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Mace Gando
Posted - 2009.08.29 20:40:00 - [271]


Berdoff Manard
Posted - 2009.08.29 22:29:00 - [272]


Herpes Sweatrash
Posted - 2009.08.30 15:21:00 - [273]

totally agree with change as op suggest

Posted - 2009.09.21 23:46:00 - [274]

I support this cause / post.

Intergalactic Hunters of ManBearPig
Daisho Syndicate
Posted - 2009.09.22 01:09:00 - [275]


Xelius Dax
Ministry of War

Posted - 2009.09.23 04:19:00 - [276]

I support the suggested fix.

Slave 775
Ministry of Punishment
Privateer Alliance
Posted - 2009.10.13 13:25:00 - [277]

Edited by: Slave 775 on 13/10/2009 13:25:19
bump and support

Brutal Deliverance
Gypsy Band
Posted - 2009.10.13 14:36:00 - [278]

Why hasn't this been fixed?

Dirt Nap Squad
Posted - 2009.10.13 16:27:00 - [279]


Crotch Goblin
Posted - 2009.10.13 18:10:00 - [280]

You do realize if your RR bs gang needs to get out on a gate and you're bubbled/tackled you can't RR each other and jump with your proposed change. Yes nuetral RR in high sec is annoying. But your idea hinders RR gangs a lot. Not supported.

Cpt Jagermeister
United Systems Navy
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2009.10.14 00:07:00 - [281]

Gotta support this.

Posted - 2009.10.14 01:20:00 - [282]

Make neutral repping get you concorded.

Proposed plan in op would ruin pvp, excepts for empire t its.

Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk Amarr branch.
Posted - 2009.10.15 21:49:00 - [283]

Good idea.

Lothario Pendragon
Input Name Here
Posted - 2009.10.28 18:00:00 - [284]

Supported! By myself and any and all i've ever flown with. Neutral Reppers are a pain in the ass, Cant have a fair fight when these guys appear.

Thumbs up! Very Happy

ZigZag Joe
Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Posted - 2009.10.29 06:45:00 - [285]

supported (even if the OP is a privateer, who also use neut reppers)

The PitBoss
Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2009.10.30 20:15:00 - [286]

Edited by: The PitBoss on 30/10/2009 20:18:44

Originally by: ZigZag Joe
supported (even if the OP is a privateer, who also use neut reppers)

I've never used a neutral RR ... and support accepted even though your alliance sux Wink

Internal Anarchy
Posted - 2009.11.02 08:31:00 - [287]

Pit- I've read the thread- hell, I think I've posted more in it than you have. I'm not even saying that your ideas are wrong- I'm saying that I'd like clarification on them. Please stop avoiding legitimate questions:

1) I don't believe it was ever specified by you whether this will be a change to NEUTRAL remote rep, or ALL remote rep- in other words, if I RR a corp mate, alliance mate, blue? Do I get this same countdown? If so, you may want to change the title and FP as they're slightly misleading.

2) How can you justify a labeling a defensive action as an aggressive one? This would be the equivalent of saying that local reps should give an aggro timer as well. As far as involving yourself in the fight, sure- but if I'm fighting you, and a friend of mine RRs me as I do so, once I deagress, why should it take longer for him to dock up than me? A change that I could respect would be that as long as your RRing someone who's shooting/aggressing, you'd get the countdown- but when they stop, you get the same 1 minute countdown that they do starting then.

Either answer those, or link me to the post here where you have.

^Reposted for Pitboss, in case you missed it :3

Taggart Transdimensional
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2009.11.02 09:18:00 - [288]

There really should be some kind of consequences involved with repping another ship.


Inara Subaka
Veto Corp
Posted - 2009.11.02 09:34:00 - [289]

:effort: means I haven't read the entire thread, but I just want to point out something that may or may not have been addressed. Lowsec Piracy, some roam with logistics in fleet and no local reps on the ships (and often every BS has a RR), you're going to make it so they would be forced to stay away from a gate after repping so they could get rid of their 1min aggro timer before jumping through.

This means that moving around with a RR fleet, or one supported by logistics is slower than a snail on the salt-flats due to the constant need for ships to "deagress" their repping (which is saving their fleetmate from dieing to sentry fire) to jump through.

Not supported, quit doing empire wars if you don't like the mechanics. Also this.

The PitBoss
Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2009.11.02 17:39:00 - [290]

Originally by: Inara Subaka
Not supported, quit doing empire wars if you don't like the mechanics.

If thats you're only fix ... then why should Empire war dec'ers have to quit the way they play their game ... why don't you quit roaming in low sec with RR fleets?

Originally by: Inara Subaka
Also this.

Cute ... what are you 12 ?

Posted - 2009.11.02 20:33:00 - [291]

RR 100% effect on corpmembers,
RR 80% effect on alliance members,
RR 0% effect on none alliance members.

Be part of the alliance and preferably part of the corp.

Everyone not allied to you is a no go.

on a sidenote, remove standings aswell when you're at it. The balony blueball stuff aint funny eihter.

The Black Rabbits
The Gurlstas Associates
Posted - 2009.11.06 20:46:00 - [292]


There should be more consequences for interfering in a fight.

Posted - 2009.11.07 20:00:00 - [293]


Shai 'Hulud
Guiding Hand Social Club
Posted - 2009.11.08 00:04:00 - [294]

In response to those that have given a variation of "Quit empire wars if you don't like their mechanics" as a reply...

Avoiding a problem does not count as a solution ugh

Posted - 2009.11.08 01:00:00 - [295]

Izo Alabaster
Posted - 2009.11.08 10:03:00 - [296]

Originally by: The PitBoss
Edited by: The PitBoss on 28/05/2009 17:29:25
NORMAL aggression timer when concerning DOCKING & Gate JUMPING ... which is 14 mins ... which 1 minute of that you can't dock -or- jump.

Supported, but I'd like my logistics alt to not have to wait outside a gate before re-entering into my mission system after remote repping me in a neighboring system during a mission. However, I think the moderate inconvenience that your proposal would cause in my scenario is far better than the current game mechanics.

Posted - 2009.11.08 10:32:00 - [297]

Psykotic Meat
Posted - 2009.11.09 04:07:00 - [298]


William Idoru
Crimson Empire.
Posted - 2009.11.09 04:52:00 - [299]


The Slagh
Posted - 2009.11.09 06:00:00 - [300]


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