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Er 'k
Posted - 2009.05.09 20:15:00 - [1]

Edited by: Er ''k on 09/05/2009 20:20:08
This is posted on a alt, I will respond with my main on the serious and good offers.

What do I have to offer ?

Arrow I have been active since 2006
Arrow positive sec rating
Arrow I have over 32m skill points mostly focused on gallente ships and pvp (the only cross training has been to shields (passive shield tanked myrm) and missiles and torpedoes (stealth bombers))
Arrow I have experience in leading a corp and small alliance (as a director) I am however not looking for such a role at the moment
Arrow Limited FC experience (mostly focused on low-sec engagements)
Arrow I am a seasoned pvper who has seen different kinds of combat, ranging from low-sec pirating and merc work to 0.0 roaming
ArrowI fly most gallente ships with the right skills to fly them more than decently as well (no cross training but focused on suport skills)
Arrow click here for a summary of my skills
Arrow I am a loyal member, in my eve carrier I only switched corps twice because in those cases the corp took a direction I couldn't find my own goals in.

What am I looking for ?

Arrow Decent sized corp that is mostly focused on PVP.
Arrow A corp that knows its tactics.
Arrow A corp that has people with experience.
Arrow BUT I don't want a corp full of people with a attitude who keep telling how good they are
Arrow Humor
Arrow Maturity: corp mates who know when to be serious.
Arrow No large scale engagements as found in 0.0 wars (I rather not be forced to play mind death)
Arrow I am looking for smaller scale pvp (roaming ops, hit and run, some gate camping when needed, etc).
Arrow A large Euro player base. I want to be able to log on and have people online to talk to and do ops with.
Arrow Also players from other parts of the world.

As you can I have a very specific list of what I am looking for but as I mentioned when I find my place I stick around for a while Smile

People who respond with just a link to their recruitment thread or copy paste it here are wasting their time. I want serious offers.

Fracked Inc
Posted - 2009.05.09 20:35:00 - [2]

contact space hobo in game for a chat

Malur Fy'Lap
Solar Nexus.
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2009.05.09 21:20:00 - [3]

Hey there!

Our corp is 0.0 PvP based (60 members) living up in the north with approximately 700+ members in alliance. We have a very successfull K/D ratio (90%) and we pride ourselves on our organization and experienced leadership. Also, we are primarily European and North American time zone pilots (half-half).

We offer daily roams and larger fleets on weekends, as well as capital fleets. We are not friendly with Goons or the ex-GBC. We currently have lots of fleets up 23/7 ... We also fly with other blue alliances in the neighbourhood so there is always someone to fleet-up with. We use alliance ventrillo and our own private corp channel.

If you're looking for a friendly group of guys, but with lots of EVE experience (including FCs), we may be just what you're looking for.

If you find yourself interested, please join our public channel: EU-SF Public.


Sacred Templars
Posted - 2009.05.10 02:01:00 - [4]

Heavy Influence.

We're currently based in Curse (NPC 0.0)

We have a lot of PVP, mostly 23/7 which means: log on and kill :)


Also I need to say that we don't meet all of your requirements... which are:

- No large scale engagements as found in 0.0 wars (I rather not be forced to play mind death)

we do have these but tbh I like em and they're fun :) (I didn't like em in the NC but I like em here (In the south))

Dr Karsun
Coffee Lovers Brewing Club
Posted - 2009.05.10 11:19:00 - [5]

Empire News

We are a rather small (recently went above 20 people), but active corp, now part of a mid-sized alliance. Primarily active in EU TZ. We are a really friendly bunch, with real life as a priority, not the game. We try to do the best we can to make eve a better place and we like all kinds of pilots.

Primary activities:
- PVE in high sec and low sec
- PVP (not obligatory)
- Mining ops / industry (also not forced)

Goals for the near future:
- Build a pos in a low sec system.
- Creating a ship replacement programe.
- Improving relations inside the corp even more.

Some of our features:

- Fully EU TZ player base (but we don't mind any other TZ players)
- Mining ops regularly (if we got time).
- Small-gang pvp in amarr low sec!
- Absolutely laid back! We don't mind you logging in once a week or if you got Real Life issues, they do matter more than EVE and we know it!
- Mature player base - for now 19-38 years of age. We got people in collage, we got people who are working and are married. You'll fit perfect, even if you are older ;)
- Good leadership! Our fleets are not a mindless blob flowing threw space.

Check full info by clicking my signature, contact me in game before you apply. We prefer to keep in-corp relations personal, applying to join it self won't get you into our ranks, you need to be interviewed first. :)

Pleasure Planets and Pie
Delinquent Habits
Posted - 2009.05.10 11:51:00 - [6]

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Hi Mate,
PPPi are a small Specialist PVP corp operation deep in 0.0

Alot of the points u made in your post fit in with what we do. Check our post at:

Join channel 'pppi' for a chat or convo me direct

The PitBoss
Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2009.05.10 16:50:00 - [7]

3+ Empire War Decs WEEKLY ... Plenty of Action ... Will contact you in-game.

