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Mavrix Able
Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2009.06.22 16:54:00 - [1]

Well, I'm in the market for something I can stick in my pocket that plays music. I've lost track of the right terminology these days.

Anyways, I'd rather not go iPod as I don't really like the whole "import trough iTunes" system.

What I am looking for though, is something that;
* can play a lot of formats.
* allows you to choose music by CD and/or playlist, aka not just have one long list of tracks to navigate trough.
* isn't too bulky, I like to use my player when running.
* doesn't burn its battery too fast.
* has good sound (duh!).

So whatever experience you guys/the occasional girl have with this is very helpful, even if its "Don't buy xxx it sucks."


Short Bus Pole Dancers
Posted - 2009.06.22 17:11:00 - [2]

Edited by: Vogue on 22/06/2009 17:13:58
Having had a regular ipod after a couple of years i now simply just use my mobile phone: Sony Erricson K800i with a 2GB memory card. Having to carry a mobile and an ipod is a bit of a pain. I can copy mp3s quickly onto the mobile and organise them into seperate playlists. The standard headphones are good enough. Battery life is good: At least 4 hours playing mp3s as well as the mobile phone function. Which is better than the ipod i had.

Also using mp3 players in the gym that have a hard disk means they skip when on the treadmill. A player with solid state memory, phone or ipod nano does not skip when galloping on the treadmill.

Also a good practice with portable consumer electronics is to let the battery fully discharge from use then charge it again. You get longer battery life.

A handy geek toy is the solar powered FreeLoader. Maplins the UK sell them for 30. It has a battery that can be charged via USB cable or with 2 solar panels, takes 5 hours though with bright sunshine.

Mavrix Able
Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2009.06.22 17:13:00 - [3]

Ahh, good call on the solid state. Yeah that is definitly something I want then.

Oh - and on a random note, why does EVE-search advetise ISK selling sites?


Posted - 2009.06.22 18:50:00 - [4]

How many Gbs do you need?
If 16gb are fine for you, i recommend the sansa fuze. Its max capacity is 8bg but accepts microSD cards which integrates in the library, so you can have up to 16gb at any moment. Sound quality is good, battery life is at standard 24h.

This site is useful, although some info might be outdated : clicky

As for eve-search isk ads, they are there because it uses google ads (i guess).

The Bastards
The Bastards.
Posted - 2009.06.23 01:28:00 - [5]

Listen to yourself, and avoid iPods at all cost.

Xen Gin
Silurian Operations
Posted - 2009.06.23 02:30:00 - [6]

Originally by: Gallente Citizen20090206
Listen to yourself, and avoid iPods at all cost.

True story, a friend of my pulled an ipod out on me randomly, I backhanded him.

People have to learn not to pull ipods out on random and unsuspecting victims.

Posted - 2009.06.23 02:40:00 - [7]

Edited by: nooooooooooobeeee on 23/06/2009 02:43:11
if you get an ipod like nano, you can put rockbox on it and then you don't stupid itunes anymore, just copy the music wherever you want.
if you get an ipod touch, jailbreak it, get pwnplayer and ssh your music into it without itunes

also if you just want to listen to mp3s, buy a usb mp3 player for $5-7

Miss Razor
Posted - 2009.06.23 02:41:00 - [8]

Word of advise. Dont listen to people that tell you to avoid IPods without giving you some resnoable reasons. They are probibly just saying it because there hear everyone else saying it and try to be cool.

I got my IPod 3 years ago its never broken, always loved it and its outdone all my other portable music players ive had before. The only problem I had with them was the earphones that came with it, although this its not surprizing and easy to replace. The other problem I had was with ITunes, however I now use winamp to import all my music to it.

So here is how I see the IPod.


Very good battery life
Good HDD size (for me anyways)
Easy to interface with and fast to select songs out of 1000s
Prity easy to get repaired as most electronic stores will do it for cheap should you have a problem.
Looks nice and keeps well
Lots of products that support them.


Music needs to be browsed when connected to your computer through a media player
Music needs to be converted to the IPods gay format
ITunes, although other programs are now available that can interface with IPods
If scroll wheel gets wet in the rain it can make selecting a song hard

Mavrix Able
Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2009.06.23 09:13:00 - [9]

Originally by: Gallente Citizen20090206
Listen to yourself, and avoid iPods at all cost.

I'm afraid I'm a horrible singer. Wink

Anyways, thanks for the answers. The Sansa Fuze has me interested. Designwise its a blatant nano ripoff, but all the reviews agree that it has awesome sound nd the microSD support intriques me aswell.


Brujo Loco
Brujeria Teologica
Posted - 2009.06.23 20:03:00 - [10]

LIES UTTER LIES!!!! I love my Ipod/Iphone and I'd be damned the day I use it having to synch up or even connect to the DAEMONIC HELLPIT OF MADNESS that is Itunes ...

I sync my Ipod/Iphone using Winamp ... 10000's TIME EASIER ....

Well, I have a JB'ed Iphone , done it myself since launch ... same with the ipod touch ...

Yes, you need to install and tweak a few things here and there, but then again, living in the forbidden god abandoned country where I hail from you need to learn to use whatever is available to you. Cuz here we don't have any of the cell phone carriers you have there, and here the iphone was a blast.

If you don't want to fiddle around stuff oh well, dont try it. But saying you can't use your Iphone/Ipod in the way YOU want it its a blatant lie Very Happy

Meh, you can even use your Iphone/Ipod Touch as a portable Pendrive with Diskaid ... and no, if you want, you don't even have to pay for that either YARRRR!!

Guys, the stuff from Macintosh it's marvelous, you just need to tear away the crap the company delivers with it.


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