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Avib VOV
Posted - 2009.07.20 09:06:00 - [91]

Edited by: Qinoly on 20/07/2009 09:08:16
(the new player experience consisted mostly of clicking away pop-up error messages)

YEA no kidding..
See that date ?
This was only a month before release Shocked

Posted - 2009.07.20 16:17:00 - [92]

I'm a new player (one who has finished the tutorials and initial career arcs) and a girl gamer, one who actually enjoys "being the ship."

* The current tutorial. Are all the steps relevant? Is anything missing?

Could use a better explanation of skill training, i.e., the need to train basic/core skills

Need something to explain what all the numbers mean on the ship fitting window. (Particularly what "capacitor stability" is, what it means when that # changes from green to red, I still don't get that.)

Could use more information on the map and how to use it - a tutorial where you have to plot your own course would be good.

Could use more of a basic training on ship equipment - what is "starter" equipment and the skills to go with.

Also, spend a day logging the questions in the rookie channel, that will tell you what people are missing in tutorial (either entirely or needs more explanation/reinforcement)

The current career paths. Are they informative? Are they fun?

The career paths are ok (I did them all), but since the missions are quite similar in each, it's not really clear what "path" each prepares you for. Also, once you finish a path, would be useful if you got a bookmark for the first epic arc agent, as I couldn't remember who it was.

What newbie content would you like to see added?

More optional tutorials on the "technical" details - how capacitors, power units work, what are the different types of weapons/ammo and what you use them for, how different types of shields work, just more on "the numbers" in general. Stats are overwhelming and nearly incomprehensible to a new player, and there is so much equipment with no clear path as to what to learn to use first.

-- Finally, a language filter would be appreciated for chat.

Sydney Cartone
Posted - 2009.07.21 05:34:00 - [93]

This is a great new expansion ... kudos to you guys. Exploration is a career I want to do
as my alt. I especially like how exploration is linked to research and artifact/rare item discoveries,
which makes it that much more valuable. It works well with alts. Having started just a few weeks
ago playing Eve again, I have one alt who will be research/industry and then my main who will
be the Star Explorer. Who knows what he will find out there!

Now if there were just a "Bounty Hunter" career I would know what to do with my third alt! :)

Furb Killer
Posted - 2009.07.21 09:10:00 - [94]

Terrible idea to promote player corporations in tutorials, only to get them grieved. Look at the ammount of rookies who get wardecced by the high sec station hugging 'pvpers'. And what can you advice those rookies? Leave your corp or stay docked for a week (sure if you are in a very quiet system and you feel comfortable with looking at local all the time you can undock, but most systems where rookies hang out are way too busy to do that).

Especially the smaller corporations who help new players getting started, which arent as organized as eve university, will get perma wardecced by our pro pvp'ers looking for easy kills and of course risk free.

And that are just the wardeccers, then we still have that enough of the player corporations just exist to tax you.

Gaius Sejanus
Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2009.07.21 09:32:00 - [95]

1. Corporations exist.

2. They are awesome.

3. Not joining one as soon as possible is silly.

Out of these three statements, only #1 is a fact. The others are extremely subjective opinions.

Opinions have no business in the tutorial.

Posted - 2009.07.21 19:11:00 - [96]

Edited by: TraininVain on 21/07/2009 19:14:50
A lot of player corporations are not awesome. A lot of them are really unawesome.

There is no real incentive beyond the social for a highsec dwelling carebear to join a player corporation and in fact several good reasons not to.

Just saying Razz

So with that in mind I think introducing people to PVP is really important.

Another popular complaint from my friends are that EVE resembles progressquest for new players.

I dunno how you deal with that in the tutorial.

Coriander Rinne
Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2009.07.21 20:31:00 - [97]

I'm a lifer in the FNA starter corporation, and I spent a lot of time helping the new players there. One thing we cannot adequately prepare a new player for is PvP.

