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Smegnet Incorporated
En Garde
Posted - 2009.05.16 23:53:00 - [1]

Hello all I am looking for a new corporation located in 0.0.

Please get in contact with me if the following apply to your corp/alliance.

PvP is available but not mandatory ( I work a lot)
Mature members, humor is good though. Internet spaceships are Serious Business!... or not Very Happy
Space to rat for iskkies would be wonderful.
Exotic dancers are key to your alliances success.
English speaking would be nice so I can understand everyone.

I think that about covers it. Thank you

Posted - 2009.05.17 01:16:00 - [2]

RennTech, a 0.0 Corporation, is recruiting experienced Pilots.
Six months of pod pilot experience is required (6m SP).
We are a mature, well organized, proven Corporation with over 2.5 years experience in 0.0.
Most of our members are 30+ (The Co-CEO's are in their 40's).

Typical activities:

- Wormhole exploration, and exploitation.
- Defending our area of operations (PVP).
- Exploration (anomalies, gravimetric, ladar, and magnetometric sites).
- T2 Manufacturing.


- Access to Sovereign space in 0.0.
- Strong industrial wing can produce all ships and T2 at below market prices for members.
- Sophisticated transportation network for easy in and out of our 0.0.
- Access to Empire lab facilities.
- Excellent shift coverage. One CEO is evenings (US), the other is mornings (EU).
- VP's are split between the two shifts.
- 4 Outposts, 1 Mining, 1 Office, 2 Manufacturing.


- Limited API key.
- Interview with a Director.
- A mature attitude.
- Must be a team player willing to contribute to the good of the Corp.
- Ventrillo, Teamspeak, and fluent English are required.
- The ability to pick yourself up and dust off after loosing your ship without loosing your cool.
- A strong desire to risk operating in 0.0 and reap the benefits.
- "Smak talkers" and "l33t pwn3rs" need not apply.

Information on RennTech

Information on Sylph

Send an EVEmail or convo to Neo Corricon or Darknees to arrange an interview or for any questions.

Open Channel: RENNT

Mifter Hogdido
IT Alliance
Posted - 2009.05.18 03:10:00 - [3]

The 0ri

Contact me or Richieboy for details. Cool

Vospri Yon
Fusion Enterprises Ltd
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.05.18 13:32:00 - [4]


Sorry to spam the standard recruitment message, basically Fusion is currently recruiting as we are looking to take our membership level up to 150 real people.

We are looking for team players who want to help build something, as an old established corp we offer you the full end game experiance along with the ability to contriubte to a great corp

You seem the kind of person who we will become a good member to any corp, give me a convo or drop into PublicFusen and grab somebody to talk to!

What we offer

ArrowActive lean corp with around 30 EU/UK, 30 US, 5 AUZ 'real' people playing for the corp.
ArrowDiscounted cap scheme, Free Ships Schemes, Free Caps/Ship Replacement
ArrowRL comes first, LOA scheme if you need to take a few months off.
ArrowAccess to 0.0 (Branch/Fade).
ArrowEstablished 0.0 corp; 3 years old with "normally" mature leadership.
ArrowPVP via small gang at corp/alliance or Fleet NC ops for the blobage.
ArrowSnr members have access to T2 and willl give out mods if your active.
ArrowSupercaps, yes we have titans, motherships and such; open to building them for long term members at cost.

What we want

ArrowPew Pew we want people who want to blow stuff up
ArrowAt least 10 mil SP, were an end game corp.
ArrowEnglish Speaking, not fluent but its the language of comms. TS required.
ArrowAttend corp ops each month and be part of the team.
ArrowWilling to train for Caps or Cap ready.

Interested? well drop me an eve mail, go to PublicFusen or go post up on our forums

Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2009.05.18 15:13:00 - [5]

hello Simokon!
we r working also, but still in love with eve :-)

here check our threat pls, and join, uf u r interested in DOOMDREC channel ingame.

thx! :)


Porscha Blue
Posted - 2009.05.18 18:40:00 - [6]


Exotic Dancers abound!!!!!

Come take a look at the............

Sankkasen Mining Conglomerate (Recruitment Thread)

(Website is on link above)

Thanks for looking & Fly Safe!!!

Silwar Naiilo
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2009.05.18 18:54:00 - [7]


Crimson Logistical takes it a step further from 0.0- we are a wormhole-based corporation. We do lots of mining, as well as exploration and probing, killing sleepers, occasional PVP, and certainly plenty of trading for the goods we harvest and manufacture.

