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Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.04.20 00:30:00 - [1]

Edited by: PhatBoy on 25/04/2009 05:38:21
Edited by: PhatBoy on 20/04/2009 03:20:54
Tears of Redemption PVP corp is now recruiting. After taking a break as CEO due to military the corp is back up and running. We are members of Avarice alliance, Based in cloud ring/syndicate. Our corp was formed December 27th, 2006. I PhatBoy am CEO. If this thread appeals to you and you want to learn more information about our corp, feel free to join our corp's public channle "TOR Public" or feel free to send me a mail or convo.

As a Member of Tears of Redemption some of the things you have to look forward to are as followed:

ArrowA wonderful world of pvp from small gangs to cap gangs

ArrowGreat Corp/Alliance leadership

ArrowHelp from experienced players

ArrowVoice comms

ArrowKillboard and Forums

ArrowYou won't get camped for days on end in a station

ArrowAccess to 0.0 outpost's

Requirements To Join:

Exclamation2M SP

ExclamationMust be able to use voice comms. I.E Teamspeak/Ventrillo

ExclamationMust be Self-Sufficient

ExclamationYou gotta know how to take jokes and have fun

ExclamationHave a friendly and positive attitude

ExclamationWork well with others

ExclamationNo PVP experience is needed training will be given if your brand new to pvp.

The following video's that I am posting are some video's that members of my corp have made. These video's are a mixture of just Tears of Redemption members and Allies/Alliance members. Credits are given at the end of each video, stateing who all was in the battle and the maker of the video. I hope you all enjoy Laughing

Remember if you want anymore details contact me in game or join "TOR public". I hope you all enjoy the videos and hope to see some new faces soon.

*Tears Of Redemption CEO*

Fallen Angel's
The G0dfathers
Posted - 2009.04.20 00:51:00 - [2]

Phatboy and Grim are great lads.. Fully recommended corp.. Good Luck mates! Razz

Play Dead
Syndicate Enterprise
Posted - 2009.04.20 01:03:00 - [3]

Join them. :]

Do it.

Posted - 2009.04.20 01:12:00 - [4]

Tor is a great corp i have worked side by side with the members of Tears of Redemption. These guys are awsome at pvp and love to have fun. good luck Phatty

Posted - 2009.04.20 01:17:00 - [5]

hey mematar, i know your not mem anymore but thats who i met you as and thats who you always will be my phat mem lol. but hey i see you started TOR back up thats awsome news bro. i think ill come back ill contact you in game. BTW i still remember every single battle from those videos lol they turned out to be awsome vids.

Dirt Nap Associates
Posted - 2009.04.20 01:22:00 - [6]

A great Guy and a Great corp Need i say more?

Lokri Kas
Posted - 2009.04.20 01:47:00 - [7]

Phattypants is a nice guy to talk to and and good fc, so join him i say!...... (p.s. bump for a friend)

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.04.20 02:10:00 - [8]

awwe thank you all i feel loved

Posted - 2009.04.20 02:49:00 - [9]

I have known Phatboy for many years ,he is a constant voice in the EVE world interconected with multi-corps and aliances .his expertise in EVE is one only shadowed by my own.
He has allways been there ...when you need him the most,I've have only known and been shown honor and respect from him and the corps he's run or servered ,we are all the better for his safe return to the game and home ....BOB8

blood company
Posted - 2009.04.20 03:09:00 - [10]

phatboy is cute

blood company
Posted - 2009.04.20 03:10:00 - [11]

phatboy is cute

Muppet Factory
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2009.04.20 03:23:00 - [12]

i give this post at 5/10....

lol kidding. I made the videos back in the day of TSDS with TOR, good times then. Phatboy is a long time friend and I fully vouch for his corporation. Good guys with a good alliance, that is what you need in eve.

TOR Public is the channel u need to be in. If your not in there, your not cool.

