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Russian SOBR
Posted - 2009.04.30 06:59:00 - [1]

I have been thinking about trying my hands on W-space and just so happen to have 3 alts + my main with nothing but missions to do.
Basically 2 characters have decent fighting skills (52m sp and 36m sp), one is industrial (was thinking an Itty V with ammo and GSC's) and one is at arount 7mil sp (most gonna use for salvage/drones/remote rep).

So now to the actual problem.
I havent been to w-space so i don't know what to expect from sleepers. I plan to go there in a reacon and just jump around a bit to get a feel for how things work but that wont teach me to fight sleepers.

So my plan is to eventually take my 4 chars and go in and hopefully make some isk/have some fun.

Ships are restricted to caldari BS and down for my 36mil sp alt and Min/amarr/caldari BS and down on my main, the 7mil alt can fly t1 gallente bs and down.

My initial idea was to have shield transfers on 3 BS's and then a large shield buffer.
Ie 36mil sp use a torp raven with 4 BCU's, 2x invuls, 2x Extenders, 1 therm and 1 em hardener. 1 large transfer and 1 probe launcher in high.

The small alt have a domi handy and was thinking maybe using 2x large shield transfers, some salvagers and maybe tractor beams + lots of cap recharge and some heavy drones (t1).

Now the problem would be the main char, i would like to go amarr since i don't need to bring ammo, but amarr doesnt shieldtank all that well.
I could use a Mael but a torp raven might do better dmg and have more room for shield transfer.

I want the ships to be "cheap" (no commandships etc) since i am assuming i will loose them.

Also some sort of pvp fit would be good in case of finding a stray orca or similar (distruptor and web on one ship).

Any hints, critisicm etc would be apreciated, since im, so far, flying in the dark here :)

WidowMaker IX
Posted - 2009.04.30 07:35:00 - [2]

Well didn’t do much of NPCing in wormhole space, but I have been exploring it a lot, well hunting ppl in it any way.

But wormhole space is a bit more complex than you might think, there are 6 classes of wormholes, starting from 1 easy and can be done solo, till class 6 which can melt a 25 man battleship RR fleet.

Another point is, anomalies some unknown space have significant effects on your ship, so some times it will nerf your shields to 50% and increase your armor resistance by 42%. So you need to understand what your going to. There is a program called “wormholethingi” that will tell you some information about eatch wormhole you go into.

Sleepers love to eat drones, so that makes things much more difficult as well; small firgs can be an issue, while the battleships can put out insane dps. Cursers are the least issue.

Now to my favorite part, if you want to keep those battleships remember, wormholes can close at any second, so scanner is first one in “and stays in” and he is last one out. Or you’ll be stuck and its not funny.

The other is no local, so you don’t know who’s with you, and if you do find them on directional scan you might not know what are their intentions. Usually bad. There is a lot more information in the mission part of the fourms, ill give you links when I get homem since I have them bookmarked their.

Fly safe, and hoping to ki….see you in unknown space !!

Russian SOBR
Posted - 2009.04.30 07:44:00 - [3]

Thanks for the reply, i didn't know about the effects you describe (shields getting nerfed etc).
I have read up as much as i can about wormholes and know about shipclas restrictions, no local etc.
I am rather used to living in 0.0 and have a habit of spamming the directional scanner.

Regarding a prober i was planning to put a probe launcher on at least 2/4 characters, most likely also on the industrial alt, but maybe it needs to be on a "probe" ship (cov op) for the effect to be good enough?

Haven't been scanning since the new system was put in place so will need to learn how to do that as well.

Right now im considering maybe using BC's instead of BS's, both due to having an easier time finding large enough wormholes, and also due to increased mobility.
The question is if they can hold up against sleepers.

Thanks for the quick and helpful reply btw, greatly apreciated :)

The Xenodus Initiative.
Posted - 2009.04.30 08:54:00 - [4]

Edited by: Durzel on 30/04/2009 08:55:36
Properly fit BCs won't have problems with low-level WH sites (Perimeter sites). I took my Drake in one and it never went below about 70% shields, and yesterday I took a T2 fit Arbitrator (cruiser) in and whilst it was a bit harder I didn't have too much issue soloing a single Perimeter site.

Besides keeping an eye out for pirates I would say the following is best to keep in mind:

1) Whoever goes to a Sleeper site needs to have to be able to take damage. The usual rule of sending in a meatshield into a L4 mission and everyone else in glass cannon & woefully out-of-place ships following afterwards won't work. Sleepers will switch targets regularly, and they seem to dislike logistics ships especially.

2) Sleepers hate drones. You will have to micro-manage your drones if you want them to survive for any period of time. If you rely on drones for your DPS then you better make sure you pay attention. Also, Sleepers have no problems whatsoever hitting orbiting drones with the same "ouch that hurt" guns they use on you. Even with a 40% bonus to drone HP that I currently have on the Arby I left the WH with most of my drones with near zero armour.

3) Unlike regular missions where it's just spider drones that MWD to you, both Sleeper frigates, cruisers and battlecruisers MWD to you as needed (not sure whether BS do).

4) Sleeper BS have omgwtf alpha volley damage.

Gentlemen's Club
Posted - 2009.04.30 09:40:00 - [5]

Far as I can tell with 4 Caldari your best bet is 3x Basilisks with 80-85% omni shield tank resists and a max DPS torp Raven with a minimum of 70% omni shield tank resists though the closer to 75 or 80 the better.

Will take awhile but this team can take out the average 0.0 combat and exploration sites (class 5 I believe, called fortresses and garrisons or something like that).

The most you seem to encounter at peak in these sites will be 5 or 6 sleeper BS along with a dozen assorted cruisers and frigs.

If you find more to bring along just make sure they have 70+ resists on shields and the rest DPS.

Russian SOBR
Posted - 2009.04.30 10:42:00 - [6]

Thanks for all the advise, will scout a bit in a reacon tonight to see how things work.
Will probobly go for BC's with some kind of tank fit and some remote shield/armor reps to help if they focus extra on anyone.

Might not have to do with the subject but havent really seen anyone mention a general estimate of isk income from sleepers, and what do they drop, if anything, that is valuable?
I guess it highly depends on the level of the wormhole, but lets say a level 3?

Davinel Lulinvega
Posted - 2009.04.30 11:44:00 - [7]

Use some of the RR setups in this thread:
4 rr bs could probably take up to a class 3 or 4. See more info here:
The sleepers drop loot that can be sold to npcs, but the real money is in the salvage. If any of your characters have hacking skills you will make a lot more isk by doing sites than anomalies.


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