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Nex Exercitus
Posted - 2009.05.05 01:09:00 - [1]

i am a minmatar 36mill sp sub-cap char looking for a good pvp corp. i do have a capital alt tho.
Im a us based char est time zone
looking for a corp that has decent size good activity
i dt care if its low sec pirateing or 0.0 just as long as its fun and has plenty of pvp im game. but must have ops where capitals are used every once in a while
plez post what you can offer hear and if intrested ill contact you ingame

Ar Inziladun
Rage For Order
Posted - 2009.05.05 01:21:00 - [2]

Maybe I need to work on my reading skills since I just tried contacting you in game. When you get the chance we can chat, I do not post up 50,000 things that makes us special. I find it cheap and lame. If you want to chat about what we can offer you, convo me.


Posted - 2009.05.05 02:03:00 - [3]

Edited by: Ghazi on 05/05/2009 02:04:29
We are a lowsec pvp corp of about 50 members. We are mature and very active. Leadership is from EST Timezone, but we have members from all over the world. We have a capital fleet with capital engagements on a semi-regular basis. We run daily ops and control about 12 lowsec systems. Operate under NBSI with access to lvl 4 and 5 missions.

edit: ps. ship replacement program.

Please contact Ghazi ingame

Fearless Bandits
Fearless Bears
Posted - 2009.05.05 02:12:00 - [4]


Check Shut up and play corp out. Stop by our pub channel "Shut up and play public" and chat with us, or mesage one of our directors.

Sator deHarak
Templars of Space
Posted - 2009.05.05 03:01:00 - [5]

Also, to pinch in.


- Rules of engagement for dummies: SI (shoot it) no standings. kill everything.
- Merc work. Get paid to pew.
- 0.0 access.
- Proven FCs responsible for some of the most successful campaigns eve has seen.
- A demand of excellence from all pilots.

Republic Alliance
Posted - 2009.05.05 03:24:00 - [6]

Will contact you in game.

- Snotgrab

Demon Theory
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2009.05.05 03:35:00 - [7]

Hey Mr.Assasin i think Demon Theory is the corp you are looking for. You say you seek a corp that lives in 0.0? we live in Branch/Geminate as part of the WI or wildly inappropriate alliance, We are a US/Euro/Asian TZ focused 0.0 pvp corp and we offer lots of great pvp as we have recently just conquered a region (Geminate) from the UFA forces, here is proof WI Victory over UFA CAOD public Annoucnement . You say you want great capital battles? well take a look at what we can offer in terms of large scale capital battles here CAP BATTLE FOR F9- . aside from the great pvp we offer we also are a great bunch of guys, looking to smoke weed and pvp in an organized manner while always having fun. So if you are interested please do not hesistate to contact me in game via Eve Mail to SudoFX or private convoing whenever i am online. Thanks for your time

Black Serpent Technologies
Posted - 2009.05.05 04:50:00 - [8]

Edited by: Niama on 05/05/2009 04:51:23
Good eveing m8 0/

I`d like to chat with you ingame, I think is much better to know what are you looking for and what we could offer to you that way.

If you want more information about who we are and what we do, check our post and give us a visit at our chat channel R-A-G-E

R-A-G-E Eve-O Post

C ya ingame Mr Assasin

Dan Deoxys
Silver Snake Enterprise
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2009.05.05 14:36:00 - [9]

We should have what you are looking for.

Check out the link and give us a shout in-game.

Drael Crowe
Hate Incorporated
Tenth Legion
Posted - 2009.05.05 16:01:00 - [10]

Take a look at Hate Incorporated. We are a pvp corp based in curse. Our pilots are fun, very active and do a lot together. It's not unusual to have the entire corp chat in gang. We roam on a nightly basis, have lots of fun and have plenty of targets to shoot. I have used my caps several times in different circumstances. We don't use them every day, but there are opportunities.

Check out the killboard.

Alex Under
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2009.05.10 03:41:00 - [11]


I just came across your recruitment add. I hope it's not too late to add our corp to your list of potential candidates? I don't know if my corp - HAVOC - is what you'd be looking for, but I do think it will definitely peek your interest. We are a PVP corp formed up from ex-Outbreak & ex-FIX members. We are all active pvper's and mature players. We have a good group of FC's and a strong leadership core. Please take take a look at our killboard to see our activity and what we've been up to lately.

