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Guild' Beoulve
Posted - 2009.05.21 21:44:00 - [151]


I'm experiencing the fun and exciting SOCKET CLOSED issue since MONTHS (Since I'm playing this game).

I'm experiencing a voice channel problem : I can't speak with my mic ingame during a VERY LONG TIME after being Online.

And now I'm BLOCKED ingame when I JUMP IN A GATE, that is to say I'm ALWAYS BLOCKED, I CAN'T CONTINUE TO PLAY.

CCP Arrow Are you hearing me ? Are you hearing all the prayers that can NOT play Eve Online ?

Posted - 2009.05.21 22:08:00 - [152]

Socket error's, multiple crashes to desk top stuck at the gate with the stars skipping around, having to log out and log back in after every gate jump during ops....Evil or Very Mad

Kannix Bindoof
Posted - 2009.05.21 22:08:00 - [153]

FIX IT ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cpt Varox
Posted - 2009.05.21 22:15:00 - [154]

Edited by: cpt Varox on 21/05/2009 22:15:18
CCP fix the jumping problem , fleet operations are imposible and getting around even 2-5 sistems is a pain...the game is broken and thus unplayable. Please fix the bug

Nude Thought
White Nova Industries
AAA Citizens
Posted - 2009.05.21 22:21:00 - [155]

Fix the loading grid issue, we can't play like this.



Genocya Zolan
Cloak and Daggers
Huzzah Federation
Posted - 2009.05.22 00:29:00 - [156]

I to am getting the same bug on gate jump...

...and want to bump this thread to the top


SFX Bladerunner
Aperture Science inc.
Posted - 2009.05.22 00:36:00 - [157]

I myself and everybody in AGGRO in Immensea is experiencing the same issue with the viewscreen freezup randomly after random gatejumps.

I have yet been unable to determine the source of the issue.

Sometimes I manage to go 12 jumps without it and other times I have it 3x in a row.

Posted - 2009.05.22 00:52:00 - [158]

With this bug, as well as the socket error bug, Eve is like playing Russian Roulette.

Azran Zala
Fleet of the Damned
Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2009.05.22 01:16:00 - [159]

experiancing same issue for 2 days now.

whether on my alt in highsec or my main in 0.0

strangly enough it seems to happen around the same gates/systems
I can jump out and back into the same system after logging same issue...
try one next door, doesnt happen.

Cant catch anyone with this going on, didnt bother logging on at all for fleet ops.
watched you-tube vids all night instead.
eve is boken, call me when its fixed. Embarassed

Hell's Revenge
Posted - 2009.05.22 02:40:00 - [160]

I've been experiencing the issue myself. I notice that I got eve voice active though. if that helps someone. Besides that, I jump and the background jumps between 2 images... its very annoying. Its been 2 times already today

Posted - 2009.05.22 02:54:00 - [161]

Edited by: SWJesus on 22/05/2009 02:56:00
YEA big thncs CCP for
making the game unplayable...

Its ****ing imposssible to FC larger Fleets.

50-70% of a Fleet get the screen Freez and jitter Problehm after each ****ing jump...

The game is UNPLAYABLE wdfh is wrong with ccp,
this kinda bugs should be fixed with in hours.. not within days


cant ccp test theyr **** before releasing ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

its not that fckn hard, logon with 5 clients make a fleet and jump thru a ****ing gate...

do i get my cash back for this week ????- playing is not possible on normal terms ! i dont see the point in paying for something i cant play, or is ****ing up each few minutes...

All CCP does is BIG FAIL in the last weeks/month..
-> first the fckd up Patch deliver system..
-> then the instawarp/cloak Issue
-> now the ppl cant jump thru stargates issue...

i wonder how exactly ccp does testing.... do they throw it on a server logon 1 client and go.. works,testes, nice lets release this pile of crap,
if as ussual we forgott bugs, lets save our "hard"working programmers tiem and lets hope the users will come up with the bugs in petitions...

Evil or Very Mad

sry for the flamming, but the kinda quality of service CCP is delivering is just below any given standart... or hmm wondering maybe on iseland this kinda stuff is normal......who knows

and its not a little.. this is big time ccp has to live with big time fckn annoyed ppl,
and that leads to ppl speaking theyr fckn mind...
and why do ppl have the right to be even more ****ed ??:

CCP does not even consider aressing this issue on the websitenews,
nooo why inform users that the hole fckn game system is not working properly
and that all kinda pvp thta involves more then 2 ships prol. gets messed up,
( just try not to tell anyone and noone wil lever notice Shocked )

lets rather have things like "FANFEST 2009: New Site and Tickets are available now!"
Evil or Very MadEvil or Very MadEvil or Very Mad

How about we all get FREE ****ING TICKETS FOR THAT MESSUP CCP IS DOING ?????

Not to talk about Reimburse ppls stuff which they Will loose and aldrady lost due to this nice new game feature

Scott Bowers
The Inevitable Corp
Black Legion.
Posted - 2009.05.22 04:16:00 - [162]

This is just ridiculous! Fix it please!!!!!!! Or at least role back to the old patch until this is fixed so we can actually play!!!! Seriously.

big fluf
Posted - 2009.05.22 04:19:00 - [163]

I just wanted to mention that I too am having this issue ...

for me I am trying to do 29 jumps back to my wormhole ... - I think I am on the verge of suicide ...this is a totally freaking unusable pile of ...

I also might agree with teh post above ... I know the marketing guys and tech guys don't like to talk ...

but can you see how it looks when all the efforts are going in to "fan fest crap", and at the same time your latest patch has total made eve unplayable?.