The new player needs to lose not only a ship as has been discussed, but also needs to be podded. This has to happen as part of the NPE so the player understands that it's a normal part of the game, and not the end of the world.

The player also has to learn, by the flip side of this coin, that PvP doesn't mean being a victim. Too often for new players, this is the only PvP they're exposed to. Something needs to be done to encourage them to feel empowered, and to enter into PvP situations with the right mindset. This covers things like fitting correctly, scouting, use of d-scan, and knowing when to engage and when to look for someone else to fight instead.

The NPE can fix the former. I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to have a player podded and then continue the tutorial from station. The latter is more difficult.

This is my problem with trying to herd players directly into player corporations. Many corporations that would accept a new player are just starting out themselves, generally with inexperienced people at the helm both in terms of the corporation's leadership and goals, and in the direction of players in fleets.

So the problem is, these player corporations are providing very little to new players in direct benefits, while also offering a smaller and more limited pool of knowledge to draw up on than the starter corps.

I don't know how to fix this, but let's find a point to start from. The tutorial for starting a corporation doesn't really cover what it should offer and what players would expect of it. Maybe start by expanding that? Have the tutorial explain briefly the different types of corporations, what they offer to their players, what they expect from their players both in terms of qualifications and in terms of contributions.

Have more in-depth guides available in game for new CEOs. Perhaps have established CEOs contribute to it.

Basically provide all of the tools and knowledge for a player to start a successful corporation. Because let's face it, Random Player Corp 28902734 that "is looking for all players and does mining and missioning!!!" is nothing more than a chat room that's susceptible to war decs.

Again, improve the quality of these corporations, and I think it makes for a richer experience for everyone.

Glyken Touchon
Independent Alchemists
Posted - 2009.07.21 20:37:00 - [98]

In no particular order:

  • Drones (all types)

  • Overview

  • Combat mechanics (for missiles & turrets)

  • Ewar (although IIRC this doesn't work on rats atm)

  • Fleet ops

  • Capital Ships, jump drives, etc

  • POS

  • Aggro & session timers

A pvp style mission would be good, perhaps with a "spy" hopping between pockets in a looped complex, and a web/scram needed to pin him down, with the player advised as such in the briefing.

Any tutorial mods required can have the new attribute of "can be fitted to" set to "rookie ship", so they won't skew other fittings/balance.

Canteen Charlie
Whiskey Shooters
Posted - 2009.07.22 00:39:00 - [99]

I was ecstatic to see this post come up on massively website and immediately came here to give my opinion. I joined Eve just after Apocrypha came out with the NPE. I have to say I LOVED the first half or so. When you have to take a stab at mining and crafting..was awesome!! I felt like I was getting a nice guided tour of the various types of things that can be done...but then the back half came and it was great ISK rewards but fight, search for an item, fight, repeat repeat repeat..DULL!!! The story was interesting for sure I have to say that and some of the climax fights were great but I wanted to know more about this steep learning curve, if its so steep there must be loads of things to do, and I would much much rather have had less isk but been walked through more knowledge of the game through directed missions to really get a sense of where I might want to go. My advice would be to flush that portion of the NPE out more. Where you gave a taste, give a full fledge meal.

Andrea Griffin
Posted - 2009.07.22 02:58:00 - [100]

When I am hanging out in newbie corp chat, I sometimes see people asking in French/German/Russian/Whatever if anyone speaks their language, because they need help. It would be very helpful if these people could be put into the appropriate language channels automatically, very much like how they are put into Rookie Chat, based on their selected locale. I used to be able to join the appropriate language channel and then invite the person in, but this does not seem to work anymore.

I feel very bad when I am unable to get someone the help they need because I cannot communicate with them, and the people in the appropriate language channel are ignoring me (or also cannot understand me) and so cannot help the individual.

