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Posted - 2009.08.13 19:14:00 - [91]

Originally by: Herzog Wolfhammer
There was this baby once. I took his candy.

Yarr. YARRRR!!

ts ts ts, ap-parently

Lana Torrin
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2009.08.14 05:27:00 - [92]

I met this guy in a bar once and he had an eye patch..

Johanes Miller
Posted - 2009.08.18 23:56:00 - [93]

Confirming this is the same person Zedrik Cayne has been having so much fun with. Very Happy

Joseph Dreadloch
Dread Space Inc.
Posted - 2009.08.21 23:46:00 - [94]

Megathron, Maelstrom, Hurricane vs. Crow... and trashtalk

Captain Pompous
Is Right Even When He's Wrong So Deal With It
Posted - 2009.08.22 22:54:00 - [95]

I was in Somalia once and became a pirate on an adventure holiday

Anti Viral
Posted - 2009.08.23 22:33:00 - [96]

Originally by: Captain Pompous
I was in Somalia once and became a pirate on an adventure holiday

Yo!Yo!Yo! Pompy, you're back?
Did you steal/ransom anything on your adventure holiday? If not, gtfo!

The Sexy Carebear Boredom Convention
Posted - 2009.08.26 01:28:00 - [97]

Edited by: Herty on 26/08/2009 01:28:13
I killed a man once...well twice but thats a different story.

Edit: (ingame)

Captain Pompous
Is Right Even When He's Wrong So Deal With It
Posted - 2009.08.29 22:13:00 - [98]

Originally by: Anti Viral
Originally by: Captain Pompous
I was in Somalia once and became a pirate on an adventure holiday

Yo!Yo!Yo! Pompy, you're back?
Did you steal/ransom anything on your adventure holiday? If not, gtfo!

I stole a pig's heart in Barbados and ransomed it back to the people YARRRR!!YARRRR!!YARRRR!!

Stumpet Rakingclaw
Stellar Research Incorporated
Posted - 2009.09.03 20:52:00 - [99]

I was bored in Torrinos since our WT's havent showed. Ok one did, but he jumped thru the gate in struct on me Confused

My alt finds a Hulk with T2 rigs, mining. I warped in and ganked him, turns out his drones were auto agressing. I should have looted a rat wreck Embarassed . Anyway, local logs that followed entertained me for a while.

Carebear > wtf
Carebear > any reason for that
Stumpet Rakingclaw > YARR!
Carebear > thanks you just cost me quite a bit
Witness > naughty yarr
Carebear > wow mabey i was wrong to come back to the game
Carebear > hope you have fun
Stumpet Rakingclaw > :D
Carebear > cost me over a bil
Witness > what happened?
Stumpet Rakingclaw >
Witness > do you try to attack him with your mean hulk or something?
Carebear > oh well lost more before meh
Carebear > ya with a stripminer
Carebear > um no
Witness > aggressively manuever around him lol?
Carebear > ya staying still with drones out
Witness > ah, so your drones aggro'd him after he flipped a can of yours?
Carebear > no he attacked me and my drones attacked him
Carebear > he locked me with no notice
Carebear > by the way "BIG" challange a Battle Cruiser against a hulk hmmm no contest there
Witness > did concord come at least?
Carebear > no idea i was dead too quick
Carebear > but it's cool loose close to a bilion isk for someones thirll no big deal
Witness > sucks
Witness > your hulk was worth a billion isk?
Witness > what did you fit on that?
Carebear > well t2 expanders and rigs
Carebear > well the ship was more expensive before the new patch so were the cargo rigs

Posted - 2009.09.05 04:37:00 - [100]

Edited by: Baillif on 05/09/2009 05:38:55
Edited by: Baillif on 05/09/2009 04:40:30
So I in my purifier (Hot Beef Injection) cruising through class 1 wormhole space that I had scanned out a few hours earlier, when I check my directional scanners and see a drake, a tengu, a proteus, a hurricane and a coercer on D-scan. There were sleeper wrecks on scan so it was pretty clear they were ratting and the coercer was cleaning up behind them.

I was all by myself so a direct battle was out of the question, but I decided to let them go for a while and pick off the salvaging coercer and take the lewts. So I wait for the cruisers to finish a site and warp off to the next one and sure enough along comes the coercer to play garbage man.

