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Kenpachi Viktor
Electus Matari
Posted - 2009.06.17 14:49:00 - [211]

The changing focus from polishing what is already there - 0.0 sov mechanics, FW, low-sec, etc. - to bringing more content every expansion.

The change in focus from keeping older players, to attracting new ones.

The lack of exposer to the back story in game.

Posted - 2009.06.17 15:40:00 - [212]

Edited by: Descrambled on 17/06/2009 15:57:00
I think my #1 wish is to see Level 4 missions nerfed so that they no longer get all these minerals and easy AFK isk. Will properly fix the risk vs reward in this game. Actually its okay to give them their easy ISK but stop giving them all these items that breakdown into all these different ores....

Mining has been broken for so long....

Iece Quaan
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2009.06.17 16:24:00 - [213]

1. UI needs a complete overhaul. Click commands need to be transparent and persistent, IE; you can get anywhere from anywhere.

Quick example: You are in a corp with another player, and you are docked in a trade hub with 400 other players. You must click on the player's name in the STATION list, not the corp list. This can be irritating as the station list constantly jumps as people dock and undock. Make it so the trade option appears in any place you can rclick a player, ( search, channel, friends ) if you are docked with them.

1a. Reduce the number of clicks-in-space to get anything done. The click menus are too slow, you can slip and hit the wrong thing, and certain things can't be automated. An additional overview tab that simply shows your insystem bookmarks, with an associated keypress+mouseclick shortcut to perform an operation on that bookmark, would solve a lot of this. Add the ability to pull overview tabs out so you can display more than one at a time.

1b. Give each window that can be spawned it's own position ID. Some windows seem to share IDs, such as cargo in space and corp hangar. So when you size the cargo window down cause you're just grabbing loot out of it and you don't care to see it all, then you dock and open corp hangar, it's the size of the cargo window. This interferes in customization of the interface tremendously, because stuff doesn't even stay where you put it.

2. GET OVER MAKING EVE HAVE A HUGE LEARNING CURVE. There, I said it. This is more a complaint about there being so many undocumented "features" in the game. These are the sorts of things that you never learn about until you get burned by them, and have no business being there in the first place. Apply unified and clear rules to all operations and actions performable by players within the game, so that something that works one way doesn't work another way when some variable has changed.

As it is, if you try to utilize some of the more complex activities in the game, you MUST research it as much as you possibly can SIMPLY for the purpose of avoiding the game-mechanical pitfalls that are ONLY generated by idiosyncracies of how the process itself works. Case #1: POS management. Anyone who knows anything about it can attest to this. Streamline, compartamentalize, and make these activities transparent- people want to play the game, not read guides telling them how to play the game.

You can't even begin to fix meta-mechanics ( SOV, risk/reward, lowsec, mining, etc etc ) until you make the game interface itself playable.

Cosmo Raata
Moar Tears
Posted - 2009.06.17 16:50:00 - [214]

1) High End moon wealth.

Solution - Re-balance components to need equal amounts of all 4 R64 moon materials and be sure to introduce the new rumored space with lots of high end moons.

This will in turn drop the price of T2 ships, which will give us back variation in fleets again. Cheaper ships = happier pilots.

2) Sov system sucks

Solution - Minor changes really. Reduce shield amounts, disallow "****stars", vastly increase POS damage, Once a cyno jammer is down don't allow it to be blown up by its own damn POS, etc.

There are enough capitals in game now that sov isn't as horrible as it used to be, but there are many tweaks that should happen to make it better. Having to take down a cyno jammer 20 times just to gain sov in 1 system is really stupid

3) Delayed local in 0.0

Solution - What you don't realize CCP, it doesn't need to be even long. A 30 second delay can be introduced first and you'd be surprised how much this will help. If 30 seconds doesn't ruin the game as some people predict, you can try 1 minute and so on and so forth until you achieve what you want. I mean, who is this really hurting? The occasional ratter from a noob corp named ouasdlkfjy45743 with a cloak fitted?

4) Continue to rebalance ships

Solution - Command ships need looking at (Price vs usefullness), Still waiting on Black ops fuel bays, Amarr Recons, Mothership roles, New Titan role, etc.

And the #1 biggest problem of all:
You have known these issues for years and we still have to post to ask for a fix. Don't take so long to make some changes, you can always roll them back if they suck but you are just too scared to try.

