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Collien Fernandez
Posted - 2009.06.24 02:55:00 - [31]

Good fights, i needed to adapt to the commentary but in the end i enjoyed it :)

animal man
The Accursed
Posted - 2009.06.24 07:39:00 - [32]

really good vid man, the AI was hilarious, and quality fights.

Griff Skyshock
Merch Industrial
Posted - 2009.06.24 10:46:00 - [33]

Quite liked it, the AI was something I haven't heard before. So good on that, and some good fights too.

Posted - 2009.06.24 15:10:00 - [34]

Pretty brilliant, the AI was probably the coolest thing I've heard until now.
Endless, we are being energy neutralized!

The 8th Order
Posted - 2009.06.24 15:31:00 - [35]

was pretty good Very Happy

Caelum Dominus
Genos Occidere
Posted - 2009.06.24 16:45:00 - [36]

I really didn't like this "AI"-thing. Very cheesy. Other than that, solid fights - well done.

Pink Bunnies
Posted - 2009.06.24 17:32:00 - [37]

Liked the ai 'advisor' thing, something fresh in all those vids, i wish eve would have such advisor ;-)
Great fight as always i guess...

And yes, ecm is broken and needs rewriting (or smth).

Osiris Occido
The Nightshift
Posted - 2009.06.24 21:36:00 - [38]

I didn't like the AI thing at all, but huge props for originality in a generally cookie-cutter environment. It seems popular for the most part. Also, I couldn't watch the bonus material because it was too giggily. I get enough of that on a nightly basis on vent Laughing For everything else, it was very well done! Thanks for sharing :D I've been waiting on a follow-up to your last video, and this delivered. Sorry I don't have specific engagement comments, hf \o7

Tsumei Meyren
Creative Cookie Procuring
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2009.06.25 09:47:00 - [39]

I think the AI thing is an interesting new feature, but... It kind of annoyed the hell out of me aswell =P

Sorry, but it felt like you were trying to roleplay a PvP Video, which just doesn't work. It was either that or you were being really ****y about everything you did =P

Either way, PvP was good, but the AI ruined it completely for me

Minmatar Citizen127
Posted - 2009.06.25 19:27:00 - [40]

Quality. High-end pvp, AI helps keep things interesting. Will watch again.

Posted - 2009.06.26 10:33:00 - [41]

Nice vid but don't make that ai thing ever again, i've found it insanly frustrating (or at least give us dual audio in vid so we can choose)

Pothouse Cartel
Posted - 2009.06.27 11:16:00 - [42]

Found myself on a eve video at last, and i didnt die YARRRR!!
nice vid for that fact alone Razz

Killian Pirx
Genos Occidere
Posted - 2009.06.28 20:14:00 - [43]

I can't believe I forgot to comment on this. Great vid, great fights and yes I liked the ship AI. Keep making more!

Tarac Nor
Posted - 2009.06.29 07:32:00 - [44]

Great video, very entertaining.

Blood Blind
Posted - 2009.06.29 12:57:00 - [45]

Good pvp skill, but i tend to agree with other about AI voice and music choice, regrettably had to mute the video.

Though im sure other people will enjoy that. Good job!

Buhhdust Princess
Mind Games.
0ccupational Hazzard
Posted - 2009.06.29 13:45:00 - [46]

ello mate, very good video and thanks for releasing it, definately a lot different to most.

Can i just say, thumbs up for the AI, people may not like it but it must of took a bit of time and effort to create that, both the fact that i liked it, and that u spent so much effort on the vid makes me say thanks for the vid, it was good YARRRR!!

Look forward to more from you mate.
-Buhh Twisted Evil

Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2009.06.30 03:38:00 - [47]

Hahaha awesome vid.

Club Bear
The Seventh Day
Posted - 2009.06.30 05:41:00 - [48]

why would you ruin a decent video with that voice ****? I too muted.

Please dont do it again.

