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Quad and Fish
Posted - 2009.04.23 07:43:00 - [31]

I agree with OP. The worst thing by far with eve pvp is logistics.

Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2009.04.23 07:47:00 - [32]

Originally by: Tank CEO
Edited by: Tank CEO on 23/04/2009 04:59:23
Biggest thing about this game when you lose a ship, which is a *****, is having to goto jita or some other trade hub and buy another ship. When are you going to implement a feature to allow the shipment of ships to low-security space?

- They would have a certain cost based on ship size.
- Equipement would not be eligible.
- It would be instant xfer
- Shipment would be to a low-security system next to high-security system
- Region based, meaning no shipments to different regions
- What ever other feature you might want or restriction

This would greatly reduce time sinks and make the game so much more enjoyable.. IT should be added.

After having just moved to stain, I can only say YES to this.

Being around 50 jumps from a decent trade-hub.

Tank CEO
Dark Cartel
Posted - 2009.04.23 08:13:00 - [33]

This is region only type of feature. Meaning, you couldn't buy a Ship and have it xfered all the way to stain from Jita.. This will ensure balance

Its funny you people speak of logistics. Aren't there jump freighters that can jump from high-sec to 0.0 with no problem?

- Restrictions would be to only be able to transport a ship to a low-sec system 1 jump away from highsec
- Another restriction could be made to only allow a 'instant' transfer to the high-sec system 1 jump from destination, then have a 'npc' transport deliver the ship manually (meaning having to jump into low-sec and dock which would require a possible escort) but I think that would be to complicated to implement.
- This service would promote fair pricing
- This service would also DEDUCT a crap load of time just for getting ships. I mean, say you lose a ship in low-sec, it takes at least an hour to get yourself or an alt to pick up equipement/ship so you can go back out and fight.. What if you could eliminate that time and get back out to fight. I mean, 1 hour is a long time... man, right now, playing this game is like going to disney land, you pay money to goto it, spend hours in line and only got to ride 2 rides in a whole day! I just wanna be able to play more man.
- Maybe have a skill be required to use this feature?

- 0.0 would be not eligible for this feature for obvious reasons.

Salvo Brunel
Posted - 2009.04.23 08:15:00 - [34]

Edited by: Salvo Brunel on 23/04/2009 08:16:47
Edited by: Salvo Brunel on 23/04/2009 08:15:26
Originally by: Tank CEO
Edited by: Tank CEO on 23/04/2009 04:59:23
Biggest thing about this game when you lose a ship, which is a *****, is having to goto jita or some other trade hub and buy another ship. When are you going to implement a feature to allow the shipment of ships to low-security space?

Traders would be willing to provide an equivalent service - providing ships for sale in low-sec. The problem is that you are too tight to be willing to pay for this. It takes time, effort and risk to get the ships into low-sec, but but if these ships are priced 10% above Jita, then people don't buy them.

You are not just asking for a magical delivery service, you want it to cost peanuts too.

Alora Venoda
Whiskey Creek Alliance
Posted - 2009.04.23 08:19:00 - [35]

Originally by: Tippia
For as long as I have been around, the answer has always been: why should they automate a service that the players themselves can provide?

i would love to be able to make more profit by selling in lowsec... and i have to some extent. the main problem is that my potential customers seem to prefer to attack incoming shipments and do all their actual shopping in hisec like everyone else.

and then consider that to sell battleships in lowsec on any significant scale would require regular freighter runs and/or lowsec mining ops...

Rakshasa Taisab
Sane Industries Inc.
Posted - 2009.04.23 08:24:00 - [36]

Yes to this.

InterBus would provide a service, shipping cargo in haulers with the equivalent tank of an un-tanked T1 hauler. If you ship things longer distances, multiple packages will be gathered up in a single freighter. (Think 1/8 the tank of a T1 freighter, moving billions of ISK worth of player goods from jita to ours.

Lonzo Kincaid
Black Bands
Posted - 2009.04.23 08:34:00 - [37]

yes, but not to low sec, that's just ******ed.

Tom Zoll
Posted - 2009.04.23 08:42:00 - [38]

This service would kill the game...
Every corp Iv been in(low sec or 0.0) has always had some kind of infrestructure where thay have ships deliverd(or built) to the area we are operating.
so your corp fails why dont we just change the game for you...

Bonny Lee
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2009.04.23 08:59:00 - [39]

Im no trader but no thanks to this.
1-2 Jumps ok but not a whole region.