Message me in game or check out our recruitment thread or website for more info.

Silwar Naiilo
CEO, Crimson Logistical

Funky Feeling
Interstellar eXodus
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2009.05.18 20:47:00 - [8]

Ventis Secundis is re-opening its doors to quality people.

Quality does not equate to skill points, it equates to people that play the game as a social pastime for fun and for some competition.

We are a 2 year + old corporation that has seen its share of 0.0 power struggles. We are presently sitting just north of 50 members and 90% of those members are 30+ million skillpoints. We are willing to train newer eve pilots and welcome those of like minded maturity to come fly with us.

What we can offer:

  • 0.0 living - presently in Curse but are actively involved in taking space with our alliance - Aggression

  • Quality nightly (Canada/US TZ) corp pvp. We roam, camp and otherwise look for kills

  • Corporation Ventrilo and Alliance TeamSpeak Servers

  • Mature pilots, Casual players and overall good guys

  • Instruction, advice, suggestions and help for any newer players. We don't belittle guys if they don't know something. We take advantage of our experience.

  • Opportunity to use Cap ships and a cap ship development program

  • Industrials also welcome, We presently have both Low Sec and 0.0 POS's for labs and ratting etc.

At the end of the day, we are simply interested in having fun while making other players lose their stuff.

We are also interested in any smaller corps, pvp or industrial that are looking for a parent corp to merge with. If you are tired of always doing the organizing and taking care of corp stuff, you are welcome to contact me. We will consider building a larger industrial backbone with the absorption of small industrial corps. This will give you opportunities for POS use, labs, ratting, missions and mining with the knowledge of pvp protection inside the corp. Small PVP corps looking for some solid fighting, please let me know, 5 years in game and I know how hard it can be for a small corp to get anywhere. We're willing to bring you inhouse and part of an alliance and let you have some place and some guys to have fun with.

Our list of blues is small. We operate on a Not Blue Shoot It policy. We aren't pro or anti pirate. Whatever floats your boat is fine with us.

Venti Killboard
Battleclinic Ranking

ArrowWe are not and will not be blue with goons.

Please contact Funky Feeling, Hendersa, Chronos Sage, Shortslvs or Bo Callach in game via convo or evemail if at all interested. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Parou Qong
Today Corp
Unity Thru Aggression.
Posted - 2009.05.18 22:14:00 - [9]

I think we'd fit what you're looking for well.

We have plenty of pvp (zero blues!!!) but it is not mandatory to pvp every moment you are online.
We live in pvh8-0 in syndicate, one jump from empire and 2 jumps from targets.

Our main timezone is between 01:00-07:00, there's usually pvp available during those hours.

We belong to the UTA alliance, which is basically people that log on, x for gang, frag.

Perhaps you'd like to chat on ts if you'd like to learn more.

Gladiators of Rage
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2009.05.18 22:22:00 - [10]

Gladiators of Rage is looking for new or older pilots.
PVP, industrial/miner pilot are welcome.

Proud Members of the Fighting Wildly Inppropriate Alliance [WI]
And the last of all the Founding Corps

We're running daily : PVP


* Mining in 0.0 (Rorqual ship in support)

Miners Corner:

* High end Ore available Crokite, Bistot and Mercoxit

We have for your pleasure :

* 0.0 PVP, Exploration, Mining

* Active PVP alliance with good FC

* Alliance Outpost

* 0.0 POS

* Sovereignty systems

* Team Speak dedicated server

* Alliance & Corp Killboard and Forums

* Friendly corp (+100 members currently)

* Ship replacement Programs

* Cheap ships & modules from our invention division

* Access to nice belts

* The best Alliance Logistics team in the game

Requirement :

* 10mil Skills points strict minimum

* Api key

* Stay 95% of your game time in 0.0

* Join regulary PVP op

* Must have working headphones and Mic Ventrilo is a must

* Must be a Team player if not don't waste our time

Benefit for Miner :
We will buy you ORE, Gang mining OP with our capital ships (Rorqual, Jump Freighter and Carrier) & very good logistics.

Benefit for PVP :
Ship under Jita prices, target close, PVP small & medium gang and with ally daily

Our pilots are based in US and EU timezones.
We are located in Branch & Geminate for 0.0
Don't hesitate to talk to us on our public in game eve channel: Gladiator's Coliseum
Contacts: Paraponera Clavata, Juuls, Herce & Cosmoboy


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