Replicant Gamma
Posted - 2009.07.22 15:54:00 - [101]

1.Bring back Aura voice in tutorial
2. let aura speak in tutorial.

seriously started Eve in december last year. I wouldnt be playing eve now if i would start after apocrypha . Aura voice added so much in immersion . Gaging her was a crime.

Posted - 2009.07.23 10:11:00 - [102]

Edited by: Mord on 23/07/2009 10:19:23
Edited by: Mord on 23/07/2009 10:17:56
Originally by: Coriander Rinne
I'm a lifer in the FNA starter corporation, and I spent a lot of time helping the new players there. One thing we cannot adequately prepare a new player for is PvP.

The new player needs to lose not only a ship as has been discussed, but also needs to be podded. This has to happen as part of the NPE so the player understands that it's a normal part of the game, and not the end of the world.

The player also has to learn, by the flip side of this coin, that PvP doesn't mean being a victim. Too often for new players, this is the only PvP they're exposed to. Something needs to be done to encourage them to feel empowered, and to enter into PvP situations with the right mindset. This covers things like fitting correctly, scouting, use of d-scan, and knowing when to engage and when to look for someone else to fight instead.

The NPE can fix the former. I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to have a player podded and then continue the tutorial from station. The latter is more difficult.

Very strongly agree with the bolded sections of that quote, this is something that new players naturally assume the opposite based on other games experiences and it needs to be hammered into new players from day 1 that pvp is a bit different here, and that dying is not the end of the world especially.

Edited by: Mord on 23/07/2009 10:11:40
I really like the idea of exposing new players to Corporations during the tutorial phase, as well as a mission path for X weeks/months into the game that then leads you to Faction Warfare (or Corporations!) showing players how to get out there and more involved with the rest of the game, instead of leaving it up to each indivuidual to figure out at some stage for themselves.

edit wrong char, stupid thing reset my alt as my default char for some reason....

last edit: havent done the new tutorial, joined a couple of months before that got introduced, but if they have taken away that sexy voice that spoke to me during the tutorials i did, then that was definitely a bad decision imho, bring her back!

Chickens with an Attitude
Posted - 2009.07.23 10:48:00 - [103]

Make an option that I never have to see the welcomepages ever again. Never understood why I'm keep getting them on fresh installs. Or at least set a maximum SP amount for showing them.

I strongly support the tutorials and stuff, but I allways feel less welcome after a fresh install. I'm hoping to see the day, that eve welcomes me back as hey Techkraft welcome back! Instead off a lesson in undocking.


Uronksur Suth
Posted - 2009.07.23 19:58:00 - [104]

I'd like to see an Exploration career path quest line and a Research/Science path quest line.

I still don't really understand how Exploration works at all, and a Quest line that explains the workings of R&D and invention to newbies...

Also, allow older players to at least apply to be able to moderate the "Rookie Help" channel. The only way to get in at the moment is to join one of the ISD corps in game, and while I do want to help in Rookie Help, I also don't want to leave my current corp.... Crying or Very sad

Illectroculus Defined
No Bull Ships
Posted - 2009.07.26 19:15:00 - [105]

Originally by: Uronksur Suth
and a Quest line that explains the workings of R&D and invention to newbies...

The problem is, that R&D is a long way away for most newbies, you need high Science V and research skills before you can produce data cores, then you need other skills to make it effective.

Now, R&D agents tell you that you don't have the skills, and won't talk to you, so how about making some R&D tutorial agents who won't talk to you unless you have specific certifications trained. If players talke to these agents they'll get told what they teach and what certs are needed before they can participate. Also, when players get these certs they might get an eve mail telling them to talk to these newly available agents.

How about this: in addition to the basic tutorial agents create 'advanced' tutorial agents that can only be accessed once you've got certain basic certificates. The Advanced combat agent can teach players pvp related skills, and the advanced inductry agent can give out missions related to invention.

So after you complete the basic tutorial the agent will say, 'tha's all I can teach you, but, if you learn *blah* then agent X will be able to teach you how to invent awesome T2 gear.

