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Ben Sullivan
The Foreign Legion
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2009.06.15 19:45:00 - [1]

Hi all. Don't really know much about computers so...

this is my laptop I use to play Eve.

But I'm getting terrible lag, I can run it fine when I'm flying alone but fleets are terrible. I thought this lappy should be capable of runnignt his game ok.
SHould I upgrade it or could it be my crappy internet connection?

Jana Clant
New Dawn Corp
New Eden Research.
Posted - 2009.06.15 20:18:00 - [2]

That's a very old graphics card as far as I know, and not adapted to the current EVE engine at all.

Replacing graphic cards in laptops is a bit of a problem though.

Atomos Darksun
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2009.06.15 20:59:00 - [3]


That graphics card is 5 generations old. "Very old" describes it just. Even after the fact that it's next to impossible to upgrade a graphics card in a laptop (it really isn't, but for the price...), you're going to have an even HARDER time finding one to replace it with.

Just build yourself a new desktop.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.06.16 11:50:00 - [4]

Couple of questions would really help here...what Net connection do you have? Are you using Wi-Fi/Wired network? If wi-fi, how far from router/base station do you normally sit? How much stuff do you have running on that laptop at the same time? What drivers are you using for the GFX card?

Tests you can try include lowering your GFX settings in Eve a little and see how it runs. If using wi-fi, you can try sitting closer to the router or connecting with an ethernet cable. You can try with newer or even older GFX drivers (the version you're using might not be ideal for example). I don't think the GFX is really the problem here...while DX10 games and the leading edge DX9 games will chug, the majority of other DX9 titles should run alright on <= mid-settings. Lastly it could potentially be other progs in the background like anti-virus or anti-spyware. Try *temporarily* disabling them to see if Eve runs any better.

The most likely cause of bad lag is being lots of hops away from the server, lots of ISP/Internet/Tranquility traffic and slow latency. I'm not sure how you measure it in-game, if you can (you probably can) but generally if you're getting less than ~150ms latency the problem is probably not your net connection, then you could consider an upgrade.

Posted - 2009.06.17 05:07:00 - [5]

Honestly, don't use a laptop for gaming, they're just not meant to handle the load. Why do you think they have so many overheating issues?

If you're going to consider buying a new computer, save yourself some money and buy a desktop. Feel free to use the lappy as a reference computer.


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