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Monks of War
Posted - 2009.05.17 06:26:00 - [31]

This fella have understood that Amarrians are next in nerf cycle and he cannot deal with it.
Dont see Nozh's fault in that. :D

Anna Kommenos
Posted - 2009.05.17 23:22:00 - [32]

Originally by: Jeremey

plated megas and naglfars instawarping;

i call bs. either that or what you need to do is tell whatever gormless cretin you know who puts 1600's on a naglfar to gtfbtwow tbqh

not supported btw. sacking someone cos something doesnt work as intended and is recognised as a problem is idiotic.
and aww, is your falcon alt now as vulnerable as my main in her huginn? diddums.

Terra Mikael
Horizon Dynamics
Posted - 2009.05.25 12:54:00 - [33]

Edited by: Terra Mikael on 25/05/2009 13:08:14

Originally by: Astria Tiphareth
Right... so pointing out the obvious logical fallacy in the OP's statement - that somehow his minuscle contribution to CCP's earnings gives him the right to tell them how to run their business - is being a fanboy?

Some people really do have an overinflated sense of their own importance to the game.

Your reading comprehension is sad, really.

Edit: and I found you an example of a CCP fanboy. Here, for your reading pleasure:

Originally by: Ji Sama
I just love EVE. And im honered to have such a good DEV team working for me, at such a small fee ie. 15 euros per month per account..
i will happily continue paying CCP the 100 euros per month for my accounts, and ill do this without whining all the time, crying and *****ing.......


Sad, isn't it?

Sane Industries Inc.
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2009.06.02 13:59:00 - [34]

I'm not in favour of lynchings, in any way or form. I do agree that balancing should be improved and there are significant archetypes of ships that do not work well in any field atm.

That said the OP sweeps into the same broad motion bugs which were introduced presumably as a result of hurried introduction of what could well be balancing related changes.

I do agree with a lot of the sentiments in this thread for CCP to start taking balancing more seriously, but the attitude taken as an entirety seems to be "more, faster, better".

In other words, I believe the increased activity inside balancing on the part of CCP leads to more bugs making it through. I do not believe this is the presumption most people in this thread works from but I believe it to be correct. I would advice anyone who finds the current situation to be unacceptable to consider what they want - more activity in balancing, or less bugs.

Mana Sanqua
Posted - 2009.06.02 14:13:00 - [35]

Originally by: Ral K'Daro
Nozh's repeated tactic of posting once in a thread, posting a quick reply on page 2, disappearing for a month, and then throwing his original changes in a patch and claiming customer interaction are why I support this.

The guy is just terrible with interaction.

As mentioned above, this is my number one gripe with balancing. If he had actually read the threads before patch 1.2 that described the cloak and MWD tricks or replied on occasion to his topics beyond the initial post then it would certainly be a bit more positive and we may believe that he is active in the forum. The balancing team may well be reading the threads, but the current page 2, post, tl, dr; approach is not what is needed in balancing and games development and creates the wrong impression. Simply a round up at the end of every 15 pages or so posted by the balancing team would be a good way to show that they are paying attention.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2009.06.02 15:55:00 - [36]

Supports the total nerf of all amarr ships

Posted - 2009.06.02 16:46:00 - [37]

Here is the CSM's Job O-----------------------------------------------------------------------------O here is this topic

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.06.02 17:41:00 - [38]

nano nerf worst nerf.

and yes amarr ships are absurd but dont nerf them make the others suck less

I Heart Chaos
Posted - 2009.06.02 18:36:00 - [39]

When I look through the threads all the people who give support are either dim or crying about that nano nerf, guess what I used nano ships and I think this change is for the best of the game. If you can't fly a assault ship without your nano fit THEN YOUR DOING IT WRONG!!!

Back to the whole Nozh thing. It takes a damn long time to balance things, when you change one thing this influences a whole set of other things, this means changes in the gameplay need to be looked at thoroughly and guess what this takes time because you can't randomly change things and hope it turns out for the best.

After this there is always the intermeshed web of code which needs changing and again this takes time and has its boundaries because of how eve was programmed.

These many factors influence that it takes some time.

Now unless you actually make structural remarks in the game development forum which are useful to CCP instead of crying fix this fix that you will be listened to, because nobody likes whiners. And before you forget nozh is just the spokesperson of the team which does the balancing so don't go blaming one guy.

Also be glad CCP has so much player-dev interaction there is not a game I have played before where the players had such and influence on their game's development.

Posted - 2009.06.03 03:30:00 - [40]

Edited by: Aethrwolf on 03/06/2009 04:23:29
Edited by: Aethrwolf on 03/06/2009 04:22:16
wtf.. just because you dont like what he's done, dont try to get him fired.. try to get his attention in other ways. Will post a suggestion to that effect.

Izo Alabaster
Posted - 2009.06.03 05:12:00 - [41]

Originally by: Jeremey

of devs testing nanoship via vagabond with T2 rigs and high-grade snakes;

I feel that the nano-nerf was a necessary change to keep missiles in the game and a viable weapons system in PVP. Also, I strongly support CCP's recent agility decrease patch, which now allows cruisers to actually violence each other once again.

of nerfing sole working force recon ship (falcon) because of his own incomplete nanonerf, instead of making other recons viable;

If you don't see that Falcons were so ridiculously overpowered that they were breaking the game, and completely imbalancing small gang PVP warfare, contact me in game for a demonstration. Seriously.

I've set up my own ECM tests to test the effectiveness of ECM vs. non-ECCM'd ships, and ships with all the way up to 5 ECCMs (Sensor strength of 140+). Falcons needed the nerf that they got more than I think any balance issue needed balancing since I started playing EVE.

of his lack of communication and general ignorance of player posts and suggestions;

Dude, the guy's busy. Give him a break.

I'm no(t) against balance changes - I'm ready to adapt to any change. But I think that any change must have cause:

Please give the devs a break. They have the scrutiny of their own bosses, plus 150,000 EVE players they have to consider. I think they do a really good job considering everything they try to do.

I don't say that CCP Nozh's nerfs are completely wrong. Just that they are totally incomplete and one-sided.

How so? They've all received some balancing, Caldari, Gallente, Amarr, Minma-err, wait.
Those who need it, get it. They've all had nerfs that I can think of, and most of them were well deserved.

I understand that each game change are approved by many people in CCP - but it is not player's job to determine who of them exactly made what mistake - so let it be one who proposed most of absurd changes.

Every one who agrees with this - please support.

Not supported. The guy's probably got one of the most difficult jobs in EVE. Most of the changes were needed (Missile balancing, Falcon/Rook and ECM change, agility decrease, NOS change, even the nerf to my precious webs) all were changes that were needed.

Please consider the possibility that making EVE a great game doesn't necessarily mean making the popular choice every single time. If it did, then carebears would have their way, missiles would be the most overpowered weapon system in the game, and we'd see threads requesting a namechange from EVE online to Space-WoW.

Posted - 2009.06.03 05:26:00 - [42]

Rolling Eyes

The guy that posts the Devbolg regarding changes is part of a development team, not necessarily the lynchpin. If the team ****s up, it should be onus on the CSM as player reps to protest the changes and suggest viable alternatives. Asking for resignations is stupid and will only lead to the delegates getting a free trip to Iceland with no appreciable impact on the game.

Do I like the 'rebalancing' from EA on? Not really for the most part, but there are constructive ways to express and suggest change.

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