Harkwyth Mist
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.07.27 02:04:00 - [106]

Remove the duplication of skill books, as there are still 2 or 3 skills where you get the same book from the tutorial arcs and by following the information through the help [F12] stages

Academy of Decadence
United Front Alliance
Posted - 2009.07.27 08:27:00 - [107]

The tutorials can never teach what you need to know during the first weeks. Most players seek help in the help channels and the support in there from players is excellent (best community help I ever experienced, thanx to Callidus Dux for helping me out!)

However: many new players do not find their help channel due to language restrictions. So my recommendation is simple: Automatically join the help channel in the language of your client (FYI: currently players need to manually join the help channel of their language).

What I wonder is that many players who spend a couple of weeks in the game fall for scams which they don't know about and might quit the game as their loss is too high. Some of those scams (which I call exploits) are easy to fix and would reduce the churn rate of players.

- Contracts Courier exploit (target station isn't dockable), many possible fixes here
- Can flipping, especially in high sec near stations, where the player gets killed

Some issues new players might have during the first weeks:
- Auto Clone the player up to x million skill points. Loosing skill points will force players to quit the game, so why isn't it automated. Turn the clone facility icon RED if no clone or a clone near capacity is existent
- Understanding Capacitor Need, Capacitor Recharge and Powergrid usage is hard at first and needs to be better explained (Ship Tech Tutorial)
- This tutorial also should explain what the attributes page factors mean in detail. Also place a BIG hint on the compare tool (and by default turn the meta level ON)
- Effective range of weapons (which changes due to ammo, lenses etc.) needs to be shown on the weapon icon or as a tool tip
- Range of missiles need to calculated and shown. We have super computers, but the player needs to calc the range, very strange
- think about blocking low sec to players who are within the 100% skill bonus unless they check off a setting

Don't get me wrong, for experienced players all this is fine, but for new players who get all negative experiences the game has to offer they are likely to quit, and the goal has to be to grow the playerbase.

Academy of Decadence
United Front Alliance
Posted - 2009.07.27 08:32:00 - [108]

You miht also think about advanced tutorials which lead the player to the right skill training during the first week. This optional tutorial can give the player a choice between his role he like to have and lead him to the right choice of skills and explain some things in further details about the role.

- Miner Career
- Trader Career
- Explorer Career
- Mission Runner
- PvP
- Manufacturing and Research

Blackfyre 001
Posted - 2009.07.27 18:51:00 - [109]

I am a fairly new player and recently went through the new player experience first hand. I would have to say that it did introduce me to the game fairly well and joining a corporation helped me a lot. However there are some things with the NPE that need to be removed. I learned how to use civilian hacking and civilian archeology equipment just to find out that I could not do these things for a long time. I think that what you teach in the NPE should be stuff that the player will be able to actually do fairly quickly. I also think that there should be a scanning tutorial since you can have science 3 and astrometrics 1 fairly quickly. You could also make a civilian version of scan launchers and scan probes for the tutorial.

Fridge Chesthair
Posted - 2009.07.27 20:28:00 - [110]

I don't have much time right now, but someone should post a long list of basic things that everyone knows. It makes its much easier to cross-reference the NPE with basic knowledge and highlight areas that might be lacking.

Here's a short list I can determine before I have to go to work:

The Galaxy
The Four Player Races
The Faction geography
NPC (Rats)


Fridge Chesthair
Posted - 2009.07.27 21:33:00 - [111]

//begin side rant

Does anyone else feel that the UI design is part of what makes the NPE "confusing" or "complicated" ?

I liken the UI and control scheme in EVE to something like Nethack. Powerful amounts of control but with the huge learning curve. Sacrificing intuitiveness for logical information and control.

Some of the game is directly understandable. You fly a ship. The bottom of the screen contains a readout of your various hitpoints and includes module hotkeys. In nethack, your character is represented by @, the lines are walls, the dark space is undiscovered area.

