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Empress Aurora
Posted - 2009.05.20 16:02:00 - [331]

Gate jump stutter bug back for the fail.

Interstellar eXodus
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2009.05.20 16:57:00 - [332]

Originally by: Empress Aurora
Gate jump stutter bug back for the fail.

So is CCP even gonna bother with fixing this?? I havent played since I got that stupid bug 5 times in 30 mins.. I had 2 stop being FC for a roaming gang, due 2 this ****.

Posted - 2009.05.20 16:57:00 - [333]


this is the first time I complain about something in EVE. I'm a software developer myself and so I know it's really difficult to come to a software level without any bugs and glitches. But such a BIG ... HUGE ... mistake like the gate-bug missed ... that is a very bad reputation to your quality department. Especially BEFORE the patch I had no problems with the gate-bug (even when player in my channel told me there is something) but now after the patch ... every 3 gates ... I'm stuck and had to relog ... so dont tell us there is no problem or bug ... FIX IT ... a problem doesnt just disappear if i shut my eyes from it

Posted - 2009.05.20 17:11:00 - [334]

ok.. I could play on this account last night, but today when I log in I have no items in my cargo or hangers when I undocked I cant jump anywhere. clicking on anything in the overview causes the game to stutter and I STILL cant actually select anything from the overview.. like this toon lost all ability to access the db.

Subrahmaya Chandrasekhar
J0urneys End
Posted - 2009.05.20 18:20:00 - [335]

Edited by: Subrahmaya Chandrasekhar on 21/05/2009 18:09:25
Edited by: Subrahmaya Chandrasekhar on 21/05/2009 17:26:37
Edited by: Subrahmaya Chandrasekhar on 21/05/2009 01:51:22
Originally by: Subrahmaya Chandrasekhar
If you remember there were 2 patches Tuesday morning...if you patched early enough to experience the incompatible protocol (first patch). So what I did was restore my main Eve machine to early Tuesday, prior to either patch, and then went through the patch install did just one patch this time.
After one hour of play I have not experienced the problem (stuck in space, reboot client).

Update: 4 hours of missioning and no issues like yesterday, when I was getting the lock-ups during this level 4 mission.
I haven't actually checked the gate-jump part yet, but I feel it's very likely there will be no further issues there either.

Also: An ISD in the help channel checked on it for me about 18 hours ago and said that CCP is working on the problem.

Last Update (unless there is a problem): Made about 20 jumps, some on autopilot, some not. Have had 0 problems related to this bug since restoring my machine and re-patching.

Arrow UPDATE: THURSDAY 1:20pm Eastern time. Did a 15-jump autopilot test, and after about 10 jumps, the jumpgate lockup or whatever we're calling it BUG happened. A little bit later, it happened again.

Posted - 2009.05.20 18:21:00 - [336]


instead of adding more and more stuff, how it would be to fix the old, known, issues and bugs? would be fine, cause i even dont see my 180mm dual autocannons shoot, and its a known issue before the new patch.

no visual effects, no audio effects, and a top hardwareconfiguration. thats not funny.

thank you

Posted - 2009.05.20 18:54:00 - [337]

I can't even patch the game, which is really depressing. It just goes 'Hey, new patch', closes, tries to open the installer, which it does, followed by the installer doing -nothing-. I've tried leaving it running for several hours and nothing. :/

Posted - 2009.05.20 19:32:00 - [338]

ive still got this bug clearing cache and reinstalling doesn't do anything it also affects both manual and auto pilot jumps

Kar Stoertebecker
Posted - 2009.05.21 02:18:00 - [339]

gate jump bug
i have now my pass on a hotkey becouse i have to relog more then play the game
at least in the drone region i have it more often then on my char in empire

Posted - 2009.05.21 05:43:00 - [340]

Can still instawarp my orca LaughingLaughing

Shocked Hooray for short trips, with no align time Shocked

Richard Third
Wrath of Fenris
Posted - 2009.05.21 06:46:00 - [341]

why did ccp nerf ceptor agility? I think the devs hate eve.

Posted - 2009.05.21 10:00:00 - [342]

You just had a whole fleet log off and quit because of ya jump bug.

Took 30 mins to get back to lowsec with around 25 drops from 10 man fleet.

Auto replies from GM. Asking for bug report too? Pretty obvious? Wanna play the game not report every 3 jumps.

Been a month+ of unplayable parts.
Think a month free across the board to your paying customers is necessary ccp. You're loosing peeps faith.

Like the new additions. But.....
Please fix - leave new stuff till it works.
(Especially the scanner bugs from the 1st Apoc update? Thought I'd switch to 0.0 PVP from t3 wormholin' while that's fixed. But alas. Gonna have to mine in hi sec!)

We love you CCP. Fix the game we pay you for, and fix us up too.

Posted - 2009.05.21 11:16:00 - [343]

Hey CCP guys! Can we have an idea what went wrong? Does anybody have a clue? Cause you know, the game ain't running really fine now, so I just wanted to know if techies have already found the problem..

Posted - 2009.05.21 12:27:00 - [344]

What is really disappoint thing that's SILENCE from GM side :( Just realise this: 19.05 at DT the problem has been arised. Now it's 21.05 - so 2 DT passed. No comments from GM. The standard answer for petitions are "just clear a cache file". Someone who enter the main web site of EVE-ONLINE sees nothing! All work fine! Announces of great events and news about successful patch deployment..

And what is inside EVE? ALL gates are danderous for a jump. If you jump into low-sec nobody can say what will be after. Stack, freeze - you loose your lovely golem with 3bil faction fit. Someone downloaded full client, re-installed Windows, dance with a shaman buben around a PC with magic words to save their ships. And there are still NO COMMENTS! SERVER WORKS FINE as usual..