I get in close to the wreck that will clearly be the last one salvaged and when the coercer gets in close I decloak and pop it. I quickly look in the wreck and realize nothing good survived : ( (200 mil kill though). Then recloaked before the cavalry showed up. I did get a little smack, however.

Victim > log is empty
Victimcorpmate1 > I guess the little wussy is hiding now
Victimcorpmate1> Big man kill a salvager with no weapons, come try me little man with small *****
Baillif > I'm pretty sure asking for gay sex on eve is against the EULA
Baillif > I wont report you or anything but I'm gonna have to turn ya down
Victimcorpmate1 > lol.. Go for it never said gay just a coward
Victim > go ahead and report, *****
Victimcorpmate1 > lol
Victimcorpmate1 > hes hiding like they always do
Baillif > my only regret is all the nanoribbons went poof : (
Baillif > however your tears are all the payment I need
Victimcorpmate1 > lol.. your hiding is proof of that coward
Baillif > oh yes because one purifier against two t3 cruisers and a drake and cane would be a great idea
Baillif > anyway ta ta
Baillif > try not to get too butt hurt over the whole thing
Baillif > oh
Baillif > and yarr...I always forget that part

Kahega Amielden
Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2009.09.07 03:52:00 - [101]

Backstory: Some random alliance wardecs us. Moderate amounts of lulz ensued, but thus far nothing amazing..

Anyway, I was doing what ninjas always do during wartime...ninjaloot. I warp into a rogue drone field and I happen upon a Drake. Oddly enough, this drake was flashy red, without having shot at me first. So, I warped off, grabbed my gank raven, and...insured it. I was sure that he either a) warped out or b) Brought friends, which he definitely had in system.

Warping to the acceleration gate at 60, nothing showed up on overview or short-range dscan except...the drake. Still in his mission. With hobgoblins out. I warped out, warped in, and slowboated through the gates to the drake. Sitting right on the warpin like a good missionrunner, I locked , scrammed, and started killing him. I didn't bother neuting him because, ****'s a Drake. It's passive tanked. Right. RIGHT?!

Nope. My hope in humanity dissipated right as I saw his shields rep up in a large blob. It took a surprising amount of time, but eventually he assploded. Oh well, it was a WT, not too different than a normal kill. I guess I'll open up the loot can an- HOLY****FACTIONMODS.

2009.09.07 02:10:00

Victim: *****
Corp: Soldiers Of Mercy
Alliance: deadspace society
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Drake
System: Lustrevik
Security: 0.9
Damage Taken: 37742

Involved parties:

Name: Kahega Amielden (laid the final blow)
Security: -0.7
Corp: Suddenly Ninjas
Alliance: Tear Extraction And Reclamation Service
Faction: NONE
Ship: Raven
Weapon: Caldari Navy Mjolnir Torpedo
Damage Done: 37742

Destroyed items:

Pith B-Type Shield Boost Amplifier
Caldari Navy Invulnerability Field
Widowmaker Fury Heavy Missile, Qty: 12 (Cargo)
Large Core Defence Operational Solidifier I
Thunderbolt Fury Heavy Missile, Qty: 160
Cap Recharger II
Capacitor Power Relay II
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I, Qty: 2
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Qty: 2

Dropped items:

Small Remote Armor Repair System I
Gist X-Type Large Shield Booster
Capacitor Flux Coil II, Qty: 2
Dread Guristas Invulnerability Field
Thunderbolt Fury Heavy Missile, Qty: 64
Thunderbolt Fury Heavy Missile, Qty: 4549 (Cargo)
Scourge Precision Heavy Missile, Qty: 5892 (Cargo)
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Qty: 5
Caldari Navy Shield Boost Amplifier
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Scourge Fury Heavy Missile, Qty: 68 (Cargo)

for those counting, that's a 2 bil ISK fit, 1.5b of which dropped. Being a humble ninja with an affinity for blue pill and hookers, I've never amassed quite this amount. Not a fortune to be sure, but it was enough to entice a blob of alliancemates to come over and stationcamp me.

Apparently, I will be followed "To hell and back" and I am now permanent primary.

CHAT LOGS follow in the next post...but i must wait 5 mins...