Killboard Link

You can also view our recruitment thread


As a corp, we are always looking to add more quality players to our corp and loyal players who love to PvP, whether that be in small roaming gangs or cap ops, just as long as we make people cry. Maturity with a sense of humor are a must. Feel free to convo myself or Leandra Anor our HR recruitment Director, or shoot me an evemail if you are interested. We also have a public channel "Havoc Pub" that you are welcome to join. Enjoy your day and we hope

to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

-Alex Under

The PitBoss
Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2009.05.10 16:55:00 - [12]

3+ Empire War Decs WEEKLY ... Plenty of Action ... Will contact you in-game.

Our Public Chat: PITBOSS' Office

Our Recruitment Thread: Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers [MBALM]

Our Alliance NOW Recruiting PVP Corps: Privateer Alliance [PRVTR]

Sacred Templars
Posted - 2009.05.10 17:46:00 - [13]

hey m8,

contact me in-game if you're still looking for a corp :)

also please read this:
Heavy Influence.

Zarak1 Kenpach1
Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2009.05.10 20:09:00 - [14]

you could be the other guy i take minnie bs' from without asking in corp. i'm sure daddio will appreciate me spreading the borrowing out a bit too =P thats the kb

if i'm not logged on you can join recon-corp channel and the other directors will have a chit chat with you.


Posted - 2009.05.10 23:08:00 - [15]

RennTech, a 0.0 Corporation, is recruiting experienced Pilots.
Six months of pod pilot experience is required (6m SP).
We are a mature, well organized, proven Corporation with over 2.5 years experience in 0.0.
Most of our members are 30+ (The Co-CEO's are in their 40's).

Typical activities:

- Wormhole exploration, and exploitation.
- Defending our area of operations (PVP).
- Exploration (anomalies, gravimetric, ladar, and magnetometric sites).
- T2 Manufacturing.


- Access to Sovereign space in 0.0.
- Strong industrial wing can produce all ships and T2 at below market prices for members.
- Sophisticated transportation network for easy in and out of our 0.0.
- Access to Empire lab facilities.
- Excellent shift coverage. One CEO is evenings (US), the other is mornings (EU).
- VP's are split between the two shifts.
- 4 Outposts, 1 Mining, 1 Office, 2 Manufacturing.


- Limited API key.
- Interview with a Director.
- A mature attitude.
- Must be a team player willing to contribute to the good of the Corp.
- Ventrillo, Teamspeak, and fluent English are required.
- The ability to pick yourself up and dust off after loosing your ship without loosing your cool.
- A strong desire to risk operating in 0.0 and reap the benefits.
- "Smak talkers" and "l33t pwn3rs" need not apply.

Information on RennTech

Information on Sylph

Send an EVEmail or convo to Neo Corricon or Darknees to arrange an interview or for any questions.

Open Channel: RENNT

Avy Neruda
Posted - 2009.05.11 00:50:00 - [16]

Arkons enuf said we pvp cap battle live in 0.0 are part of iron you looking for best of the best pvp'ers were it can't wait to see you x up

The Remnant Legion
Posted - 2009.05.11 00:59:00 - [17]

MrAssaisn we sound like a great fit. Please convo me and we can see if we would work well together. We have caps replacement and fleet BS replacment.


More about us.
The Brotherhood of Suicidal Preists are looking for PVP passionate pilots.

As integral part of the KIA alliance we offer the opportunity to fly with some of the best PVP pilots in the game flying top notch ships.

* PVP \o/ Yes, We have regular periods of heavy ops which include High Sec War decs and 0.0 fleet combat. These heavy PVP times are followed by times of R&R to relax and recover or to engage in more PVP with friends.

We have at your disposal from the Alliance:

* PVP and plenty of it.
* Exploration space
* Mining space
* 0.0 Alliance SOV Space
* Team Speak dedicated server
* Alliance Killboard and Forums

Support given to you by Corp:

* Friendly corp (+50 members currently)
* Corp Forum
* PVP kill mail payment system
* Logistics to and from 0.0 as needed

Requirements :

* We suggest a 10 mil SP minimum but exceptions can be made for the right individual on a case by case basis.
* Sec status higher than -2.0. If you were a Pirate, we are not and we require you to get your Sec up to fight in Empire as needed.
* Api key
* Join regulary PVP ops (really, it's what we do.)
* Must have working headphones and Mic.
* Must be able to fly a t2 ship class. Be it inty, hac, recon what have you, or a t2 fit bs.
* COAD is a no fly zone.
* Must be a Team player.
* Must be self sufficient.

