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Posted - 2009.06.11 22:00:00 - [1]

I'm a relatively new EVE player (around 1M SP, maybe about a month old) that was recommended by everyone to join a corp asap in this game to get the full effect of the game. I'm currently flying a Rifter and running missions by myself to make some money and buy the advance learning books.

To that effect, I'm looking for a corp that accepts new players, prefer in Minmatar or Gallente space (I'm not an exceptionally large fan of Caldari, and even less so a fan of Amarri, for story reasons and what I've read about them). I unfortunately don't have a definite character plan as of yet, but I plan to initially start as a miner and trader. From there, I'll decide to either go more towards industry and production or towards some light, though not serious, pvp.

Basically I am looking for a pretty laid back more social corp, that is accepting of new players that don't have a definite path yet, but is open to most playstyles. I can't offer much besides maturity, a desire to help (both the corp and other players), and a willingness to learn. I understand if it's a bit too early to be asking around, but thought that it couldn't necessarily hurt either.

Black Thorne Corporation
Black Thorne Alliance
Posted - 2009.06.11 22:33:00 - [2]

Black Thorne Corporate Site

We are looking to expand our US timezone membership if your interested in being part of this join our recruitment/ public channel for more details.

Positions Vacant for Mission Runners, Corporation Fleet Missions running most nights, Free ammo and low corp tax rate for active mission runners.

Miners earn isk/hour by selling into our mineral scheme to support out capital production division

We aim to have a controllable number of active members (100-150) so we do not lose a sense of community that bigger corps can suffer from. Both new and experienced EVE players are welcome – we have no minimum skill point requirements. New players will be given advice and assistance in the game. However we do operate in low security areas which while bringing many benefits does add risks for less experienced players.

We have an employment structure in place as well as divisions each with their own managers:

• Mining
• Production
• Trade
• Security
• Personnel
• Science
• We have a Sister Corporation for pilots who wish to help defend the Gallente Federation and participate in Faction Warfare.

Managers and assistants who operate corporation backed projects earn a percentage of the profit generated by that division.Black thorne aims to supports its members ventures by making the corporations resources available to its members.

Miners are rewarded for their time and skill by a comprehensive mineral purchase scheme which supports our capital ship production division.

What are Black Thorne’s aims and goals?

Black Thorne is primarily a Production and Trading corporation. We specialise in Mining, Production and the trading of Trade Goods and Player Produced goods. We already have an extensive library of blueprints and a healthy corp wallet while also boosting the income of its members.We currently build and sell Freighters,ORCAs and Capital ships to order.

We Have T2 and T3 ship production capabilites plus an active salvage and rigs production department.

We have a competent security division to cope with protection for low security operations and for small/medium war declaration hassles all members are expected to assist in times of conflict in a role fitting there skills.

PVP Training is provided via our FC's.
We have extensive support from the numerous alliances and corporations within the region we operate in.

What we Offer?

• Comprehensive Mineral Purchase Scheme
• Mission Running
• Science and Exploration Division
• Huge Blueprint Library
• Friendly Corp/Alliance Tournaments and security team pvp training
• Career Progression and backing for personal projects
• Opportunities for POS deployment and access to research facilites and Jump Clones.

Our corp atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed, and we impose no stipulations on your playing time whilst being a member we appreciate that real-life issues may sometimes interfere with your game time!
We are not however a holding corporation for players to sit within and not interact.Our members are encouraged to work together and arrange projects amongst themselves using the corps assets and capabilities where necessary.

How can you join Black Thorne?

We are currently accepting applications from players in European time zones.

If you are interested in joining Black Thorne Corporation, please visit the forum section of our site and read the Application post. After that simply post your interest in joining along with your in-game name and someone will contact you to discuss.

Join the "BTC Public" channel in game for a friendly chat.

Mallinthas - Recruitment Manager

City of Certitude
Zinc Alliance
Posted - 2009.06.12 01:22:00 - [3]

Vritri that's a really honest stand-up post you made. We have taken care of a few new guys like you and I'd say there's room for just about one moreWink

For further details see our recruiting thread and after that drop our ceo Shant a mail or convo her for a talksee - we will provide for you to have a good start in a great environment bud.



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