Convo with my generous benefactor. Was hoping for him to emorage against his corp, but no

Kahega Amielden
Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2009.09.07 03:59:00 - [102]

Kahega Amielden > o/
Kahega Amielden > Expensive ship you have there
SadDrakeMan > yeha i se yoyu caught me
Kahega Amielden > So why put that much ISK on a drake?
Sad Drake Man > when iwas trying to help my wife
Sad Drake Man > cause that is all i ahve i cant run a raven
Sad Drake Man > and that was my mission ship
Kahega Amielden > ah. How'd you -get- all that ISK anyway?
Sad Drake Man > man that teara my heart out
Sad Drake Man > truly does
Kahega Amielden > Your corp moon mines?
Sad Drake Man > dude i dont need aany smart remarks i workesd hard for that
Kahega Amielden > lol, just asking
Sad Drake Man > i am still in debt over it
Kahega Amielden > Ah. You got a loan?\
Sad Drake Man > i owe people for the isk i borrowed
Kahega Amielden > Ah. Fair enough. Did you think I just looted in the previous room or something when you saw me fly in in my salvage stabber?
Sad Drake Man > no man i was not here i was helping my wife with my grandson
Kahega Amielden > Wait. Is this your wife's character?
Sad Drake Man > you see this is why i dont like this bull****
Kahega Amielden > Which bull****?
Sad Drake Man > i tend tomyself mainly
Kahega Amielden > Why join a belligerant alliance then?
Sad Drake Man > these guys have hard ons
Sad Drake Man > i did not knopw it at the time
Sad Drake Man > i followed my friend here
Kahega Amielden > You didn't figure it out when you saw the wardec?
Sad Drake Man > as you can see i have only been here two months
Kahega Amielden > Should watch the actions of your corp/alliance a bit more closely
Kahega Amielden > we just got randomly decced out of the blue
Sad Drake Man > well dude i can only answer for myself
Sad Drake Man > amd i am glad that you got the kill and took my high dollar stiuff
Sad Drake Man > have fun
Kahega Amielden > o/

I soon received an evemail from his corpmate:

Hey brother,

that guy was in a mission and had to go help his lady do something (rl).

You donate those shield mods back to him and I will see that you get some good money and we will ease off on you - it would create a whole lot of good feelin if you did that.

You donate it back, and I personally will make it worth your while.


SadDrakeMan's Corpmate 1

What followed was an epic local smacktalk session, which I sadly cannot post in full due to its ridiculous length. Fun snippits:

Kahega Amielden > o/ Deadspace society
Kahega Amielden > Sure is a lot of you in local after that drake kill
SadDrakeMan's Corpmate #1> just bring that raven to me :)
Sad Drake Manís Corpmate #2> how bout you hand over the loot or we star war-decced with you for eternity?
Sad Drake Manís Corpmate #3> I'll conate for a year
Sad Drake Manís Corpmate #3> donate
Kahega Amielden > Oh wow

Sad Drake Manís Corpmate #2> hand it back or we follow you til we made good the loss
Sad Drake Manís Corpmate #2 > that gonna cost you
Kahega Amielden > You're doing a great job now
Sad Drake Manís Corpmate #2> not yor corp
Sad Drake Manís Corpmate #2> You
Sad Drake Manís Corpmate #2> I will folloow you to the gates of hell
Sad Drake Manís Corpmate #3 > wheres Maria at least she shoots ships that actually shoot back
Sad Drake Manís Corpmate #2> and then I will get medievla on your ass
Kahega Amielden > Well you're all bitter about your corpmate's loss
Sad Drake Manís Corpmate #2> no mate
Kahega Amielden > That's not true. He shot back
Kahega Amielden > Eventually

Corpie1> and my friend don;t charge Me nuthin anyhow;s
Kahega Amielden > Sweet. Can you fit out a faction-fit drake for me?
Corpie1> not since 2005
Corpie1> watch your back cos it's a creeping up on you
Harry Sac > ... re=popular
Corpie1> and you will Know who it was when they mention my name
Kahega Amielden > So leon
Corpie1> have fun tard
General SHAKTI > ha
Corpie1> have fun
Corpie1> cos you going Down
Corpie1> over an over
Corpie1> welcome to Hell

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2009.09.07 06:36:00 - [103]

To the gates of Hell Kahega, the gates of hell.