Fon Revedhort
Monks of War
Posted - 2009.06.30 12:09:00 - [49]

An awesome vid, mate.

Abaddon with a tracking disruptor instead of eccm is definitely a thing I need to try myself Cool
And the moment your actually got jammed by 1 light ecm drone despite of the eccm fitted just made my day Laughing

Drake was cute, too! So much more fun than those stupidly overpowered passive tanks.

Thanks for adding teammates to the watchlist, something I tend to forget myself.

The Scorpion Project
Posted - 2009.06.30 20:26:00 - [50]

liked the vid a lot.
footage is high-quality, as is piloting.
also i approve your choice of ships! :)

dfntly looking forward to more

Posted - 2009.07.02 23:21:00 - [51]

nice vid endless

Muppet Ninja's
Ninja Unicorns with Huge Horns
Posted - 2009.07.03 15:53:00 - [52]

wanna see it when everyone talks about AI dang goes to slow only 2.2 mb/sMad

Not Another One Man Corporation
Posted - 2009.07.03 16:49:00 - [53]

nice vid boring fights

Endless Subversion
Genos Occidere
Posted - 2009.07.06 17:30:00 - [54]

Eve-o ate my post. Sigh.

I love the comments, even the strong anti-ai reactions.

While responses to CombatMuse is great for the ego, constructive feedback is what allows me to actually improve the video. So if you didn't like or straight up hated AI (and about 25% of the posters did) tell me why! Ditto if you liked AI, or other aspects of the movie.

A dual release of a voice over and non-voice over version is a possibility. It'll take more work, renders and uploads but it's probably doable.

WHY did you find the fights boring? In your opinion what was missing? Also, how can you like a pvp video without liking the fights? ;p

Eve Defence Force
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2009.07.10 23:22:00 - [55]

Originally by: Endless Subversion
Eve-o ate my post. Sigh.

constructive feedback is what allows me to actually improve the video. So if you didn't like or straight up hated AI
WHY did you find the fights boring? In your opinion what was missing? Also, how can you like a pvp video without liking the fights? ;p

I liked the vid personally, nothing was really bad about it at all, the fights due to mostly buffering tend to be more boring than say watching active tanking of sorts, if not sped up as much, but that's opinionated which is why I wouldn't normally say that.

I didn't like the AI, just because I don't like hearing music fade in and out mainly. For instance I like to watch pvp vids drink a beer light a j and watch some pew pew and nice beats/music for inspiration and motivation to go out and die, giving peeps my killmails. So i wouldn't say I hated the AI, but i'd just rather have the music.
GJ though overall if I didn't already post in it earlier.

Black Legion.
Posted - 2009.07.11 14:42:00 - [56]

Endless: AI please change the radio station.
AI: I'm sorry i can't do that, you get to fly pretty ship all day, i get the radio station MKAY?!

Not Another One Man Corporation
Posted - 2009.07.11 19:13:00 - [57]

Originally by: Endless Subversion
Eve-o ate my post. Sigh.

WHY did you find the fights boring? In your opinion what was missing? Also, how can you like a pvp video without liking the fights? ;p

ai was cool and alot stuff happend i wacht it all maby some jumping in time so cool vid

when i starded making vid sombody said i dont get the will he die och live feling. mostly killing stuff and not close to die a bit boring. that wuld be my point hope you understand now.

ps some fights wher kinda cool

Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.07.13 07:04:00 - [58]

Nice video. arbiter reformed needs to shut the **** up, though. And I'm not sure the guy above me is even writing in English.

Vae Nexon
Neon Equinox
Posted - 2009.07.13 11:49:00 - [59]

Video was nice, fits were allright (nice dampener thinking really)

The voice freaked me out in the beginning but I think I got used to it, I guess... =)
Nice that somebody still tries to go a different way from all the other videos.

Sgt Prozcoe
Posted - 2009.07.13 19:54:00 - [60]

Really nice twist to same old same old.
I really like the part where you polite ask AI to S*T*F*U hehehe.

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