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Ends Journey
Posted - 2003.06.21 02:54:00 - [1]

I have been fooling with the notion of a new way to group pool to buy BP's, and starting a business doing it. I'd like to know what you think of the ideas even though they are still in the rough.

Basic idea is

1. Prove credibility and accountablity.
a. All participants give home phone numbers and addresses. I have toyed with the notion of even entering into some sort of contract in real life with monetary penaltys for failure to complete but I am guessing that might be a invalid contract. Any other notions of how to genarate accountablity? (please skip the "hunt them down and kill them responce its not really feasible)

2. Only take 4 investors max per BP.

3. no one ever gets the origanal BP, instead the holding corp will perma hire a Lab and produce that particular BP there infinitly.

4. the Partners will have a alt at the location the BP is produced in the holding company and BP's will be deposited into the member hanger as they become availble.

If this sounds interesting to you I have 3 accounts and I can train up to operate something like 30 or so labs. I am interested in giving this a whirl and see how it works out. I was thinking of starting with a Mauler BP, would be 20m each or so for four poeple, would prefer to do 2 (one would be me)people at 40m so that both have a BP copy within 2 weeks.

I understand credibilty has to be established and if your interested in this notion we can talk irl on the phone about it to get to know each other a bit. Contact me in game as Ends, Means, or Sius

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Tehel Necrona
Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.06.22 14:50:00 - [2]

i'll shoot you in the head if you do.... seriously ur an idiot - you'll be destroying the manufacturing market - not that is already fk'd by morons selling MOA's and Thoraxes at 8mil... breaking their back for 2mil profit :(

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Playboy Enterprises
Posted - 2003.06.23 16:23:00 - [3]

Tehel -- how dare you flame this guy's business idea? It is a free market and he can do whatever he wants, just like Taggart can openly buy items from Setec the Pirate.

My corp has done quite well in establishing trust and credibilty and it works well for us when we sell blueprints and ships. If he wants to go down that path, so be it.

Co-CEO, Playboy Enterprises
[email protected]
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Calista Industries
Posted - 2003.06.23 19:37:00 - [4]

Sad to say it, but destroying the manufacturing market is his prerogative... :(

Special Circumstances
Posted - 2003.06.24 06:03:00 - [5]

Please enlighten me as to how you can operate 30 lab slots with only 9 charachters?
Even if you did have the lab operation skill, you would need at least 5 copies of it trained to level 5.

Posted - 2003.06.24 09:16:00 - [6]

You know, a game stays a game in my mind.
You can archieve credibility on 2 ways:

1- I know where the hell you life and when you mess with me ill come to pay you a visit... Since im a dutch person, i think this option isnt available. ;)

2- I know your reputation, i know you are honourable, i know you dont fool around and change your mind once a day at least...

The last option is how most people work, you can see Heff who made numerous deals and like a man he stood up for his word. Thats how he can offer battleship deals without many people question him, and know what? You can be like him too, anyone can.

Just start small and grow big... Never break your word and always deliver what you are supposed to is how to make name in this game.

Calista Industries
Posted - 2003.06.24 14:43:00 - [7]

So I'm assuming that "station construction platform" he was trying to sell was simply a mistake and not a hoax then?

Ends Journey
Posted - 2003.06.24 16:22:00 - [8]

In responce to how many labs I can operate I was thinking of running 4 labs per character. 9x4=36. The first 12 labs would be on the third account that I only use for refining and lab work, so I can spend the time to train them.
In responce to the construction station thing... if your implying that I have ever offered to sell one (I can't really tell by your post) your either mistaken or trying to smear my name. I am a good person, and not motivated by a fantasy ISK, I am far more interested in trying to bring the full content and experience of the game to everyone and building a cool society from scratch.

Playboy Enterprises
Posted - 2003.06.24 17:55:00 - [9]

The platform we were selling the location to was anything but a hoax. My lengthy explanation at the end of the original message thread outlined everything. Since CCP pulled the entire thread, I doubt anyone even saw it.

Facts are these:
A corporation who built a base in beta was looking for a platform to build on.

I did not know what they looked like so I showed their CEO a picture of the item we found. His eyes nearly popped out and he offered us a large sum of money for that location.

Thinking it had significant value, I decided to auction the location site instead of sell it to him.

later, once we learned that it may not have been a viable base location, we pulled the auction.

One thing to note: we had a number of significant bids for the location already. We could have easily taken peoples' money and run off with it. But we did the noble thing: we canceled the auction, apologized if we caused a stir, and let it go.

In the end, no harm done. We all know more than we did a month ago and nobody was hurt.

Dreamworks, thanks for the vote of confidence. We try very hard to maintain our integrity in all of the deals we make. If you ever doubt our trustworthiness, please keep one thing in mind: it is much easier for us to make money than it is to repair our reputation if we screw even one person over. Dishonesty just doesn't fit within our business model.

Co-CEO Playboy Enterprises
[email protected]
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Calista Industries
Posted - 2003.06.24 18:36:00 - [10]

OK, explanation accepted, you made an honest mistake. To err is human. Thanks for the response. :)


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