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Nahjar Qu'in
Posted - 2009.05.18 05:18:00 - [1]

Edited by: Nahjar Qu''in on 18/05/2009 05:18:26
Summary: Nahjar Qu’in is a solid trading character with very good Amarr standings and good Caldari standings. He is jump freighter ready and can fly the Orca. He has decent skills for using Recons/ASFs/Interceptors/Interdictors (Amarr and Minmatar).

stats: Nahjar Qu'in

General Highlights:
188 known skills - 56 Skills at V
Security Status: +1
Positive Account balance
Current body/clone has +3 implants
Re-Spec is available
Research Agents = 5 - Molecular Engineering 84 RP/day; Mechanical Engineering 165RP/day; High Energy Physics 67RP/day; Amarr Starship Engineering 255 RP/day
No kill rights
6.13 standing with Amarr Empire (8.59 with Carthum Conglomerate)
Jump Drive Calibration IV
Jump Fuel Conservation IV

Trade Highlights
Broker Relations V
Accounting V
Daytrading IV
Procurement IV
Marketing IV
Wholesale IV (129 max open orders)

Starship Command Highlights
Can fly many Minmatar and Amarr ships
Assault Ships V
Interceptors IV
Interdictors IV
Covert Ops IV
Jump Freighters III
Transports IV
Industrial Command Ships II
Amarr Freighter IV (10 days from V)
Just need Cap Indy Ships skill to fly Rorq. Another 3 weeks of training to use compression

Starting bid - 6B
Increments – 500M
Buy out - 10B
Auction ends 25 May

Posted - 2009.05.18 05:25:00 - [2]

Quite a bit of skills that noone wants tbh :) But then among all that crap, theres still some pvp skills ;)
My offer is 7b buyout.

Nahjar Qu'in
Posted - 2009.05.18 05:54:00 - [3]

That's why I put "Trader/Hauler" first. ;)

Nahjar Qu'in
Posted - 2009.05.19 04:05:00 - [4]


still taking offers

Nahjar Qu'in
Posted - 2009.05.19 22:44:00 - [5]


Nahjar Qu'in
Posted - 2009.05.20 20:09:00 - [6]


Takakura Hirohito
Posted - 2009.05.21 01:27:00 - [7]

Mail sent.

DR Kizan
Posted - 2009.05.21 04:57:00 - [8]

In game offer accepted. Character transferred.


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