This would kill the difference between the systems in a whole region.
You couldnt have a little place to sell profitable cause you now had
to compete with every other system in EvE.

If this is implemented then only with a Minimum of +25% to the price of
the item. But then? Why dont you make a courier contract?
This idea is not good and only there to make it easier for
some people and in the same time killing parts of eve.

Yawn Corp
Posted - 2009.04.23 09:08:00 - [40]

Piracy doesn't need to be made easier.

Posted - 2009.04.23 09:09:00 - [41]

I know where you're coming from on this, Tank but I don't think it's a solution (any solution, not just your suggestion) that CCP should provide.

The players should, and often do, sort this logistic problem out themselves. When your corp / alliance can't, then you have a problem within that Corp / alliance not with the game itself.

Feed thyself young (old?) one. Cool

Mr Reason
Posted - 2009.04.23 09:11:00 - [42]

Trading, hauling and logistics are a very important part in EVE and, as it should be in a proper MMO, requires actual player input. It's another facet of the game, which makes it more interesting and diverse.

Interbus should NEVER happen.

Knights of the Silver Dawn
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2009.04.23 09:52:00 - [43]

is that hard to manufacture own ship? just mine or buy material manufature it! or ask other play to deliver ships for you... just pay ISK for it! easy right? Very Happy

Elaine Wiggan
Posted - 2009.04.23 10:00:00 - [44]

I get paid A lot OF ISK as my main source of income . moving ships to and from high to low sec, I would have to say even consiering this will harm the market in more ways than you can even imagine, I ship t2's goods all around , minerals * all manner of low sec goods to high and back.

This concept is stupid beyond belief.

< Posted with alt - to avoid the gate bubbles :) )

Lady Galadriel
Red Frog Freight
Posted - 2009.04.23 10:06:00 - [45]

Originally by: Tank CEO
Alts can't move battleships in a transport.

No but other players can in freighters .. move on tank mate, your talking arse again cause your a lazy bastard :)

Tank CEO
Dark Cartel
Posted - 2009.04.23 10:08:00 - [46]

You guys act like this is so bad its going to destroy the game? Why? Why will it destroy the game? All it would do is make the game better because you will be able to buy ships instantly...

No more waiting.. This kind of feature would ONLY, ONLY apply to ships, no equipment, no trade goods, no minerals.

Interbus would be restricted by the following rules.

- Only useable once every 2 hours
- Only able to ship to locations in same region
- If transporting to a location in low-sec, the system must be next to a high-sec system
- Capital Ships will not be eligible
- A cost would be required for this feature based on ship size
- Ship will be deliver with 25-50% armor (to prevent this feature from being used as 'reinforcements')
- 0.0 will not be eligible for this feature

Everyone will benefit from this man. Everyone.

Tank CEO
Dark Cartel
Posted - 2009.04.23 10:09:00 - [47]

Originally by: Lady Galadriel
Originally by: Tank CEO
Alts can't move battleships in a transport.

No but other players can in freighters .. move on tank mate, your talking arse again cause your a lazy bastard :)

Yea name one person who will transport a battleship in a freighter to a person he doesn't know..

Posted - 2009.04.23 10:12:00 - [48]

Originally by: Tank CEO
Yea name one person who will transport a battleship in a freighter to a person he doesn't know..

Yes, that takes me back to my earlier post on this subject where you need to get corp or alliance mates to help out, especially with no alt available.

Like I said, I see where your coming from, but I think this is a no no for CCP to supply a "fix".

Yo Sup
Posted - 2009.04.23 10:13:00 - [49]

Originally by: Tank CEO one person who will transport a battleship in a freighter to a person he doesn't know..


How many and where do you want them?

Trucker Mike
Posted - 2009.04.23 10:32:00 - [50]

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The EVE Online Moderation team

The Xenodus Initiative.
Posted - 2009.04.23 10:33:00 - [51]

Perhaps the people who are for this idea could club together to form a coalition that would protect another body of people who agreed to deliver these ships & modules to low-sec on a regular basis? Y'know, a symbiotic relationship between two parties with a mutual need who have otherwise contrasting ideals.

The thing is with this is that the foundations are there in the game for this sort of thing to be possible, but if you're the sort of person who just wants to see the pretty ship explosions of any transport ship that appears in low-sec, without a wider consideration for the longer-term implications for you, then you're your own worst enemy really.