Our Public Chat: PITBOSS' Office

Our Recruitment Thread: Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers [MBALM]

Our Alliance NOW Recruiting PVP Corps: Privateer Alliance [PRVTR]

Funky Feeling
Interstellar eXodus
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2009.05.11 13:21:00 - [8]

love to have you but my corp is mostly NA TZ... I would suggest you contact Mistmare.. I think he has already posted in the thread. Solid Corp.. great guy.

Jadice Dreamshifter
Dark Solar Empire
Posted - 2009.05.11 13:40:00 - [9]

I'd like to talk to you ingame if that is possible, when you have some time.

Knowledge Stick Station
The 0bsidian 0rder
Posted - 2009.05.11 13:48:00 - [10]

Are you interested in being part of a drug cartel in EVE? we are looking for all level of recruits. We are willing to help new players along, and teach them. We are a corporation built on loyalty.

We need all roles :
☼ traders
☼ manufacturers
☼ combat pilots
☼ miners
☼ logistics
☼ covert-ops
☼ industrial pilots

Our involvement in the largest Drug smuggling run to date in EVE history Video:

Biggest Drug smuggle. Take a look at this video.

We are growing fast and need more members to support our corporate growth, we have gotten rid of some bad weeds we require mature players, and a commitment to the corporation, as well as our profession. We are not looking for people who want to make money off it and thatís it, we want people who want to do it for the fun of smuggling/manufacturing drugs. We are in a very established Drug-cartel/alliance and hold up our end of the work ethic. We could really use more scanning ships, as-well as jumpfreighters and people who can gas harvest. 3+ million SP would be nice, but we'll work with anybody.



EVE-Ingame: Kordris
EVE-Ingame: Gropplerzorn420

If you looking for a good corp to start in and want to get into industrial and booster manufacturing. Give us a shout.

Recruitment Ad

Adamant Edge
Posted - 2009.05.11 13:55:00 - [11]

Deus Imperiosus Acies is looking for casual players who are ok with logging in doing some PvP or PvE. SP isnt a big requirement but would be nice to get some highly skilled pilots for our pvp ops that we run or participate in with our allies.

All we ask for is
Arrowobtain a standing of 5 or higher with the theology council and the Amarr Faction(we will help you with the missions and share standing). I will personally reward you as you attain each standing increase of 1.
Arrowpositive attitude and not afraid to talk on ventrilo or eve voice
Arrowwilling to participate in all aspects of faction warfare(pvp and pve) from time to time.

What you can expect from DIA
ArrowWe dont give orders or boss you around
Arrowlaid back, friendly, and outgoing group of casual players
ArrowNo pirating, we kill them, we really do.
ArrowWill help you whenever we can

We do have some players that RP, if you are intrested in becoming more of RP player, please let me know. Also feel free to check our website or contact myself, Acronis Themis or Graelyn for more details

still a little work needs to be done on it. But, it is up.

The Money Shot Inc.
Posted - 2009.05.11 14:00:00 - [12]

Go Balls Deep! 100% pvp corp living out in venal. We're straight. Our killboard speaks for itself. Check it out.

Killboard Link

Join CHannel Public Balls or convo me if your interested.

The Imperial Fedaykin
Posted - 2009.05.11 17:49:00 - [13]

Hey there, i sent Er'k an evemail the other day explaining a few things. Feel free to convo/mail me ingame :).

Diehard Si
Posted - 2009.05.11 18:54:00 - [14]

Edited by: Diehard Si on 11/05/2009 18:54:20
Decent sized corp that is mostly focused on PVP. - Over 40 members, usually 10 in every gang
A corp that knows its tactics - Very experienced FC's and leadership
A corp that has people with experience. - We only recruit this way!
BUT I don't want a corp full of people with a attitude who keep telling how good they are - I don't like that either tbh, and certainly no-one in UK1 is like that.
Humor -
Maturity: corp mates who know when to be serious - We shut up when its kicking off
No large scale engagements as found in 0.0 wars - The exact reason UK1 was formed
I am looking for smaller scale pvp - Thats what we do!
A large Euro player base. I want to be able to log on and have people online to talk to and do ops with. - We're all EU based
Also players from other parts of the world - Sadly you won't get that with us

If you want to know more then check out out recruitment thread here or join UK1 Zero Public

Commander Predator
Posted - 2009.05.11 20:20:00 - [15]

Hey mate Kinky Kleptos might be what your looking for, were a bit smaller cause were new, but the starters have known each other for years and played eve for years, we know our stuff, like to joke around on ventrilo and dont have stupid up tight rules or anything.

We mainly focus on Wormhole pew pew, and empire wardeccing.

Click on my sig pic for our recruitment thread for more info.

John McCreedy
Eve Defence Force
Posted - 2009.05.11 21:32:00 - [16]

Hi Er'k, I can offer you a corp. that is packed full of combat vets (we don't take in noobs) yet has a family-like atmosphere in corp. None of this "I'm leet" *******s; we just turn up, shoot stuff, get kills and allow our killboard to do the talking.

If you'd do me the honour of a convo some time we can talk more about what we offer.



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