Other parts are very different. The overview in EVE is hard to understand at first. The overview is designed to lists objects in space around you. However, a new player doesn't know which objects are important or that the overview doesn't always list everything. Sorting the list can be confusing. The amount of content on the overview can skyrocket making it difficult to handle.

The versions of nethack I have played provide only limited data on objects or items without specific investigation through obscure key commands.

The icons on the overview are fairly obscure at first. I can imagine a new player thinking: What is a set of square brackets [] ? Why are somethings yellow? Also, some icons are difficult to understand simply because of the font choice (moons and planets I'm looking at you).

For nethack, almost none of the icons are intuitive. Can anyone remember what a "l" represents? It could just as easily help you as kill you.

EVE's ship control is another hindrance. How many players spend a few minutes attempting to turn their ship with keyboard commands while it lifelessly flies along in a straight line? How many players spend a few minutes trying to attack enemies in nethack only to discover that combat involves a lot of pelvic grinding?

EVE is different from almost everything else on the market, and I love it that way. However, a games only has a few minutes to catch the attention of new players.
Currently, the NPE has to spend a significant amount of time explaining what might otherwise be intuitive: time that might be better spent impressing players.

I know I'm probably not alone in this thought, though I have to state I would hate to see a complete restructuring of the UI. There are just a large number of small things that really detract from usability. Things like font choice, font size, the icons on the sidebar, a buggy overview that doesn't maintain settings, icon size, window resize restrictions, information dissemination through windows instead of through brackets out in space, mandatory window titlebars, lack of certain keyboard shortcuts (an untarget shortcut PLEASE!!!), really dull lines in the worldmap, systems overlaying each other in a flattened worldmap.

I can go on. Point is. I think the player base has gotten used to the peculiarities of EVE. I know players who wouldn't even think of bug reporting a malfunctioning overview because "thats just part of the game." But for new players, these could easily prevent them from playing the game for more than a few minutes.

//end side rant

Irn Bruce
Posted - 2009.07.27 21:51:00 - [112]

From a thread I started without noticing this one:

Currently one of the biggest problems facing new players is that the learning curve is very steep, not only in terms of player knowledge, but also in terms of character SP.

The current new player skill system neglects to account for learning skills. The new player is faced with a choice upon starting the game (assuming they've been well advised, which the tutorials really should be doing). They either train their learning skills immediately, or they will lose out in the long term. However, if they train their learning skill immediately, the fact they have next to no SP means their character is incapable of doing anything worthwhile until they've finished.

No true new player will be willing to give up several days just training learning skills while they are unable to actually play the game, meaning the alts of older players (which will be power trained for a specialised purpose) will actually be at a SP advantage over genuine new players. This also plays into the hands of character farmers. The current system, which was partially intended to make it harder for character farmers, has actually penalised genuine new players more than those very farmers.

How about this for a new system, one which actually serves the new players well:

Characters start with the SP they do now, almost none, but if it's the first character to be started on an account, they are given a new tutorial system. There will be an initial training stage given by Aura, just like now, covering how the overview, skill training (including which skills to train, and the importance of learning skills), the interface etc works. They would then be given a choice of agents to talk to, based on the career path they wish to follow. Each of these agents will give some basic training on the broad career path they cover, and at the end of this, they will refer the player to a number of agents covering subpaths for this career.

For example, the combat agent could give some training covering different weapon types, the advantages and disadvantages of each, what tracking means, different types of tanking, etc, and could then refer them to agents covering Missions/PvE, Ewar, PvP combat, logistics, etc. Taking the PvP combat one as an example, this one could give training on the importance of warp scramblers, how fleets work, how to deal with being targetted by different kinds of ewar, high sec aggression mechanics, etc.