Not saying that you should stop pirating (obviously), but that you probably have the means if this is such a concern to you to rectify the problem yourself, with like-minded pirates who agree with your position.

It's A Trap
It's A Trap Alliance
Posted - 2009.04.23 11:08:00 - [52]

I'd love interbus.

Though I would see a slightly different version.

It'd cost based on the distance, and sec status.

It would NOT be instant. It'd take the same amount of time it would take a freighter to move there. This is for RP value as well as a limiter on how fast things could be moved.

Delivery to low sec would cost more.

Delivery to 0.0 would only be possible to 0.0 Outposts with a special upgrade to the outpost that would cost as much as the outpost itself. Delivery to 0.0 would be delayed at least 24hrs.

Example. You want to move a Fully fit/rigged/ammo'd Tier 3 BS from Jita to lowsec. The ship would cost say.. 250K per jump in highsec, 500K per jump in lowsec, and 1 mil per jump in 0.0.

Only Ships, ammo, Modules, Rigs would be moveable. Mins, fuels, building components, trade goods, and so on could not be moved.

This would mean you could move a Tier 3 Fully fit ship to highsec for only a few mil. To lowsec for more, and to 0.0 for a lot more. It may cost you up to 20% of the cost of the item to have it moved from Jita to deep in 0.0 space.

Would people pay for it? SURE they would.

It'd be a great isk sink for the game. Hell, overnight it'd change how people buy/sell.

Just think of all the extra time folks could spend on making isk, blowing things up, and so on.

Bonny Lee
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2009.04.23 11:12:00 - [53]

Originally by: Cors
Hell, overnight it'd change how people buy/sell.

I dont know why that should be good. The market is one of the very good things in eve.
And its fun to go and buy something from time to time.

Dark Soldat
Genos Occidere
Posted - 2009.04.23 11:43:00 - [54]

i haz ur corpse Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2009.04.23 11:51:00 - [55]

Pirates moaning about rubbish logistics is my favorite thing in EVE. "Oh look a hauler "POP" Damn I'm so 1337 in my ganking BS"....."Waaah. No-one will bring me replacements for ships I lose (Sound of dummy being spat and hitting the floor)"
If you live somewhere hostile you have to accept the penalties and if you aren;t getting shipments into your systems then your buy orders aren;t worth enough for the hassle of dealing with characters like you in game on gates. Either get you hand in your pocket and pay more or get your own logistics sorted out.
What you want next? An NPC fleet to attack POS's if you pay "Inter-POS-Destruction-bus" because you can;t get a fleet together to do it yourself?

EVE is all about the players. Not pandering to lazy characters who can;t be bothered to work for their stuff

Andres Talas
Posted - 2009.04.23 11:53:00 - [56]


I'm willing to quote on your contract.

Please put up appropriate guarantees with Chribba that I wont get ganked while I deliver your stuff.

Failing that, can I have your stuff ?

Damo xenos
Posted - 2009.04.23 12:24:00 - [57]

This is stupid

CCP made courier contracts, to keep as much as possible player controlled, like the market, why oh why would you want to change one of the best things about eve?

I agree with the person talking about your corp/alliance, most corps I have been part of have a jump frieghter service or even a carrier service for those rigged ships, to be brought to 0.0 or low sec, they are usually pretty well priced aswell, most just asking you pay fuel cost plus a little more

Posted - 2009.04.23 12:58:00 - [58]

Interbus is a silly idea and would signal the end of courrier contracts and while you're at it you might as well remove all hauling ships from New Eden. Managing logistics is a big part of what makes Eve such an immersive environment. Why cut good parts out of the game?

If you're truly having a problem getting ships etc to you location you might come to 'an arangement' with a manufacturing and logistic corp in game.

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2009.04.23 13:22:00 - [59]

Originally by: Pa1nbringr
Some of you fools should hold your tongues before you start spitting crap out of your mouths. I've known Tank forever, and can guarantee you that's the same person that created the account years ago. Someone is going to tell me I sold my account too, you little ****s can eat ****.

Ssshhhhhh... boner.

Shar LaMayne
Posted - 2009.04.23 13:32:00 - [60]

Sure someone could contract me to bring a ship into low sec. Upon arrival I would get popped. Or it might be a setup popping. Blinky folks shoot everyone, and now folks don't want to come out and deliver stuff.

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