Blind Ego
Posted - 2009.09.07 07:42:00 - [104]

Just go trough the gates .. problem solved Cool

Du'uma Fiisi Integrated Astrometrics
Posted - 2009.09.07 14:29:00 - [105]

Originally by: Lana Torrin
Originally by: Argo Nix
...need more pirate stories here...

Just sayin...Confused


The fact that this "thread" has been here for THIS long and only has four pages only illustrates what a failure it was to begin with. vOv

Velocity Prime
The Greater Goon
Clockwork Pineapple
Posted - 2009.09.07 18:33:00 - [106]

Originally by: Havohej
Originally by: Lana Torrin
Originally by: Argo Nix
...need more pirate stories here...

Just sayin...Confused


The fact that this "thread" has been here for THIS long and only has four pages only illustrates what a failure it was to begin with. vOv

Pirate Stories thread: making more room in Crime and Punishment for spam.

This thread is a joke, right?

Rico Minali
Sons Of 0din
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2009.09.10 10:25:00 - [107]

This one time, I was a pirate... And this, like uber leet corp, called like Concord or something, they like ganked me in my frigate just because I flew in like, hisec or something? Can I, like, hire a merc to kill them all?

True story.

Lana's Alt
Minmatar Republic Military Skool
Posted - 2009.09.11 02:18:00 - [108]

Originally by: Velocity Prime

Pirate Stories thread: making more room in Crime and Punishment for spam.

This thread is a joke, right?

No no! Its serious business! Go read the whole thread then comment on the one you find the funniest.

Gregor Vernof
Steaming Hot Gallente Chicks Gone Wild
Posted - 2009.09.14 20:45:00 - [109]

Originally by: Lana's Alt
Originally by: Velocity Prime

Pirate Stories thread: making more room in Crime and Punishment for spam.

This thread is a joke, right?

No no! Its serious business! Go read the whole thread then comment on the one you find the funniest.

Hmmm, let's see... I am personally loving the WT mish'ing in a faction fit Drake while AFK Shocked, then Corp/Alliance getting all butt hurt over it.... Rolling Eyes


Posted - 2009.09.17 11:19:00 - [110]

Edited by: VengeanceMK2 on 17/09/2009 11:21:45

Posted - 2009.09.17 11:48:00 - [111]

Edited by: VengeanceMK2 on 17/09/2009 13:52:39
Edited by: VengeanceMK2 on 17/09/2009 13:51:29
Edited by: VengeanceMK2 on 17/09/2009 13:50:26
Fare or not Fare?

oh well it doesnot allow me to post the whole chatlogs or gamelogs, so I will be brief as possible.
The whole thing started like this. I was sitting in a dock at the station while taking breaks, and someone referred me as a "bot". I was little ****ed off listening this, and was asking the guy if he or she wants to dual one on one if he was bored. He accepted my proposal so I asked him to come to the station where I was at. However, he didnt like poeple undocking and docking at the station so I accepted to come at the first belt in the system and I was thinking he might bring his alts or bringin with a few friends along with him. I kindly let him to flip the can, and I stole so he has a chance to shoot me first. So he did, then while we were dualing, his hurricane was under the hull structure, then, there goes a repping typhoon showed up. I was shooting at hurricane, but repping takes faster then my damages done to the hurricane, I chanaged the tactics, killing typhoon and popped the hurricane. I didnt even loot his stuff and let him to loot his own wrecks. Then, he was calling this fight was not fare cuz my character is 2004 year old character and he is not. He was continuously rabbling that it was my fault and I should not be honorred. This went on and on so I stopped having a conversation with the guy. He then tried to convo me but I closed the convo because it will be rabbling and cursing as always it is. Then, there goes another rabbling that my corp will be wardeced and I should be running away from him closing his convo. To my perspective, this would be serious stalking if he tries to attemp doing this in the future. There won't be anymore fare fights, and cannot define what would be the fare fights. There is no honor besides smack talks. I rather be a carebear, and will always be a carebear. This is not fun and its just ridiculous how naive they are.
To provide a full evidence, follow my links, and you will see chatlogs and gamelogs. Decide on your own.

chatlog details:

gamelog details:

killmail details on both hurricane and typhoon
nano hurricane
repping typhoon

Tom Jackrabbit
Posted - 2009.09.20 07:11:00 - [112]

