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Posted - 2009.04.23 23:24:00 - [1]

I was wondering, and i browsed a bit so I apologize if this is a repeat thread..

Right now my character is primarily int/memory heavy. My goal on this chracter is to complete every single ship pre-requisite that is int/memory dependant (for all ship types). It looks like it will take me about 80 days.

Then I thought, while I'm at it I should get all skills that are necessary that are int/memory related and get them to 5. So I assume maybe 10 skills that I don't already have, put me at about 150 days.

Then I thought, well hell, why don't I just re-spec pure int/memory with the new re-spec system, and go for a 365 day int/mem training plan and bust out ALL of the int/mem skills in the game.

That sounded boring, but, this is what I was thinking. Rather than do that, I'll stick with my original plan, spend about 80 days skilling up for all of the int/mem prereqs for ships and gear I want, then I'll re-spec perception and willpower and put myself on a 365 day perception and willpower training plan.

My line of thinking is that I can tolerate int/mem skills a little bit longer, and perception/willpower skills are more flashy and fun so a full year of that will be tolerable. I'll go for the learning 5's, etc.

What does everyone think about this idea, would you do anything differently?

And I guess I would like to know what are all of the int/memory pre-requisites that I NEED to get outside of the pre-requisites for ships? (I can go through the ships and put them in EVEMON, but I don't know enough about the game to know what items ill want to know in the future.

If you guys could help me a, tweak my idea where you see flaws, and b, help me compile a comprehensive list of "must have" int/mem skills you would be helping me so much.

Thiassi Uth'Matar
IT Alliance
Posted - 2009.04.24 01:23:00 - [2]

Things to think about.

If you are flying a cov-ops ship, you may want to have cloaking skills.
If you are flying a e-war ship, you may want some skills relating to the use of e-war modules.
If you are flying a drone ship, you may want drone skills.
If you are flying a tackler, ...... etc etc

If you are going to be flying gank/tank ships then all you realy need are guns and tank skills.

I made my 1 year plan. It contains 1 ship and all the skills to get the best out of it. When I hit optimize attributes on eve-mon it suggested a Mem 15 / Int 12 (may be the other way around) respec.
Then I dragged all the skills that would have days added to their training time up to the top of my plan and will train them before the respec. (e.g. AWU 5)

Posted - 2009.04.24 17:19:00 - [3]

Do yo want to be the jack of all trades?

Go with one ship for now and try to max it. How much SP you at now anyways? Your idea sounds ok tho, train all the crappy int/mem skills you need(do you include drone/navigation?)

Posted - 2009.04.26 07:17:00 - [4]

I would say go for your Int/Mem plan first, imo I'd rather have perfect fitting/tank (engineering) + A bit of ewar and targetting (Electronics) + Navigation (...Navigation); and THEN move onto a 2-10 year plan of weapons (Gunnnery and Missiles) + ships (Spaceship Command).

Seems funner to get rid of the boring stuff first and then get on with the fun pew pew stuff for the rest of the whole game, don't you think ? Very Happy

Ms Delerium
Posted - 2009.04.26 11:42:00 - [5]

1 year plans? LMAO

this is not a game any more...

it's OK that you think of your path, and try to train the things by an intelligent method. but 1 year plan lulzzzzzzz you are turning the game into a job and thats not fun.

I wouldnt plan for more than 2 months and still you will modify your plans by a little cause suddenly you realize you need this other thing, or just change your mind and you want to fly this other ship, or even better you have decided to create another alt and then you wont train most of **** over this main...

Estel Arador
Posted - 2009.04.26 11:50:00 - [6]

1-year skill plans actually make sense now that you can optimise your attributes every year.

Personally my discipline is too crappy to follow a 1-year skill plan but it certainly would be the best option if you can follow it.

Posted - 2009.04.27 04:48:00 - [7]

I'm in a similar position as you. I mapped to +10 mem and + 4 int to train basic learning skills as fast as I could at the outset. I also am training mem + int skills before I remap to a more versatile set of attributes.

I think you should separate the ships you want to fly from the ships you just want to sit in. This will help you pick out the must have skills. Also, it takes a long time just to train up the minimal skills to sit in every ship. Jump freighters, for example, are going to need Jump Drive Operation V not to mention 1.5 billion ISK to pay for it. You're going to have to forgo even being able to sit in some ships if you want to get this done in a sane amount of time.

You're going to have to do some degree of specialization if you want to best capitalize on your attributes. There are some must haves for almost any ship like Engineering, Electronics, Energy Management, Energy Systems Operation, Energy Grid Upgrades, Electronics Upgrades, and Thermodynamics. I'd prioritize them in that order, more or less. Drone skills are also worth training up a bit, even though some ships don't have drone bays. You'll probably want Drones to V so you can train the drone support skills.

Honestly, I think you're better off training drone skills then switching to per + int (something like 9/5) and training support skills alongside weapon and ship ones. This is a more versatile attribute mapping for flying many different kinds of ships, imo.


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