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Posted - 2009.04.28 04:08:00 - [1]

I'm fairly new to the game and everyone I talk to seems to think cross training is BAD. Especially if I want to min/max for PvP. My character only has 1.3 mil SP and none of those are really from my starting race of Caldari as I've been training to mine. I want to fly Amarr for PvP and figure i've nothing to lose since i haven't invested anything into flying Caldari. Would I be loosing out on min/max by doing this or hurting myself? Some of the ppl i've talked to say there are base racial traits that benefit you when you fly your native ships but i can't find ANY information on any racial type bonuses.

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2009.04.28 04:27:00 - [2]

Edited by: Akita T on 28/04/2009 04:29:23

Cross-training EARLY is bad, because it takes a while to become resonably profficient in anything (and it has more to do with support skills), so if you cross-train very early you are delaying the point where you can fly something decently.
Cross-training after a while, after you have average or above-average skills in the "main" type of ship (and corresponding fittings) is quite ok.
Cross-training later on in a character's career becomes nearly inevitable.

And no, there are absolutely no character "race" traits for flying your own "race" of ships.
It's all about skills trained and their levels, nothing else.
Given equal skill levels (regardless of how long it took you to get them, which only depends on effective attributes), everything else (race, bloodline, gender, even attributes) is irrelevant.

P.S. If that's not clear enough yet, yes, if you haven't trained ANY racial-specific skills yet (or the amount is negligible), it doesn't matter what race of ships (and appropriate gear) you plan to train for, it's only a matter of personal taste and nothing else.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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