Tom Jackrabbit > hihi
* some guy - CCP Ildoge> Come on, man, I'm just testing ****.
Tom Jackrabbit > pay and you live!
* some guy - CCP Ildoge> Jesus ****in' Christ
* some guy - CCP Ildoge> How much do you want?
Tom Jackrabbit> 10mil!
* some guy - CCP Ildoge> All right. A guy named * some guy - CCP Ildogewill have to give you the money.
Tom Jackrabbit > chop chop!
* some guy - CCP Ildoge> I've got to contact him. Cease fire.
Tom Jackrabbit > pay or die basically
* some guy - CCP Ildoge> Stop, man.
Tom Jackrabbit > no can do
Tom Jackrabbit > cash or death!
* some guy - CCP Ildoge> You're going to have to give me a minute.
* some guy - CCP Ildoge> I think he's AFK.
Tom Jackrabbit > I guess you die then
* some guy - CCP Ildoge> COME ON, MOTHER ****ER!
Tom Jackrabbit > YARRR!
* some guy - CCP Ildoge> Just gave you 10 Million.
* some guy - CCP Ildoge> Cease fire.
Tom Jackrabbit > Nice doing business with you
* some guy - CCP Ildoge > Godammit. I think I'm going to kill one of my dogs.
Tom Jackrabbit > Harm any animals and I hope you will burn in hell.

Anyways can't believe what he said about the dogs :(

It's only pixels guys. PIXELS!

Gregor Vernof
Steaming Hot Gallente Chicks Gone Wild
Posted - 2009.09.20 07:26:00 - [113]

So I jump into vent to see whats going on, tired, not sure what I want or plan to do for the night. A mate quickly asks about what I have in fast ships in the amarr area and am I near. Yup, fast ships, no, not near... why...? We're gonna steal a Orca was the reply, I can clone jump was my answer.

So after a painfully planned out Op to the slightest detail, we stole the Orca INSANELY easy... We also transferred all the several jet cans of Ice to one of min and placed it all in the Orca, I looted their rat wrecks, and looked in market for the nearest salvager (waste not, want not).

After the idiot ex-owner stops being AFK we have the following local chat:

Alt Orca Pilot > Nice Orca, think I'll take it
Alt Orca Pilot > Thank you Gents, you may now continue with your regularly schedule AFK mining Op....

-- fair time elapses --

Clueless Ex-Orca Owner > wow i cant belive i got yanked
Gregor Vernof > er.... really?
Clueless Ex-Orca Owner > yeah i am haveing a fight with my wife...lmao
Gregor Vernof > Well let's see: 1) you had a unpiloted Orca sitting here,
Gregor Vernof > 2) you had not targeted it,
Gregor Vernof > 3) even if you had we bumped you off,
Clueless Ex-Orca Owner > i dont pilot my own orca
Clueless Ex-Orca Owner > well i wasnt paying attention
Gregor Vernof > 4) you we JET CAN mining with a empty Orca near by,
Gregor Vernof > 4) YOU WERE AFK!
Gregor Vernof > er, sorry your fail had me confused that was #5
Clueless Ex-Orca Owner > i just said i was fighting with my wife
 Gregor Vernof > Then tell your wife thank you for me
Gregor Vernof > btw, that will be 1 isk for educational services rendered
Clueless Ex-Orca Owner > but take the orca and ill kill u later with the kill rights
Clueless Ex-Orca Owner > lol no need ihave more isk then i know wat to do with
Gregor Vernof > there are no kill rights, again you fail, that'll be 2 isk now

... and I left system to buy the salavger. By the time I got back both Clueless Ex-Orca Owner and his alt were offline... continuing the argument no doubt, wonder if I managed to prod them into a divorce...?

Twisted Evil

(chat slightly embellished for effect and edited for clarity)

Omara Otawan
Posted - 2009.09.22 05:59:00 - [114]

Edited by: Omara Otawan on 22/09/2009 06:20:38
Today I fought a pirate

Taking a break from forum wh*ring, I decided it was time for some fighting. So I take my 1.3mill SP, jump into my trusty t1 fit merlin, and start searching the belts of Tsuguwa for the criminal elements of EvE.

Not much signs of activity in the first three belts, but lo and behold, what do I see in belt number four, a negative sec status punisher, with a skull on his name, obviously a criminal.

