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Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2010.03.21 10:53:00 - [451]

Can you produce so much as a hint that CCP are dissatisfied or dismayed with the amount of ninja salvaging going on? It really does seem to me that ninja salvagers exactly describe their stated goal of salvaging as a mini-profession. So far as I can tell, your main argument is reduces down to no more than "this is ****ing some (but not all) mission runners off". Sorry buddy, that's just not enough.

You keep describing ninja salvaging as a "loophole", a "problem" and so forth. As if salvage was originally really supposed to be the property of the mission runner, and the free-for-all nature of salvaging was an oversight, a careless bit of programming, a game design whoopsie. But, and this is an amply recorded historical fact, it never was.

Let me restate this, because it is the core flaw in all your arguments:

CCP explicitly say that salvage was not intended to increase mission running rewards

I dont know how to make this any plainer. The salvage that you are complaining about losing isn't yours, was never yours, wasn't introduced to be yours, has never been intended to be yours. At no point did CCP have the least intention of ever - regardless of circumstance - making it yours. The "loophole" you are complaining about is working as intended. IT'S WHAT CCP HAD IN MIND FROM THE BEGINNING. IT'S WHAT THEY WANTED TO HAPPEN. THEY'RE NOT GOING TO CHANGE IT BECAUSE IT'S WHAT THEY WANT.

I typed that in block capitals because it seems like that might work in conveying this simple, basic concept to you.

If it doesn't work, well, whatever, because CCP aint gonna change it regardless of how impervious you are.

Posted - 2010.03.21 11:01:00 - [452]

If some people spent less time moaning about ninja looters and more time thinking about the very easy ways to avoid them they would not get so stressed.

If player's insist on missioning in fail systems like Motsu then they have to pay the price of that decision.

small chimp
Posted - 2010.03.21 11:25:00 - [453]

??? There arent much ninja salvagers in dodixie anymore? BTW: everyone who whines about ninja salvagers should be banned or at least their isk should be removed from them because they want to destroy the game just like star wars was destroyed by bear!?

Robert Caldera
Posted - 2010.03.21 11:44:00 - [454]

Originally by: Isakova

Ninja salvaging in mission deadspace is pretty much consequence free, not in an asteroid belt.

salvaging wrecks is always consequence free, because they're FFA. Everywhere. Thats fine.

Kiri Serrensun
Posted - 2010.03.21 11:53:00 - [455]

Edited by: Kiri Serrensun on 21/03/2010 11:53:09
Originally by: small chimp
Has the amount of ninjas actually gone down? I haven't seen anyone cryinng in doxi for ages and people report that they don't remember getting ninjas in their missions for ages also????

I think it's the other way round--these threads inspire people to take up ninja salvaging. I know I kind of want to go down to Dodixie with a Heron now....

Posted - 2010.03.21 12:26:00 - [456]

I know this is flogging a dead horse BUT, what if CCP allowed you to target the 'salvageable material', so you can destroy that, but not the wreck?

I think it would be pretty funny to bait using this as a strategy.

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