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.05.21 12:32:00 - [345]

If you are unhappy with your gaming experience with CCP over the past two weeks, perhaps this will be of interest...

Assembly Hall

Posted - 2009.05.21 12:33:00 - [346]

Good morning all,
last night i got really tired of the lock ups and jumpgate studder thing that was going on with my machine. I figured that it was the client. In the past when i was haping troubles i had to uninstall the client, kill all the associated files to EVE and reinstall from scratch,...ya know, i ran the client for the evening with out even as much as a hiccup, of course i had the normal lag from time to time, i even got brave and did some test jumping, it all went good. I was on line for about 2 1/2 hours after i reloaded.
Im not saying to reload your systems and all will be fine, I myself have a dedicated EVE machine, actually two machines just for eve and thats all thats on them.
But what i am saying is that there might be an associated file in th eold install that might be giving you the problems. So far its worked for me.
I just wanted to pass that tid-bit along to you all.
To recap:
completely un-install EVE along with all associated files for the game, ie settings, bookmarks ect. in otherwords the whole CCP file on your c:/ drive.
then download and install. if yo have CCleaner, run it and clean up the regestry too. I do that too when i reinstall, just incase theres something goofy in there.
youll have to remake your bookmarks and your settings but it wirked for me, this time.
Fly safe all and watch for the jittery star thing from CCP.

Posted - 2009.05.21 12:38:00 - [347]

Edited by: hrjushkin on 21/05/2009 12:39:42
Originally by: PJriddick

i ran the client for the evening with out even as much as a hiccup, of course i had the normal lag from time to time, i even got brave and did some test jumping, it all went good. I was on line for about 2 1/2 hours after i reloaded.

as the experience of our community shows - it's OK only till THE FIRST gate-jump-lag..

Re-installing the client will help only psychologically :) Unfortunately :(

Cassius Longinus
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2009.05.21 15:39:00 - [348]

Edited by: Cassius Longinus on 21/05/2009 15:39:50
While I understand that this will probably be overlooked due to more important issues ongoing right now, I wanted to mention that the performance increases I saw from 1.2 with low end hardware ( did not seem to survive to 1.2.2.

Of course, without extensive testing, it's hard to pin down exactly why that would occur, but did you roll-back shader changes, or other graphical changes? My station FPS (all graphics options turned off, not loading station environment) seems to have dropped back from 30fps, to about 1fps, which is where it was before the apoc 1.2 patch.


silvertree umholtz
Posted - 2009.05.21 15:46:00 - [349]

So umm when are you guys going to fix the gate bug.... kinda hard to deal with in the middle of a war...

Posted - 2009.05.21 16:49:00 - [350]

Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it, but we've been finding some really wierd behavior with bubbles after the patch. Stop bubbles still work. Pull bubbles seem broken.

Miyamura Miyako
Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai
Posted - 2009.05.21 19:23:00 - [351]

Just wanted to confirm gate bug, got stuck when jumping more times than i would want to today :(

Richard Third
Wrath of Fenris
Posted - 2009.05.22 01:44:00 - [352]

I'll give ccp the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the lockups just didn't occur on the test server. Still this is pretty broken and three days with lockups when jumping is getting uglier and uglier.

Posted - 2009.05.22 01:45:00 - [353]

Bit by the gate bug as well. However, it only happens when I use autopilot. The 3 times I tried it - twice the video driver crashed, and the last time it caused my system to reboot. Nasty bug.Shocked

Alice Ng
Posted - 2009.05.22 06:45:00 - [354]

Edited by: Alice Ng on 22/05/2009 06:46:36
Also had the stutter issue 3 times this morning. Getting annoying having to relog each time. On manual pilot and always seems to happen in Niarja/Madirmilire.

Hootie Hoo
Posted - 2009.05.22 11:08:00 - [355]

jump the gate,then the character is motionless ,after starts the client side, is only then normal .has the similar case frequently ,what's reason ?Crying or Very sad

bb love
Posted - 2009.05.22 11:22:00 - [356]

People are very confused, very angry, one day appear in many phenomena of convulsion

Xorth Adimus
Blackwater USA Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2009.05.22 14:46:00 - [357]

Edited by: Xorth Adimus on 22/05/2009 14:54:34
Edited by: Xorth Adimus on 22/05/2009 14:52:04
Gate stutter randomly every few jumps (and having to relog to fix) has made EVE unplayable, especially fleets, can we have a fix for this quickly.

A random half the fleet disconnecting 50% of the time when we jump is not amusing in 0.0.

Apparently this also happens with capital ship jumps.

I don't pay for a game to test a beta version.

Please test stuff on the test server in future. Rolling Eyes

Alice Ng
Posted - 2009.05.22 16:38:00 - [358]

Further to my experiences this morning I left my trading alt (different account) autopiloting and he got stuck in Naijra again. I came back this evening to find evefile.exe using about 3.5Gb of ram and making my computer page badly. Memory leak anyone ?

Posted - 2009.05.22 19:55:00 - [359]

Jump gate, a number of convulsions, was shot dead, it is difficult to avoid, I find it difficult to understand why the CCP can not solve the question raised
Hope that an early settlement of

Posted - 2009.05.26 12:47:00 - [360]

I did a lot of mining over this past weekend, and i got the jitters a couple times. Hope this patch fixes it, this weekend was the real pitts for that for sure.
GMs,..please comment on this if you all would,
Ive asked abou tthis a couple times in other threads and so far i have not seen any kind of a responce, not knowing if this is the right thread, and please, if there is another thread that someone knows about, please direct me to it that addresses this issue.
This is just as anoying as the jitters issue,....

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