Our pilots are based in US and EU timezones.
We are located in Period Basis or where ever the fight is.
Don't hesitate to talk to us on our public in game eve channel: Suicidal Network
Contacts: Baraccuss or Alafin

Funky Feeling
Interstellar eXodus
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2009.05.11 13:06:00 - [18]

Ventis Secundis is re-opening its doors to quality people.

Quality does not equate to skill points, it equates to people that play the game as a social pastime for fun and for some competition.

We are a 2 year + old corporation that has seen its share of 0.0 power struggles. We are presently sitting just north of 45 members and 90% of those members are 30+ million skillpoints. We are willing to train newer eve pilots and welcome those of like minded maturity to come fly with us.

What we can offer:

  • 0.0 living - presently in Curse but are actively involved in taking space with our alliance - Aggression

  • Quality nightly (Canada/US TZ) corp pvp. We roam, camp and otherwise look for kills

  • Corporation Ventrilo and Alliance TeamSpeak Servers

  • Mature pilots, Casual players and overall good guys

  • Instruction, advice, suggestions and help for any newer players. We don't belittle guys if they don't know something. We take advantage of our experience.

  • Opportunity to use Cap ships and a cap ship development program

  • Industrials also welcome, We presently have both Low Sec and 0.0 POS's for labs and ratting etc.

At the end of the day, we are simply interested in having fun while making other players lose their stuff.

We are also interested in any smaller corps, pvp or industrial that are looking for a parent corp to merge with. If you are tired of always doing the organizing and taking care of corp stuff, you are welcome to contact me. We will consider building a larger industrial backbone with the absorption of small industrial corps. This will give you opportunities for POS use, labs, ratting, missions and mining with the knowledge of pvp protection inside the corp. Small PVP corps looking for some solid fighting, please let me know, 5 years in game and I know how hard it can be for a small corp to get anywhere. We're willing to bring you inhouse and part of an alliance and let you have some place and some guys to have fun with.

Our list of blues is small. We operate on a Not Blue Shoot It policy. We aren't pro or anti pirate. Whatever floats your boat is fine with us.

Venti Killboard
Battleclinic Ranking

ArrowWe are not and will not be blue with goons.

Please contact Funky Feeling, Hendersa, Chronos Sage or Bo Callach in game via convo or evemail if at all interested. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Xira Xarien
Sith Squirrels
Posted - 2009.05.11 13:15:00 - [19]

*Note: The Progenitor Corporation [PRCP] is currently part of the Intrepid Crossing Alliance, which is at war against 80% of EVE. If you join, you can PvP instantly.*

What the corporation AWE in Intrepid Crossing [IRC] offers:

( PvP: AWE Killboard )

( Structure: The FAQ, how to join )

( 0.0 Ore and Rats DOTLAN: quality and quantity IRC systems )
( 0.0 Sov: The Influence map: IRC space (Drone Regions) )

( History: EVE Strategic Map for Member, Sovereignty & Outpost History Graphs )
( EVE Topic for Progenitor, AWE and IRC information + replies from members )

  1. Ventrilo

  2. Alliance Forum

  3. Jump Bridge Infrastructure

  4. Anti-pirate & Anti-smack

  5. We respect the Priority of Real Life

  6. IRC Policy: "If it isn't fun, why play?"

Note: Experienced players join PRCP first to:

  • Check if PRCP / AWECO / IRC matches their needs

  • Check their suitability for life in 0.0

  • Participate in Corporate Operations

  • Build up a sizable ISK wallet (if they need to)

After that you can sign up to join AWE.

Contact persons:

* Cyern
* GordonH
* Gideon Kross
* Xira Xarien

The Money Shot Inc.
Posted - 2009.05.11 14:05:00 - [20]

Go Balls Deep! We're 100% US, 100% pvp corp living in venal. blue with TRI, whitenoise. We're straight. Let me know if your interested our killboard speaks for itself.


If your interested join channel Public Balls or convo me.

John McCreedy
Eve Defence Force
Posted - 2009.05.11 21:22:00 - [21]

Hi mate, if you can drop me a line, we'll arrange a chat. We can offer you daily PvP against quality opposition, good benefits and PvP vets to fly with.



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