Ryfaen Ren
Posted - 2009.06.17 17:12:00 - [215]

1. Make a powered deceleration function for ships. I hate coasting to a stop and taking 2 km to stop in a domi. Many times I drag a can around behind me and approach it in order to stop my ship in a reasonable amount of time. Skill based would be fine.

2. Need feedback for double clicking in space to move. Some type of navigation command acknowledge feedback. Also with speed changes. Sometimes if the UI is lagging I have to click/double click 4 or 5 times before the change occurs.

3. Fix the UI issue with selecting items. All the time there are items in varous containers that are highlighted as if they are selected when they shouldn't be. Also, when dragging items between containers and then sellecting another item in the first containter I have to click 2 or 3 times before it is selected (doesn't seem to be lag based - just requires one click before the window becomes active and then a second click to actually select the item.

4. Fix the problem with dragging several items that don't stack between containers, such as BPCs. If you drop them onto an item of the same type then only one item gets moved and you get the annoying, item is not stackable error.

5. Make the warning about a delay before a research/mfg slot becing available (wait queue) be able to be disabled. I know the slot isn't available for a period of time and I don't need to be reminded every friggen time!

Barbara Nichole
Cryogenic Consultancy
Black Sun Alliance
Posted - 2009.06.17 17:22:00 - [216]

lol, oh well lets see. add tech 4 multi-player gun ships.. and multi-player mining vessels.

Posted - 2009.06.17 17:27:00 - [217]

only concern i have is teh risk reward balance between missioning and ratting. before apoc 0.0 ratting worked out at about the same return but with faction and officer spawns added. now post apoc ratting is broken, its no longer profitible due to 'farming or chaining' being pretty much removed.
im not saying nerf missions but reinstate the isk potention of ratting.

what i want is t2 capitals. a t2 moros would be so dam cool

Black Leather
Posted - 2009.06.17 17:27:00 - [218]

Edited by: Black Leather on 17/06/2009 17:32:45
Edited by: Black Leather on 17/06/2009 17:32:15
Be nice to be able to build a real space station in Low sec/0.0.

Just like the npc ones. With a market, lab slots, offices, a nice hanger to get out of the cosmic rays for a while (ruining my complexion), etc.

This would tie in nicely with walking in stations as you could add your little boutiques, bars and things.

I believe this one thing would do more to get people into low/null sec than any of that "nerfing of missions" crap that is all the rage now.

Really there is no place to hang your hat and kick back in most of the emptiness that we would like to see populated.

Give it some thought, CCP Smile

Oh... and did I mention fix the bumping mechanic Wink

Posted - 2009.06.17 18:32:00 - [219]

Originally by: Descrambled
Edited by: Descrambled on 17/06/2009 15:57:00
I think my #1 wish is to see Level 4 missions nerfed so that they no longer get all these minerals and easy AFK isk. Will properly fix the risk vs reward in this game. Actually its okay to give them their easy ISK but stop giving them all these items that breakdown into all these different ores....

they will never ever do this. do you have any idea how many people would quit this game if L4's were nerfed?

Mazzarins Demise
Profit Development and Research Association
Posted - 2009.06.17 18:59:00 - [220]

I'd like to see more player involvement when it comes to manufacturing. Currently, it's a matter of logistics. One simply has to haul/ship the necessary materials to a station, open a few windows, and wait for how many hours for the job to complete. I'd like to see more interaction where I can alter the finished product or the manufacturing process itself.

For instance, CCP could institute manufacturing-only missions, as in they are only available when building something, and they could affect the job positively or negatively. For example, let's say I pick a mission to investigate a hidden asteroid where a new kind of ore is located. I'd fly there, pick it up, and experiment with it by "adding" it to a current manufacturing job. This could have several effects such as a 10% reduction in production time, 1-5% cut in mineral waste, or it could have negative effects as well such as a reduction in the amount of items produced. A sort of gamble if you will, so it doesn't feel necessary. To cut on spamming and exploitation, these kinds of missions could only be performed a handful of times, and the ore or whatever product you happen to find for the mission could not be placed on the market.

Also, I'd like CCP to consider a "mini-game" of sorts which allows players to take a hands-on approach during the manufacturing process. In every MMO, I've always enjoyed building things and selling them, but all of these games lacked a way for players to affect the process, aside from using different ingredients. Based on performance, the player could positively or adversely affect the process either by building slower or more efficiently. As for mini-game ideas and inspiration, CCP only needs to look at other games which use them already. While not the same, Everquest added a mini-game to help pass the time while meditation for mana, but Puzzle Pirates uses a mini-game for just about everything from manufacturing to controlling/navigating a ship, to even pirating as well.

