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Posted - 2009.10.12 21:52:00 - [211]

Originally by: Jagga Spikes
hopefully, we'll see more ... skills with Incarna and planetary interaction.
Edited to fit my desires. Wink Any rough idea when those are slated for release?

Veto Corp
Posted - 2009.10.13 14:09:00 - [212]

Summer 2010 for planetary interaction, winter 2010 for Incarna, as it stands now.

Hell's Librarians
Darkmatter Initiative
Posted - 2009.10.13 19:29:00 - [213]

You're an inspiration to all eve pilots.

Currently trying to match your feat myself... though I've done a lot of work, still have a long way to go.

347 skills
82 5's
~64m SP

Spent the last few months cleaning up general skills so I could confidently remap all per/will so I could crunch out those other capital/weapon skills I am missing.

Watch out! Here I come

Posted - 2009.10.14 01:48:00 - [214]

Edited by: Kyreax on 14/10/2009 01:53:06
Very Happy

347 skills
70 mil skillpoints

heh, looks like we're in the same boat Lockefox.

Hrm, should I blow most of my isk to pass Tripoli (in like 2 years)? Oh hell, sure.

Posted - 2009.10.14 18:42:00 - [215]

Originally by: Kyreax
Hrm, should I blow most of my isk to pass Tripoli (in like 2 years)? Oh hell, sure.
Confused If I had known when the game started, I would have nabbed me one of those creation-only skills.

Private Langvann
Posted - 2009.10.16 15:44:00 - [216]

Now whats up with skillsheet and the dev-hax hm?

Posted - 2009.10.16 18:51:00 - [217]

Originally by: Private Langvann
Now whats up with skillsheet and the dev-hax hm?
That's just the way the folks of decided to label skills which were briefly available in-game, but were never intended for release.

Posted - 2009.10.16 21:00:00 - [218]

Hey Tripoli, grats on the skills. I remember reading that you remapped to split int/per, and I was thinking wouldn't it be more efficient for you to remap to max int/mem for a year and train all those skills to whatever level, then per/will do those for a year, and so on? I understand that int/per is a more rounded and flexible setup, but would think that since this is such a long term goal anyways you would be up for the long haul of 1 year plans for 1 type of skill at a time.

Posted - 2009.10.16 22:45:00 - [219]

I certainly considered doing that, but since my main goal has been attained, I figured I'd train some more useful skills which have plenty of Intelligence primary and Perception primary attributes. Without a specific long-term plan, I also tend to get bored with whatever I'm training after a few months and want to do something else. The choice I ended up going with gives me the most flexibility, while still providing fairly good training speeds for most skills.

Sergiiy Kortos
J5 Industries
Posted - 2009.10.16 23:53:00 - [220]

Train PVP trip :)

Posted - 2009.10.17 15:01:00 - [221]

Originally by: Sergiiy Kortos
Train PVP trip :)
I was into PvP a loooong time ago, but it just doesn't catch my interest these days. That said, while not particularly good, my PvP-related skills are nothing to complain about.

I have all racial Cruiser and Battleship level 5s.
I have all small/medium/large racial turret level 5.
I have very strong Engineering, Electronics, and Mechanic skills.
I can fly every Dreadnaught, Carrier, and Titan.

While there is obviously a whole lot more I could work on, I've got a good starting point.

Posted - 2009.10.18 03:59:00 - [222]

Edited by: Acumoxa on 18/10/2009 03:59:50
any idea on what/when new skills are rumored?

CyberShield Inc
Posted - 2009.10.18 04:59:00 - [223]

Just amazing gratz!!

Posted - 2009.10.18 05:03:00 - [224]

Well, I'm hopeful something will come out with Dominion, but so far the patch notes aren't mentioning anything.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2009.10.18 16:45:00 - [225]

Citadel Cruise Missiles will be coming, probably? Also a good chance for some new corp management skills because of the enw sov system.

Caiman Graystock
Cornelius Starship and Computer Design
Posted - 2009.10.18 23:12:00 - [226]

Citadel Cruise Missiles
Fighter Bombers

Those two at the very least.

Christos Hendez
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2009.10.20 00:15:00 - [227]

Fighter Bombers

Prereq will be Fiighters 5

get training!

Posted - 2009.10.21 11:49:00 - [228]

Although many people will say it's useless to crosstrain into knowing every available skill, it's where everybody would end up eventually.
Specialization has it's end as well. After one specializes into one career, he moves onto either specializing into a second career, or crosstraining all over for interesting tidbits. You basically started out with getting this versatility, instead of starting out with getting one strong point.
Since you already have all the basics, you can specialize now, which will be faster than starting from scratch. You can also switch your specialization more easily than anyone else in game now. Some careers will probably take you less than a month to max out now. Which is a nice thing to do untill Dominion is released with new skills to learn Razz

Posted - 2009.10.22 09:44:00 - [229]

Congratulations Tripoli.
Your time and patience is far more than mine. I always get side tracked with a new feature of the game and start to train that section up. Only then later coming back to the goal of collecting the skills.

Here is to more skills been released.

Posted - 2009.10.22 23:33:00 - [230]

Edited by: Viggen on 23/10/2009 11:04:29
I'm right there with you Trip "Current skills: 390 (skill points: 103,504,522)" Cool

Posted - 2009.10.24 00:28:00 - [231]

Originally by: Viggen
I'm right there with you Trip "Current skills: 390 (skill points: 103,504,522)" Cool

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