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Beyond Divinity Inc
Posted - 2009.05.18 04:12:00 - [1]

Internal Anarchy is a mercenary corp started recently by a group of experienced PvP pilots. We operate in all of empire, doing any kind of contract – war decs, POS work, intel, PvP training, and anything else that is needed. Payment for all merc contracts is divided up and given to the pilots who participated based on participation/ships killed.

To make something clear – our leadership has been doing merc work for years. This is not something we just began and are making up as we go along. We have knowledge of how contracts should be handled, and the ins and outs of empire PvP.

Many of our pilots have been flying together for almost a year, and have done everything from 0.0 to pirating. We are steadily adding new pilots to our core group of players. Avg SP is 25mil, and every pilot has in-depth experience with PvP. Not one of our pilots is anything but a PvPer, and when we are on that is the only thing we are doing.

In between doing merc work, we do low-sec roams and occasional/selective pirating. We will always have multiple war-decs active so our pilots have plenty of targets.

Most of our pilots are US-based, with several Euro TZ pilots. However all of our pilots are very active on differing schedules and so our only off-time is right before/after downtime.

After looking at some other “Experienced PvP corps” it is clear that just about everyone considers themselves very experienced and successful PvPers, so seeing killboards is clearly the best way for people to judge a corp. We take pride in our KB and continue to better ourselves and the efficiency of our PvP.


We are currently looking for PvPers able to fly several T2 ships and with the knowledge of how to use them. We are not looking to teach people the basics of PvP, we expect that you should be able to hold your own.

We do have capitals, and we do use them; Cap pilots are always welcome.


- 10mil SP minimum
- Extensive/successful PvP experience
- Headset and vent capable

Beyond Divinity Inc
Posted - 2009.06.01 06:07:00 - [2]


Beyond Divinity Inc
Posted - 2009.06.12 01:45:00 - [3]



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