I hope I'm not alone in my sentiments.

Also, fix the forum bug where you take some time to write a post, and the site refreshes the page instead of posting the damn thing and you have to start all over. Evil or Very Mad

Posted - 2009.06.17 20:02:00 - [221]

There is potential for so much in this game but it seems CCP are understaffed in the developer department. I see good changes coming each patch that could've come a lot sooner.

Allen Ramses
Zombicidal Mania
Posted - 2009.06.17 20:09:00 - [222]

Above all else, I'd like to see the lines of communication as open as they were a couple years ago. The CCP presence in these forums (both officially and unofficially) are down to a very small fraction of what they once were.

Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2009.06.17 20:18:00 - [223]

Remove jumpbridges. It would make blobbing harder logisticswise.

And remove the ability to cloak supercapitals to make them more killable :)

Ancy Denaries
Posted - 2009.06.19 05:34:00 - [224]

Originally by: Tzar'rim
Significantly lower rewards for running missions, 'forcing' people to do other stuff which is bound to be less solo oriented.
In spite of missionrunning being my primary source of income, I agree. Lvl 4s need a serious kick in the nuts. You can make mad ISK doing it for virtually no effort whatsoever.

Posted - 2009.06.19 06:32:00 - [225]

Edited by: Dramaan on 19/06/2009 06:35:06
Remove cyno jamers and jumb brige. Make jump brige on titans shoter range.(edit)

Change the way sov works.

Interdictor change back speed on ship as they was. increase spear bubles size. so they compite agents a hic.

Make more entry points to 0.0 from low sec.

Posted - 2009.06.20 12:16:00 - [226]

Edited by: Veryez on 20/06/2009 12:17:11
The number 1 thing I like to see is a re-balance of older weapons and systems. Eve has changed through the years, things that once worked are rather weak now. It is human nature to believe that something is 'done', that no more effort is needed. But this often isn't the case.

In the desire to 'increase the length of fights' in revelations passive tanking and hp's were boosted tremendously, as such active tanking has fallen far from favor. The massive nerfs to warp core stabs, which were needed at the time, seem unnecessary today with HICs. Weapons have swapped favored positions through the years. The nerfs to MWD's, the addition of tracking, explosive radius, and on and on, Eve isn't ever finished.

Thus my suggestion is to look at how eve is played today, verses what was envisioned at release, and rebalance (i.e. not just nerf) the weaker systems/modules/ships that people simply aren't using that much. Rather than just introducing new stuff, give people a chance to rediscover the old. Yes it's work and not very glamorous, but it would be at least as hard as introducing new material.

45thtiger 0109
Posted - 2009.06.20 20:10:00 - [227]

Edited by: 45thtiger 0109 on 20/06/2009 20:10:44
What i would like to see that CCP unurf torps instead of max of 17km on a typhoon give it more range just like 50 km max. I am not asking like as before when i have posted in the past that the range was like 110km or more depends on skills.

And make Faction Torps & t2 torps give them more hit points. This not apply to torps but all missile.

Undo the shield and armor nurf like it was back in revelation.

Undo energy vampire Nurf.

Undo all Nurf that was done in the past to make people happy again.

I hope people agree with that.

Posted - 2009.06.20 20:33:00 - [228]

I would love to see variable security status in solar systems!

For example if a system had no ship losses/pod kills etc then its sec would slowly drop by 0.1 every downtime - CONCORD would deem that the area is safe and devote less resources to patrolling the area.

And also vice versa - killing in low sec would slowly attract the attention of the authorities which in turn would slowly raise the sec status.

Imagine the hilarity in Jita if everyone behaved, resulting in the sec status dropping to 0.4 Laughing

Posted - 2009.06.20 20:42:00 - [229]

Originally by: Vagilicious

Imagine the hilarity in Jita if everyone behaved, resulting in the sec status dropping to 0.4 Laughing

you mean like the hilarity of constant node crash ?

Maria Kalista
Knights of Kador
Posted - 2009.06.21 14:10:00 - [230]

Don't think it has been mentioned here yet (apologies if it did) but I know this is big or high on a lot of peoples wish list:

either a hard change to the clone jumping time delay before you can jump again (20 hours instead of 24 would be great), or a skill book that lowers the time so at level 5 it only takes +/-20 hours before you can jump again.

This would really be neat. Cool

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