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The Littlest Pwny
Posted - 2009.04.27 09:27:00 - [1]

Edited by: Dethuss on 27/04/2009 09:42:28
So i am at a crossroads, i can train large t2 hybrids and gal BS V and support skills or i can train up minnie cruiser V and small/large proj V.

I currently feel that the rupture is better then the thorax, the cane is better then gallente BC's and the vaga is better then the diemos, however the mega is better then the tempest.

So i am kind of at a crossroads. Keep in mind i would much rather fly a vaga than a BS and TBH i could always mess around in a tempest as they are cheap and not THAT terrible.

Wang Ping
Posted - 2009.04.27 14:06:00 - [2]

If you enjoy flying cruisers, HACs and BC's you cant go wrong with minny.
Ruppy, Cane and Vaga are all full of win, as are Broadsword and fleet stabber.

Probably be a good idea to train T2 large hybrids so you have a decent BS option when you need it and then go the minny cruiser route.

Minny BS and large projectiles are terribad and they will not be getting buffed any time in the next 12 months that much is certain.

Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2009.04.27 17:35:00 - [3]

There are times when there is just no substitute for a battleship

Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2009.04.27 17:50:00 - [4]

Minmatar have excellent T1 and T2 ships, particularly for PvP.

I would not recommend anyone train for Minmatar battleships for PvP purposes at this time. The advantages of Artillery were nerfed long ago, as the hp increase made their alpha much less important. The Tempest and Maelstrom are also hampered by the need to fit Sensor Boosters and Tracking Computers to get decent optimal range for sniping situations (engagements at 150km or greater). The Tempest, in particular, is difficult to tank for PvP, in addition to being extremely skill intensive to fit (RCU II or AWU V or both, can't recall exactly, required to fit a full rack of 1400mm II's in addition to a plate).

The Littlest Pwny
Posted - 2009.04.28 00:56:00 - [5]

Edited by: Dethuss on 28/04/2009 00:57:10
Originally by: Malcanis
There are times when there is just no substitute for a battleship

This is kind of my thoughts about it.

Still not sure about it.

The Bastards
The Bastards.
Posted - 2009.04.28 02:11:00 - [6]


more dps is better dps

Illectroculus Defined
No Bull Ships
Posted - 2009.04.28 20:00:00 - [7]

Wouldn't you be better off training Lasers and Amarrian Ships? Amarrian ships are armour tanking too so most of your support skills will carry over, whereas with Minnie ships you're going to have to train up some shield tanking skills too.


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