Checking his info reveals he must indeed be a badass pirate, 31mill bounty on his head!

Being the law-abiding citizen I am, I decide to drop one unit of my precious ammo, just to see if the scoundrel would steal from the innocent. Much to my surprise, the pirate does inspect my jettisoned wealth for a while, but decides he does not want it!?

Now I am in a dilemma, if I open fire on him CONCORD will unleash their wrath on me, but I simply cannot let this scumbag go away unpunished.

So I decide to do the unthinkable, become a thief myself, and steal from one of his nearby wrecks, just as he warps off to the next belt. I promtly follow, landing merely 13km from his mighty ship.

(Note from the editor: at this point he locks me up, but doesnt want to shoot. I get a convo, tell the guy the amount of SP on my char, my fittings, and promise I'll pay his ship should he lose. He takes about 4-5 minutes to contemplate, and finally opens fire!)

The battle is on, he scrambles my ship and opens fire, I return the favour. His first few volleys immediately strip half my shields, not much noticeable damage on his ship. Oh my, this isnt going well.

Carefully inspecting the readings on my damage logs, I notice an oddity: this punisher seems to be using ion blasters instead of pulse lasers. Thinking quickly, I decide to exploit my little merlins only advantage, its superior speed. I hit the afterburner and settle into a 5km orbit.

Ahh, much better, safely outside the range of his blasters, the damage to my ship stopped completely and shields begin to recharge. I slowly chip away his shields with the destructive power of my two light missile launchers, while the punisher seems to be unable to close in on me.

I begin contemplating how long it might take until justice is served, but dont get to finish the thought, as much to my dismay a scimitar lands in the belt, the overview scanner indicating it being affiliated to the same corporation of evil-doers.

Merely seconds later, the shields of the punisher instantly recharge to full, while the logistic ship launches a wave of attack drones and engages.

Maybe 10 seconds later, I learned a valuable lesson: never mess with the pirates roaming the high security areas of New Eden, they are well-versed in ship-to-ship combat, and you are lucky to get away with your life!

(I'd post chatlogs, but they are so full of filthy language and swear words from that guy while he was boasting about his impressive 97 kill record and his outstanding victory over my merlin, I'd prolly have to censor out most of it... On a side note, am I allowed to post a link to my lossmail as the victim?)

Disclaimer: the term 'pirate' is used very loosely here, by no means I mean to offend the honorable gentlemen in flashy red Wink

Maelstrom Crew
Posted - 2009.09.27 08:46:00 - [115]

We are on some r and r and I decided to enter the unknown space that is a Wormhole and find something to blow up. After about 30 minutes and 6 systems later I came across a lone Drake fighting some sleepers. I sat and watched him until he finished with my Cov Ops alt. As the last sleeper exploded I warped my Ishtar to my alt landing at 20 kms from the clueless Drake. I clicked the lock, the Warp Distro was activated, the orbit button was pushed and the AB turned on. I proceeded to launch my Ogre IIs and he proceeded to explode one of them. So I recalled them and then launched some Warden 2s. Well, he kited me far enough away that I couldnt recover them in time. He manged to get 3 of them. =/. So the long game of launching drones, him firing at them and me recalling them began. This was going quite well for me, he was wasting his ammo. So after about 15 minutes of drones out and drones in, him firing at me and not being able to drop my shields below 90 percent, I opened a convo with him. While i was talking to him I was flying my scanning alt around looting his Sleeper wrecks.

drake dude > hello
Varesk > 20 million and i let you go
drake dude > 20 mill iv popded a fuw of your drones there no way that u can kill me with drones
Varesk > yeah i have a ton of dornes and you are not breaking my tank
Varesk > so, either you pay 20 mil or i keep you here
Varesk > your choice
drake dude > man just just as i kill all the sleepers .....thay could have helped me....
Varesk > yeah i watched you.
wanted ninja > let me think for a bit.....
Varesk > as you do that i will start taking your loot with my alt.
Varesk > btw, i collapsed the wh
drake dude > no i scan a nuther
drake dude > lotr isit that grate
drake dude > loot*
drake dude > how do i know if u give the $$ that u will go away?
drake dude > Huh??
Varesk > i keep my word. if not, contact my ceo and i will be kicked from the corp
drake dude > im u just attack me so u can see y i dont trust u
Varesk > yeah i understand. i can wait until you log or run out of missiles and then kill you. i am in no hurry
drake dude > i have pelnty
Varesk > and i have 9 more ogre IIs
drake dude > ill give u 10 mill and the uther harf when i can worp
Varesk > nope all of it
drake dude > there
Varesk > align to a planet
Varesk > if you fire at me i will continue to hold you. i do have a cov ops in system with me.
Varesk > go

