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Marz Leominster
Posted - 2009.06.08 20:20:00 - [1]

Edited by: Marz Leominster on 08/06/2009 20:20:12
Imperial Trade Federation is a corporation based out in the Tash-Murkon region that is devoted to Industry, Trade, and Combat.

We are anti-pirate, CVA alliance friendly and multi-factional corp that abides by the Amarrian Empire. There is no skill point requirements to be in our Corp. Unlike many other corporations we have an open door policy. You can have 55k skill points or 78 million skill points and neither pilot will be treated any different. We do offer incentives to rookie pilots as well as our PVP teams roaming in cheap fleet setups. Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers (multi factions) are all provided freely to the corp members use.

Now with this aside, listed below is what we are currently hiring for:

Industry: We need 20 to 30 additional active pilots to continue our ship building and component/ammo builds for both corporation and open trades. We are also looking to expand our Tech 2 builds and need a strong team to lead this. There is a set minimum skill level in order to be on the Industry team however. This is to be discussed on recruitment to get you up to speed. We are not denying this to any rookie pilot willing to learn. Just letting you know there is a skill plan that you must follow to be a benefit to this team.

Mining: We are needing additional 20+ pilots that are dedicated to mining. This division aids the industry team by supplying the needed minerals for their building process. As well as openly selling the surplus of ores mined onto the open markets for both personal and corp profits.

Combat: Our security center is looking to expand to 50+ new pilots. Security includes both PVP and PVE and there is no skill point requirements for this division nor any of the others. Mission running daily, and including several level 4 based combat. Also ratting in low sec/0.0 systems. The corporation also owns a starbase in a wormhole system. Several sleeper combat sites are always open for the corporation (as well as hard to get asteroids for mining purposes). The PVP wing is also looking for new recruits to fill its ranks. Again no skill point requirements and there is a guide developed for new recruits to follow to aid them in getting their skills up to be effective in their roles.

Imperial Trade Federation's recruitment center is located in Tew. If you are interested please fly out to the Zoar and Sons station in Tew and submit an application. Please specify that you read the ad in the forums. Or you can contact our CEO Nijal Lun for further details.

Thanks and fly safe.

Marz Leominster
Posted - 2009.06.09 15:40:00 - [2]

We are still looking for more pilots to fill our ranks. Apply today =)

Marz Leominster
Posted - 2009.06.10 14:40:00 - [3]

Thanks for those that have inquired/joined so far and ITFed is still looking for pilots =)

Marz Leominster
Posted - 2009.06.11 14:58:00 - [4]

Another day of recruiting. Thanks for the inquiries.


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