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Eran Mintor
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2009.05.28 04:41:00 - [31]

You missed the point. Piracy is a way of life, as I stated earlier. You should ask yourself why this is before labeling all Matari as criminals and "lunatics".

Poverty breeds crime. With the large influx of Matari immigrants into Minmatar sovereign space over the last year there are fewer jobs and opportunities available. Food is short and homes are more like shantytowns. Nobody likes to live like this; people need to eat. The basic instinct of human-kind is survival and people will naturally look out for themselves when their government or families do not. This actually isn't new, but a problem that's been growing slowly since the Rebellion until the emancipation and power grab by Shakor; events that brought in millions more while our social systems were unprepared.

The problem in the "Republic" is not with the people and their ideals or personalities or whether they are "good" or "evil". Matari tend to be very intelligent just lack the medium to grow; they've seen much of the world and experienced the extremes of poverty and fortune. The family clan system puts much emphasis on respect for elders and the well-being of the whole clan. It is very socialistic. What you can give to your family is spread out so that everyone can eat and survive. Those who are in need are taken care of by their family.

Which brings me to the problems:
*Many families are small and new thus lack the resources and capital to live this way sufficiently. Support from the government is minimal.
*Shakor is a simple war-lord and so far, has done little to nothing to help these families. A growing number of teenagers and young-adults are instead sent into naval academies to later serve aboard spacecraft and die in combat.
*Social programs are lacking and do not address all the problems new Republic citizens face, as was made evident by the recent "Ice Cream Parody". Lately I've been looking for ways to do my own part with my limited funds while still ensuring my moderately-sized family is provided for but there is a limit to what I can do on my own. There are few Matari capsuleers and entrepreneurs who use resources like this. Most of the capital is spent on war-funds to pay for ships and ammunition for this war to free our kin, who sadly come home seeing their country in disarray; unwelcoming and insufficient for a lifestyle of success.
*While education could be considered a social issue, it should be mentioned separately for emphasis. Without proper education for now immigrants, they will only have the job skills taught to them by Amarr slavers. These skills are limited mostly to manual labor and religious studies. Economic, social, history, and other subjects are completely ignored. Poor education in itself is a big part of why we have gone down this path of war.

Following the human instinct of survival, many Matari are actually forced into a life of crime lest they allow themselves and their family to starve. This is a sad reality and cannot be corrected by "enlightenment" or a change of personality. It can however, be changed by refocusing national priorities into social welfare programs to ensure the citizens are taken care of. I am tired of seeing this war progress when we have nothing to give to former slaves on the home-front but ideals and promises of freedom. These slaves are being freed to die in a war that only frees more to die in much the same way. It is a cycle that does nothing but bring us closer to extinction, and it continues to amuse me how so many can blindly support it without much thought or insight.

I support the defense of our home-lands against "The Reclaiming" but, until we can show that we can take care of the already existent population at home, continuing on our path of aggressive liberation is only a disservice to the lives freed.

Also, until our poverty and infrastructure issues are solved, a large population of pirates will live and operate in Minmatar space.

Kelban Kevar
Evocations of Shadow
Eternal Evocations
Posted - 2009.05.28 05:01:00 - [32]

Edited by: Kelban Kevar on 28/05/2009 05:10:00
ya see you cant even take care of what you all have know and want the others what they can die of dieases and lack of food..or get shot by breaking the law and trying to steal what you need from others.

or you can ask for aid from the some ppl you pirate on and btw hows that working out for ya's what still starveing still sic.

perhaps if you all spent more time growing food and building ya civ up and less time pirateing you guys can get some stuff done over there and stop trying to steal from other faimly cause there a diffrent race .

but really none of you want that since that would make you a equal like the rest of im starting to think you all like being called animals and put down as such.

and ya as far as food banks and stuff like that well evry time the other races tried to send food meds and other stuff your pirates hit the convoys kill every one and take it for them selve in stead of the poor helpless ppl planetside

your race is doomed to die out unless you all start to change things on your side before changing things outside your control.

and the sad thing is.that is if nothing is done it wont be to long before the other races decide to work togather to purge your race for you....since it is viewed by most ppl as nothing but criminal and by your own omission you all dont have the structure atm to do anything about it at all....and id hate to see somthing like that happen......but your ppl are leaving every one eles with very few choice's
either watch you die out or help you along with genocide.myself i hope you all can get your thing in order and join the rest of the more civilized ppl at the table the is space.

Posted - 2009.05.28 09:28:00 - [33]

Sarkos! Evil or Very Mad

Sophie Starsparrow
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2009.05.28 10:14:00 - [34]

*Sophie smiles*

Kelban, this race of people on the brink of extinction you describe may be the only thing standing between your race and the Caldari soon. Perhaps you should look to your own people's survival.

Bad Harlequin
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2009.05.28 11:22:00 - [35]

Grae, be a good chap and add some remedial writing classes to whatever training those Knights over there receive? I think i get the gist of what he's saying - Minmatar evil, natural criminals, you're all pirate scum, etc. - but as my eyes are bleeding from trying to decipher his transmission, I just looked up everything that was endlessly repeated 5 years ago instead.

Rodj Blake
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2009.05.28 12:46:00 - [36]

Sarkos? And Bad Harlequin too?

It's just like 105 all over again!

Becq Starforged
Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2009.05.28 18:35:00 - [37]

May your blade strike true against those who bring suffering to our people.

Neh'bu Kau Beh'Hude
Posted - 2009.05.29 09:05:00 - [38]

It is good to see an old warrior back in the fight.

Do remember that some pirates stage from Minmatar space to hit amarrians. Do these still qualify as targets to you?

Posted - 2009.05.29 12:52:00 - [39]

Originally by: Rodj Blake
Sarkos? And Bad Harlequin too?

It's just like 105 all over again!

do you really think we all went away and never came came back? Dear oh dear Rodj, you're slipping.

btw, o7 Sarkos, fly safe old friend.

Karn Mithralia
Neh'bu Kau Beh'Hude
Posted - 2009.05.29 14:40:00 - [40]

Piracy has it's place, it teaches those who would be lead like sheep to stand on their own two feet, those would be prey to become the hunter.

Pirates embody freedom, they answer to no man.

Pirates do not stand together as an empire which seeks to enslave entire races.

And many fight against the very same foes you know so well yourself.

The only fight worth fighting is against the slaver and their allies. You taught me that .. you and the other elders whose burning light brought me to the Ushra'Khan.

Stand tall, stand free, don't squander your skills in a fight not worth fighting, there's an empire to topple.

For our people.

Kitsuneko Omura
Posted - 2009.05.29 16:50:00 - [41]

So am I to take it that Oracle is coming back or is this posturing ?

Mirkur Draug'Tyr
Posted - 2009.05.30 01:44:00 - [42]

Welcome back Sarkos.
It's good to see old faces return.

Originally by: Sophie Starsparrow
*Sophie smiles*

Kelban, this race of people on the brink of extinction you describe may be the only thing standing between your race and the Caldari soon. Perhaps you should look to your own people's survival.

Don't worry Sophie Kelban knows how to take care of his people.Just ask Severance !

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