From the time I locked him to the time I let him go was about 28 minutes. I had 4 ogre2s left, 5 Hammerhead 2s and 5 Warrior 2s. I ended up recovering 2 of my Wardens and I did honor the ransom, I probably should have asked for more ISK but I didnt want to sit there all night.

Posted - 2009.09.28 13:59:00 - [116]

Edited by: SkiNupSkuNk on 28/09/2009 14:02:42
This one time i scanned a tristan in a belt.
I warped to him in my hic but he escaped to another belt 19 au away.
When i got there a thorax was ratting. Yarr

this one time:
Me: 10 mil or your retriever dies.
He: I have no 10 mil man plz.
Me: 5..4...3..2..1..
(He popped)

this one time at gatecamp i shot an iteron

Please do not evade the profanity filter. Zymurgist

Awesome Possum
Original Sin.
Posted - 2009.10.08 05:27:00 - [117]

This one time we found a WT running a mission in a CNR.

Ishkur warps into his mission, gets a point. Bugger has a heavy neut, drains the frig and warps off. Bugger!

Oh wait, he's still in space.. oh wait, he's in a belt!

Ishkur lands, gets a point, orbits outside of neut range. We land and:

[03:39:36] Someguy> pricks
[03:40:30] Someguy> come on
[03:40:34] Someguy> man dont pocdcme
[03:40:47] Someguy> dont pod me
[03:41:07] Someguy> come oin p[leasse
[03:41:13] Someguy> i dont want this
[03:41:27] Harrigan VonStudly > but you like the ******* word
[03:41:27] Joruk Korlath > [03:30:56] Blewzmann > *******
[03:41:29] Someguy> man u took all i have
[03:41:45] Someguy> well lokk waht u did
[03:41:58] Someguy> i was no wheree around all that stuff
[03:42:05] Someguy> i did not talk that crap
[03:42:11] Someguy> i run missions omly
[03:42:19] Someguy> u took 4 bil fom just now
[03:43:04] Someguy> ixcannot be;eive u guys

Marlona Sky
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.10.13 06:21:00 - [118]

**After I killed his Harbinger with something special**

Marlona Sky > ok, now you get to go back to wow?
Not Happy Guy > at least in wow i dont have to worry about ****heads like you
Marlona Sky > orly? what server you on?
Not Happy Guy > leave me alone

He then proceeded to rage quit. I bookmarked him and he has not logged on since.

Sral TBear
Shipwreck cove
Posted - 2009.10.16 09:26:00 - [119]

Language can be a barrier, but sometimes a fun one Very Happy

I popped a miner in a 0.4 system and he had an emorage on me. First he was typing native language and well that i had no idea what was. Then he startet on worse english than mine..

He kept going that he would **** my mom and sisters and my dog. I told him that he had to do both of them or one might be jaloux...He asked you will let me **** you dogs?, and i said ya be my guest. He startet to talk about this on local and tryed to use it it to get to me...

Then suddently one of hes corp m8`s typed..Hes English is werry bad an he just found out what he said, he actyaly wantet to say he wantet to **** you daughter...

Local exploded in lols and rofls

Ya i could have used the petition system, but i know what hes corp would do to him and thought that would be punnishment enough.

they gave him the tittle Doggy after that incident....

So if you se a guy on local with the tittle doggy, let your dogs in the house, lock the door untill hes away again :)

Jenna Sol
Posted - 2009.11.09 02:39:00 - [120]

Not sure if this fits in piracy, but well...

I was probing out in high-sec to find some battleships running missions to steal from. I spotted a battleship and while I tried to pinpoint it, the signal became a capsule.

So I finally get the 100% signal strength. I warp in and take the acceleration gate. Indeed, his battleship was ruined, but the guy was still there... (got disconnected?) so I took all his loot and there was a bunch of navy, faction and T2 modules. Stole it all and sold it eventually.

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