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Posted - 2009.05.10 17:14:00 - [1]

Edited by: Maodez on 10/05/2009 21:23:35
I've been reading numerous threads but... it's difficult to figure out where to go, who to approach.

I've 600k sp, live in Eastern Time Zone, Gallente stream, focusing on mining to make some money and build up skill points before shifting the focus to pvp (and last more than three seconds). I'd consider myself a mature player with previous and successful MMORPG experience in guilds but do also have a life away from the computer.

I'm not looking for hand outs in any way, but could use some pointers from a positive, supportive group that I can contribute to but wouldn't expect me on every night.

Preferably an established Corp...

Human Dust
Posted - 2009.05.10 17:18:00 - [2]

Edited by: Human Dust on 10/05/2009 17:18:44
Come join Hexen Industrial Enterprises! We are a brand new industrial corp looking to recruit people just like youVery Happy Eve mail/convo "Fiery Failure" in game for more details.

Evil Dead L.L.C.
Posted - 2009.05.10 17:58:00 - [3]

hello Maodez

you are welcom in Imperial House Ordos [-EXE-]

whe are a small amarian bassed multinational TZ bassed corp

we area jack of al trades but condem piracy
we can train you in pvp (so you will last more then three secondsWink )
and we will also suport you in minning.

and ofcourse we cant expect you to be online every night where humans as whell Razz

if your intrestet drop me kushkan or Executrix a eve mail or convo use
also feel free to join -EXE- (ower ingame chanal) and ask around for help and advise

Funky Feeling
Interstellar eXodus
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2009.05.11 13:14:00 - [4]

Ventis Secundis is re-opening its doors to quality people.

Quality does not equate to skill points, it equates to people that play the game as a social pastime for fun and for some competition.

We are a 2 year + old corporation that has seen its share of 0.0 power struggles. We are presently sitting just north of 45 members and 90% of those members are 30+ million skillpoints. We are willing to train newer eve pilots and welcome those of like minded maturity to come fly with us.

What we can offer:

  • 0.0 living - presently in Curse but are actively involved in taking space with our alliance - Aggression

  • Quality nightly (Canada/US TZ) corp pvp. We roam, camp and otherwise look for kills

  • Corporation Ventrilo and Alliance TeamSpeak Servers

  • Mature pilots, Casual players and overall good guys

  • Instruction, advice, suggestions and help for any newer players. We don't belittle guys if they don't know something. We take advantage of our experience.

  • Opportunity to use Cap ships and a cap ship development program

  • Industrials also welcome, We presently have both Low Sec and 0.0 POS's for labs and ratting etc.

At the end of the day, we are simply interested in having fun while making other players lose their stuff.

We are also interested in any smaller corps, pvp or industrial that are looking for a parent corp to merge with. If you are tired of always doing the organizing and taking care of corp stuff, you are welcome to contact me. We will consider building a larger industrial backbone with the absorption of small industrial corps. This will give you opportunities for POS use, labs, ratting, missions and mining with the knowledge of pvp protection inside the corp. Small PVP corps looking for some solid fighting, please let me know, 5 years in game and I know how hard it can be for a small corp to get anywhere. We're willing to bring you inhouse and part of an alliance and let you have some place and some guys to have fun with.

Our list of blues is small. We operate on a Not Blue Shoot It policy. We aren't pro or anti pirate. Whatever floats your boat is fine with us.

Venti Killboard
Battleclinic Ranking

ArrowWe are not and will not be blue with goons.

Please contact Funky Feeling, Hendersa, Chronos Sage or Bo Callach in game via convo or evemail if at all interested. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Ki Rathos
196 MPAD
Posted - 2009.05.11 14:31:00 - [5]

Urban Mining Corp could be the place for you man. We do a bit of everything but are very production oriented. We also maintain a security wing for pvp / pve and clearing plexes or running Wormholes. Always need new players willing to ask advice if they need it.
Convo Ki Rathos in game or join UMCPUBLIC if you have questions

Dr Karsun
Coffee Lovers Brewing Club
Posted - 2009.05.11 17:06:00 - [6]

Empire News

We are a rather small (recently went above 20 people), but active corp, now part of a mid-sized alliance. Primarily active in EU TZ. We are a really friendly bunch, with real life as a priority, not the game. We try to do the best we can to make eve a better place and we like all kinds of pilots.

Primary activities:
- PVE in high sec and low sec
- PVP (not obligatory)
- Mining ops / industry (also not forced)

Goals for the near future:
- Build a pos in a low sec system.
- Creating a ship replacement programe.
- Improving relations inside the corp even more.

