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Posted - 2009.04.27 09:45:00 - [1]

Hi all,

I have rejoined the game after a long abscence of 2 years or so.

I am thinking of getting into the PvP side of things, at least I am once I have become accustomed to the game again.

Below is a list of my current skills and stats. I am asking for two bits of advice. Firstly, is anything glaringly/obviously missing from a PvP setup. Secondly, can you please recomend areas I should be looking to grow.

Currently I am unsure as to build this character around a PvP template or to start another account. So there needs to be a balance between PvP and PvE. Ideally I was looking to get myself into Cerberus at some point.

Things to note: I have a lot of points in missles and little in gunnery!

Charisma: 9.9
Intelligence: 8.8
Perception: 15.4
Memory: 11
Willpower: 13.2

12,928,638 SP
19 Skills at Level 5

Drones: 4
Scout Drones: 3

Electronic Warfare: 1
Electronics: 5
Electronics Upgrade: 1
Long range targeting: 2
Propulsion Jamming: 1
Signature Analysis: 1
Target Painting: 1
Targeting: 3
Weapon Disruption: 1

Energy Emission Systems: 2
Energy Grid Upgrades: 2
Energy Management: 3
Energy Systems Operation: 4
Engineering: 5
Shield Management : 3
Shield Operation: 4
Shield Upgrades: 4
Tactical Shield Manipulation: 1

Gunnery: 4
Medium Hybrid Turret: 1
Motion Prediction: 1
Rapid Firing: 1
Sharpshooter: 2
Small Hybrid Turret: 3
Weapon Upgrades: 5

Industry: 1
Mining: 1
Refining: 1

Analytical Mind: 3
Empathy: 3
Instant Recall: 3
Iron Will: 2
Learning: 5
Spatial Awareness: 3

Hull Upgrades: 1
Mechanic: 5
Repair Systems: 1

Missile Launcher Operation:
Cruise Missiles: 4
Defender Missiles: 2
Guided Missile Precision: 5
Heavy Missile: 3
Missile Bombardment: 5
Missile Launcher Operation: 5
Missile Projection: 4
Rapid Launch: 4
Rockets: 1
Standard Missiles: 3
Target Navigation Predict: 3
Warhead Upgrades: 5

Afterburner: 2
Evasive Manoeuvring: 5
Fuel Conservation: 1
Navigation: 5
Warp Drive Operation: 1

Cybernetics: 1
Science: 3

Connections: 4
Fast Talk: 1
Negotiation: 3
Social: 5

Spaceship Command:
Assault Ships: 2
Battlecruisers: 2
Caldari Battleship: 5
Caldari Cruiser: 5
Caldari Frigate: 5
Destroyers: 5
Spaceship Command: 5

Retail: 2
Trade: 2

So......... there we have it. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and feedback.



This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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