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GM Zhainius

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Posted - 2009.05.07 23:47:00 - [1]

The most common issue:

Mission objectives are hard to find because the overview isn’t set to display them.
A lot of mission objectives are not NPC’s, but rather large collidable structures.
Please note that this is not the same setting in the overview as large collidable objects, and that this setting is not turned on by default currently.

To turn it on, go to your overview settings, and then in the filters list turn on large collidable structure under entity.

This applies for example to missions where you need to find beacons, blow up yachts, blow up laboratories, etc.

The basics:

To get to your mission area, head to the system the mission is in (which you can find by reading the mission text, and/or opening your journal, then right clicking the mission to read the details), then right click in open space, and the window with destinations in the current system will pop up.
At the bottom of this list will be the bookmark to your mission area.

Once you have warped there, you will either find your mission area, or an acceleration gate. If the latter, please approach the gate to within 2500m, then right click it and use activate to be taken to your mission area.
Also note, that for some missions there will be multiple areas which are usually connected by such acceleration gates, and your mission objective will then usually be in the last area.

Other issues:

In most missions, the objective will drop in a container and not one of the wrecks, always make certain to check the contents of the containers.

Other missions will have the objectives in fixed containers, or inside structures, and may require such skills as hacking or Archeology, in these cases the mission text will usually tell you that you will need to use a codebreaker or analyzer.

For mining missions, there is often a large collidable object in the mission area for background purposes, these have names along the lines of large cloven asteroid.
Those are not the ore you are looking for, simply set your overview to the default mining layout, and you should be able to find the needed asteroid to mine.
Also note that for mining missions you will need to destroy all NPC’s in the area, as well as mine the asteroids before it will list as completed.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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