Some of our features:

- Fully EU TZ player base (but we don't mind any other TZ players)
- Mining ops regularly (if we got time).
- Small-gang pvp in amarr low sec!
- Absolutely laid back! We don't mind you logging in once a week or if you got Real Life issues, they do matter more than EVE and we know it!
- Mature player base - for now 19-38 years of age. We got people in collage, we got people who are working and are married. You'll fit perfect, even if you are older ;)
- Good leadership! Our fleets are not a mindless blob flowing threw space.

Check full info by clicking my signature, contact me in game before you apply. We prefer to keep in-corp relations personal, applying to join it self won't get you into our ranks, you need to be interviewed first. :)

Hamish Rockslayer
Posted - 2009.05.11 17:32:00 - [7]

Please feel free to check out "Strictly Apolitical". We are currently based in Caldari space and have a mix of miners and industry guys. We run missions and have some pvp directed players as well. We are still a very small corp, but we are in the midst of joining an alliance with two other corps. We are actively recruiting and are a very laid back bunch. We have a mix of US and UK players. We have an office in Litiura. You can send me an evemail in game if interested or apply in one of our offices.


Hamish Rockslayer

Posted - 2009.05.12 01:41:00 - [8]

Hi Maodez

CCRC can help you find you feet in 0.0 for PVE and also in PvP. We have our feet established in good nil sec space and have frequent roaming gangs.

We have all skill levels in our group and we encourage players to try and be group focused rather than playing EvE for themselves.

If you feel this is what you are looking for then shoot our CEO 'skintsaint' a mail ingame and he will contact you if you require further info.

Fly Safe.

Deklyn Anarii
Ministry of War
Posted - 2009.05.12 15:20:00 - [9]

Who we are:

- Medium sized US/UK based corporation w/ 20+
corpmates active @ any given time.

- Heavy industrial/research/manufacturing corp.

- Heavy mission running w/ access to high quality lvl
4/5 agents.

- Wormhole runs/complexes/mining site running

- We have been in 0.0, plans in the works for
redeploying POS.

- Real Life comes first! We are a relaxed corp with
goals, but rely heavily on corpmate input.

- A can do attitude is much more appealing then 20 million skillpoints

- Ventrillo for comms is a must

Check out our website for more info or contact me in game via chat or email.

R.A.A.F. Inc website

Phoenix Interstellar Corp
Posted - 2009.05.19 20:51:00 - [10]

Hi Maodez,

Our corp are looking for mature players who love to mine every roid that may cross their laser.

We've a post about us (corp), our vision [] and you can find more information if you visit our website.

See you ingame.

Antaeus Combine
Posted - 2009.05.19 21:35:00 - [11]


Small sum up of who we are and what we are looking for could be better than a long long dscription :)

We are

ArrowA full Team Play corp we work for team expansion. And we dont have personal enrichement (tax at 100%)
ArrowAs a full team play corp, the corporation supply is member what they need to grow and help the corp being stronger
ArrowWe are a young organisation working to improve in all aspect of the game(mining Industry PVP)
ArrowBASED In 0.0

We Look For:

Arrowfull team play oriented player
ArrowMature guys, with sens of humour (it is just a game)
ArrowPeople who understand that IT IS JUST A GAME! So let's take some risk!

If you want more information contact me ingame or join our public chan : EVOLVA


Silwar Naiilo
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2009.05.19 22:01:00 - [12]

Crimson Logistical is a wormhole-based corporation, in need of exactly your skills. We do plenty of anti-sleeper ops including combat sites and clearing out hacking/archealogy sites, as well as exploration and probing, mining, PVP, and certainly plenty of trading for the goods we harvest and manufacture.

We're also part of an alliance of other corporations with a focus on wormhole exploration and colonization, the Blue Sun Trust. So, we get the benefits of a smaller corp (flexibility, a tight-knit group, quick reaction and mobility) with the benefits of a large alliance (larger ops, trade agreements, security, infrastructure). We also engage in hostile POS takedowns.

We're also in the EST timezone; and we help all of our new members out with skillbooks and ships, as well as experience, advice, and a good time. We understand the reality of life, and won't ever expect our members to be on 24/7.

Message me in game or check out our recruitment thread or website for more info.

Silwar Naiilo
CEO, Crimson Logistical

Drunken Wookies
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2009.05.20 02:40:00 - [13]


We (Covert Nexus) are a small corp looking to expand. You look like you would fit our Eve life style. We are a casual corp. We play the game for fun.

We offer:
Working together when we need to.
Comunication (We have Vent).
Think of Eve as a game and not a lifestyle. RL comes first.
We Mission and do some PVP. Do alittle of everything.
We are older players. No one under 25.

We have a chat room open "C-nex". We would like to get to know you and see if you would fit in. We are US time zone based.


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