10:1 the issue is the "fix" to the instawarp issue.

The Knights Templar
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2009.05.22 04:50:00 - [164]

Edited by: Drazi1 on 22/05/2009 04:50:54
Was in a fleet upto 100 strong as soon as we jumped throught we promptly lost around 20-40 members. Come on CCp its not a figment of our imagination :-(

glas mir
Reaction Scientific
Posted - 2009.05.22 05:51:00 - [165]

there is definitely an issue dealing with stargates, jumping, and being dc'd

Dator Mortis
Posted - 2009.05.22 06:24:00 - [166]

through high sec and low sec every 3 or 4 jumps. in 0.0 it's every friggin jump. finally get ur fleet up and going only to fail miserably as 89% of ur gang lock up on jumping through. gr8........

how about roll back the patch?????.........

Posted - 2009.05.22 06:57:00 - [167]

this just happened to me 5 jumps in a row. fix it.

Sharon Tate
Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2009.05.22 07:29:00 - [168]

FW Fleet ops in low sec is nearly impossible. Every jump we did tonight we lost at least one or two to the screen lockup on jump, sometimes a bunch.

Fix this, ASAP. Fleet ops is nearly impossible now because no one will engage where they have to jump.

Cry Havoc.
Posted - 2009.05.22 07:30:00 - [169]

Dont normally post but this time i need to

CCP: Please role back the patch, or even 2 patchs until this bug can be sorted. All combat that involves moving from one system to another is comlpetely unplayable. Not being able to engage in combat takes away 85% of the game play of eve. As much as we appriciate the new content and normally enjoy balaces and fixes this patch makes the game unplayable in its traditional sense. I personally will be not renewing my accounts until this issue has been sorted as there virtually is not game to play.

Posted - 2009.05.22 07:30:00 - [170]

God, havign this Bug while chasing down a WT fleet ment we lost half our fleet, and thus we got slaughtered. GG

Posted - 2009.05.22 07:39:00 - [171]

Same problem but worse it seems tried several times to relog on to same char yet can't get past character selection. Sad

Daenerys Targarien
Posted - 2009.05.22 07:47:00 - [172]

Edited by: Daenerys Targarien on 22/05/2009 08:22:38
Edited by: Daenerys Targarien on 22/05/2009 07:55:39
I experienced the same problem 4 or 5 times in the last two days.

After a jump only the background is loaded, and nothing else, forcing me to close the client and restart it.

Originally by: Cordova85
Same problem but worse it seems tried several times to relog on to same char yet can't get past character selection. Sad

I am experiencing this: after the last freeze, I had to close the client again.
When restarting the client, after the character selection screen there's nothing.
The bar "Entering the game as..." is filled completely, but the screen remains black.

EDIT: I decided to retry logging in, but I got the "Character selection failed" message.
"Your character is located within Sivala, which is currently loading. Please try again in a moment."

EDIT 2: After trying again I've been able to relog.

Rionnag Alba
Posted - 2009.05.22 08:45:00 - [173]

Originally by: Hitmann2003
Any Reaction or Comment from CCP ??? Or make this Peopels nothing against this ?
CCP response thread

Posted - 2009.05.22 18:32:00 - [174]

15 times i locked up .... nice one ccp i just got 3 mths ....hope its not 3 mths of lock ups Mad

Hell's Revenge
Posted - 2009.05.22 19:22:00 - [175]

Ok, this is getting really ridiculus.. way to much. each time I jump, im stuckShocked WTF. COME ON. I dont usually say this but :


as far as I know, Im paying to play this game not to relog each time I jump.Twisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted Evil

p.s: can you notice im ****ed

Xeron Rich
Posted - 2009.05.22 19:29:00 - [176]

Edited by: Xeron Rich on 22/05/2009 19:31:49
Responding with a mass email to update drivers isn't a solution for people that already have up to date drivers.

Captain N8Hellyea
Crimson Empire.
Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2009.05.22 21:00:00 - [177]

To bad its not just a misprint in a ship desription, they'd fix that imediatly, but not being able to play the game, thats not really on the top of "big issues" eh?

Posted - 2009.05.22 21:16:00 - [178]


•Jumping through a gate will no longer cause the client to lock up."

We'll see.

Caildir CorWe
The Ascendant Order
Posted - 2009.05.22 21:59:00 - [179]

Well instead of the basic "it happened to me too." nonsence. I though I might add a bit to the whole aspect of some of the instances it is happened. I had logged out in space as my client decided to drop out, and give me the black screen of death. Everytime that I tried to log back in as soon as it would say Loading Into Space, the client would just either stop all together, or just kick me out with the error report waiting or me to send it on it's way, I have yet to send a bug report (judging by the number of pages and small posts I am going to assume that others have) Though the next time that I try to log in, I should set up a petition (as there might be other digleberies out there like myself who just assume someone else is going to do it). I installed Eve on my friends computer, and was able to log in, I undocked and it did not kick me out. so I figured it just might be my comp, WRONG (Imagine Kevin Spacey as Lex).

After about 5 Jumps I got the nice view of the stars, instead of cursing, ranting, raving, that ole thing. I decided it was a nice shot and took a few screenies. :) so as I now know that it is not just my computer (as I have not tried my laptop) I will eventually send CCP a bug report, and just hope this gets fixed soon.

Malnessia VelDaske
Posted - 2009.05.22 22:01:00 - [180]

This "jump bug" is a MAJOR issue. Ops are being called off, fleets can't move properly... this is a game destroying problem.

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