NPC tells you he will stand down, but in fact keeps firing. Granted, he does next to no damage, but...

Rangers of Itzil Zah
Posted - 2009.12.16 09:22:00 - [193]

Although I didn't need to, as the CEO of a freelance/contractor exploration corp, I just completed the Exploration Tutorial. Something important was missing: Wormhole scanning and exploration.

What about putting rookie wormholes in the training zones with rookie sleepers, and send the trainees into the various kinds of wormholes to experience how they affect their onboard systems?

State Protectorate
Posted - 2009.12.22 08:12:00 - [194]

First off I agree with the aura idea, I started playing eve when Trinity was out. You are already being immersed in this new environment and see red crosses and trying to figure out what to do. Having aura read instructions to you allowed you to simply listen and allow your eyes to actually do what needs to be done. As is you have to read this box full of stuff like a guide instead of a step-by-step process. I know we like to move forward but sometimes you can move in the wrong direction and need to back up a bit.

Really the only issue I have is the setup before playing your toon. I know that was changed due to new players not knowing what to do with attributes and many skills included in a "packaged" format that they didn't even need. So you basically strip it down to basics and let them choose which skills they want. That is a great idea, but many new players come into the game wanting to play NOW not a week from now. The 100% boost in skill time is certainly a good choice in negating the lack of skills to start with but as I mentioned they want instant results. Not to mention the new tutorials are nice and all but it doesn't teach a new player what skills they need for the profession they want to do. The old setup granted did give skills that really couldn't be used immediately, but it also laid down a basic set of skills needed for a certain profession. I do like the attribute system as is, but before apoc if you chose a gallente for example you would start with drone skills and would have an edge in that area over the other 3 races. New players aren't completely dumb they can make an informed decision about what profession they want. So I would like to see a bit of the old system returned but try to keep it simple in skills they can use immediately upon entering the game and not have to wait a week. I rolled a new toon yesterday and although I have been playing for almost a year I still have to wait for the skills to be there to use. It just seems like new players should be given a "package" of skills to choose from based on what they wish to do in the game rather then everyone start out the same no matter which profession they want or which race they choose. This way they at least have a foundation of skills relevant to what they want to do and won't have to spam help looking for skills they need for the stuff they want to do AND wait a good 3-4 days before being able to use them. Anyway that is my take on it and my opinion not sure how everyone else feels about it....who knows everyone may like it how it is, it just seems to me like your letting them pick a race and toon, then throwing them in the deep end to figure out how to train and what to train for the profession they want to do.

Selrid Miamarr
Posted - 2010.01.02 05:45:00 - [195]

I don't think anything is going to matter. The new player tutorial experience is obtuse at times, but learnable. What will cause players to leave is their first encounter with a can flipper, or getting instaganked in seconds in PvP. There is nothing you can do to change that, and you should have known making the game that you would never retain most of the people coming in, due to full loot pvp and death.

Bandaids are a waste of time.

Obsidian Hawk
RONA Corporation
RONA Directorate
Posted - 2010.01.12 07:33:00 - [196]

Ok, so i had a buddy try eve out and i was watchign him do the tutorials.

It's not really the same in fact its a little more Chaotic.

1. We need aura back saying that everyoen is out to make isk and will not hesitate to kill you if it makes them a buck. This is the 1 truth of eve.

2. we need aura back.

3. the tutorials are not linear anymore. you can jump to any tutorial at random w/o having to complete the other ones. It really needs to start in a very linear order, but give the players the option of where to go after the first basics.

4. we need aura and her cybernetic beauty back.

5. Ok the reason I keep saying aura, is because she is an intergal part of eve and is stated so by the chronicles. She really provided the usage that you are new to eve and i am ur guide.

Posted - 2010.01.14 17:57:00 - [197]

Edited by: H4rbringer on 14/01/2010 18:02:25
fight to the death. set new players against each other, free ships, choice of different pre made set ups. make it a mission, unscannable wormhole or similar.

edit: a mission later on in the tutorial and make sure they understand their first pvp experience has no consiquences.

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