The player would be able to try out as many of these paths and subpaths as they like, and in the course of the training they could be "loaned" certain skills for demonstration purposes. For example, perhaps the agent needs to show the player how to use a warp scrambler. The player will be given a complimentary Warp Scrambler I, and the Propulsion Jamming skill will be instantly trained to level 1. The agent will then give them a mission to kill a certain rat, but using the new AI that has been developed, this rat will warp off as soon as it reaches half armor, rep up, and warp back. The player will have to make use of this skill in order to kill the rat. Once the mission is complete, the skill will be removed (though it could stay injected, players are given skill books in tutorial missions anyway).

Once the player has tried out all the subpaths they wish to try, they can visit the agent for the one they wish to follow, and tell the agent that. They will then be given all the skills from that subpath trained to an acceptable level. they can only do this for one agent.

The idea is that truly new players will be able to have a useful character from the word go, with all the basic skills required to be competent in their chosen field at a low level. They can then train their learning skills while still being able to enjoy the game. They have also been given detailed training, with examples, of situations they are likely to come across in a wide variety of careers, rather than the current trainign, which on

Christina Bamar
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2009.07.27 23:08:00 - [113]

I'm likely biased on the topic, but honestly I think it's pretty bad that there is no introduction to PvP tutorial considering that PvP is such a large part of the game. At the very least lay out when the player can be attacked, how security status works, etc.

But the simple fact that Agony has been running classes on PvP for close to 4 years now, with 50 person classes filling up in a matter of hours, makes it pretty clear that there's a demand for PvP training. Obviously you can't replace real PvP experience, but a tutorial/mission introducing people to the fundamentals of PvP would be a very good addition to the game.

Basically just take an Agony PvP Basic class and turn it into a tutorial Laughing

Alain Kinsella
Posted - 2009.07.28 08:20:00 - [114]

Just under a month in now, and ran all three career agent paths within the first week. Pretty much nailed all of them too (each group of 10 usually completed in a day), except the one combat mission...


-> Merge the Business and Industry paths into a single, 15-part mini-arc (to reduce redundant mission work). Set his timeout to 14 days (the length of the 'standard' trial). These two paths are partially intertwined anyway.

-> Please replace the 'Hacking' skillbook reward with something else. I *still* have it three weeks later and not likely to use it for another two months.

-> Expand the Combat path into a 15-mission mini-arc as well, if possible including the various suggestions regarding death and PvP here (or add exploration to this mini-arc, and have a separate 10-mission set just for PvP in all its forms).

I have yet to lose a ship or be podded (though I'm also naturally cautious), but it would have been invaluable earlier to get the 'first death' over with. I'm just now coming to grips with how things work here in that respect, and have had to make a longer (post 1.6 Mil) skills detour than before to accommodate that.

-> I can't comment much on the UI (as a long-time SL/There/Uru user, I'm hardened against bad UIs), but will comment about the learning curve. It took a *lot* of coaxing, questions, and early research - about three months - before I followed through on a friend's invite email.

-> And speaking of the starting setup, you and Steam need to make it *much* clearer that existing accounts - Trial or paid - will NOT work with Steam's distributed forms of the client. Also, the Atari box should be clearer about how you get its extras; There's a good chance my card will end up being shelved until I'm prepared to consider properly training an 'alt. All these confusing (and at times highly conflicting) *payment* and *access* methods aren't helping the NPE when you're not even *in* the actual NPE yet.

I'm sure there's more I can think of, but these are the immediate 'pain points' that came to mind with the overall tutorial. It still was a reasonable and useful intro, and just needs some serious polish.


Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2009.07.28 14:07:00 - [115]

Originally by: Furb Killer
Terrible idea to promote player corporations in tutorials, only to get them grieved. Look at the ammount of rookies who get wardecced by the high sec station hugging 'pvpers'. And what can you advice those rookies?

"Dont just join the first corp you find"?

Posted - 2009.07.30 05:35:00 - [116]

A lot of players are from MMORPGs where gear upgrades are all about bigger is better. I came from a fantasy MMORPG and didn't realize upgrading the ship to a cruiser as soon as possible was not the way to go for level 1 missions.

==> Teach new players in your new missions tutorial arc the importance of right class of ship, and what is applicable to what. Not only that level 1's and 2's are 'doable' in a frigate / destroyer but that well fitted they are actually the best way to go for those missions.

This also ties to the comments on not being afraid to lose a ship. Once again, peeps from other games (who hasn't ever played another MMO?) tend to work towards one big ship as their "main".

Tanking frigates you can barely hit in a cruiser is just plain boring -- and definitely gets the wind out of somebody's sails who is just so excited that they got their first big "upgrade".

Mobius Fierce
Posted - 2009.07.30 13:28:00 - [117]

Edited by: Mobius Fierce on 30/07/2009 13:30:26
I like the new changes. But I would scrap the attribute system entirely. Learning how to arrange attributes most optimally is a pain, and it's easy to screw up. Plus it adds no value to the gameplay.

Honest Smedley
Posted - 2009.07.30 14:03:00 - [118]

Originally by: Christina Bamar
Basically just take an Agony PvP Basic class and turn it into a tutorial Laughing

Along these lines, you could demystify PvP greatly by highlighting some simple mechanics.

Example 1, assign the new player a mission where they have to take down a larger ship class but pretty much need to orbit closely to do so. Depending on how interactive you make it, this is an opportunity to teach tracking, range selection, etc. A lesson like this would also help to shake new players out of the 'bigger is always better' mind set mission running can reinforce.

Example 2, assign the new players a mission to patrol low sec asteroid belts. Have them visit a number of waypoints, whether they survive or not doesn't influence the success or failure of the mission. Use the assignment of the low sec mission to drive home the differences between high sec and low sec.

Example 3, loop over the different EW types in different missions. Something like, "These Guristas are keen on ECM, which..." then go on to describe ECM and how you might counter it. Of course, you'd need to utilize the new AI/NPCs so that EW was actually relevant to NPCs.

Posted - 2009.07.31 01:17:00 - [119]

Something on exploration, wh's and DED sites would be good. Many players stop when they think its all about mission running and of course they get bored of that after a while.

Posted - 2009.07.31 08:22:00 - [120]


I have done the tutorials recently. I'm new to eve, mmo's etc and am not used to any online game.

I can use google though and stuff must have changed a lot with eve revisions as some great guides were utterly useless as they no longer apply.


I liked the tutorials and did them all as well as the epic thing - here's what struck me:

Hacking/Codebreaking - OK i can do the civvy one but even after 2 months I've no idea about a real one. The entry barrier for the free book is a skill V and I'm time poor.- I'd do them all again with an alt if exploration and scanning became viable.

The Map - I'd love to find an aid on this. Never use it; need to use it

Standings - left the business arc with little idea on these

The Militia - what's this?

Damage Soaking - make more of the fact that different things do different damage - show us the difference a fitment choice can make early on.

Fitment switching - there is no magic fit, just best for job - need to know

Fleet mechanics - first time somebody offered me a fleet i thought wtf is that?

Corps and PVP

Corps - interaction is what makes eve last for me. The corp structure is merely one method of group interaction. There could be others. Promoting PC corps as the way to go is inappropriate. For some it may be for others it doesn't suit.

I'd love my own 1 man exploration business, but looking at the current corp mechanics I just see wasted effort.

Propecting would be good too.

Corps tend to be in alliances, they can't protect you like concord and they can make even high sec very unsafe if they are in a war.

Group interaction is the way to go, just not 1 type of group interaction.

Get us noobs ready for the benefits of corps by having the npc corp do some things pc corps do.

group missions, mining, security etc

A lot of more in-depth stuff is great to find out later on. I played elite 20+ yrs ago and was made up when i saw eve. But. Eve isn't elite and I'm glad there's more I don't know.........

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