Hairy Arse
Tears of Redemption
Posted - 2009.04.20 04:45:00 - [13]

<3 Phatty McPhat Phat

Xanthippie Orion
Tears of Redemption
Skunk Works.
Posted - 2009.04.20 04:55:00 - [14]

Oi. ToR is a GREAT corp for those interested in low-sec to null sec PvP and good times. Enough said.

Charling Chang
Posted - 2009.04.20 05:32:00 - [15]

Edited by: Charling Chang on 20/04/2009 05:32:35
hmm I wouldn't say great and corp in the same sentence should even be used in conjuntion with these guys -

Killboard link is removed.Applebabe

they even leave a fellow member to die they don't even tell or warn each other in comms talk about joining a corp and being solo.

if you ever plan on joining a corp/alliance try another one better still just dec these guys for training purposes your own members will thank you :)

good ownage guys keep up the crappy work :)

Hairy Arse
Tears of Redemption
Posted - 2009.04.20 05:46:00 - [16]

wow im glad to see a repo rep decided to jump in and say something. hey btw did you happen to search my corp in repo's killboard? if you did then u would see we have only had 1 death to repo and that was in TSDS alliance like 1.5-2years ago smart one

Charling Chang
Posted - 2009.04.20 06:07:00 - [17]

Edited by: Charling Chang on 20/04/2009 06:08:46
nope not repo i did a little investigation and found out your not really a team spirited alliance at all, infact I would have to say you really don't play nice with other boys and girls at all.

but calling me repo was not an insult so no point denying it you'll think what you want to think :) now wont you :)

oh and btw your post did point out just how well you play with your other corp's in the alliance hey lol

Hairy Arse
Tears of Redemption
Posted - 2009.04.20 06:16:00 - [18]

i said repo because you linked their kb also just because you "heard" something doesnt make it true. everyone has their own looks on things

Hairy Arse
Tears of Redemption
Posted - 2009.04.20 06:22:00 - [19]

o and btw Killboard link is removed.Applebabethat looks like pretty good team work to me

Charling Chang
Posted - 2009.04.20 06:25:00 - [20]

lol come on bubble camping a gate really is only kill mail whoring now go away and learn to play with others lol Laughing

Hairy Arse
Tears of Redemption
Posted - 2009.04.20 06:28:00 - [21]

lol dude your slow do you honestly think we bubbled deads carriers and mom on a gate....seriously take this to the flame forum so i can have fun with you. either that or back what you say up

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2009.04.20 06:42:00 - [22]

Only the best group of pilots, and great ass leaders.


Play Dead
Syndicate Enterprise
Posted - 2009.04.20 06:42:00 - [23]

Originally by: Charling Chang
lol come on bubble camping a gate really is only kill mail whoring now go away and learn to play with others lol Laughing

I know you're in repo, but are you really that stupid?

Damage done (ISK): 106.45B
Damage received (ISK): 19.96B
Efficiency: 84.21%

That's our alliance efficiency, as far as camping gates goes that's really more your thing. In you ever actually wanted to find us, you might want to check the sov map. We're in the west.

Anyway, I know you think you're awesome because you can catch lone battleships traveling from Jita to 0.0 but the rest of us are actually just laughing at how pathetic "mercs" like you are. Real mercs would actually engage us, but the fact is you guys were too scared to even come into our low-sec jump off point.

Now why don't you stop trolling this recruitment thread with your emorage bs and go camp Jita about it, noob.

Charling Chang
Posted - 2009.04.20 07:25:00 - [24]

This post has been cleared of inappropriate content.

The EVE Online Moderation team

Ever Flow
Posted - 2009.04.20 08:03:00 - [25]

Edited by: WhiteSavage on 20/04/2009 08:06:25
Is this charling dude a joke or what?

Hey post on your main tough guy.

And CAOD is that ------>>>>>> way.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.04.20 08:22:00 - [26]

Flown with phatboy off and on for years, trust him with my life.
If he says tor is good, then I am all for it

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.04.20 09:39:00 - [27]

Great guy and a great corp; I wish you the best of luck phats. Join join ;D

Posted - 2009.04.20 12:33:00 - [28]

Phatboy smells good!!!YARRRR!!

Posted - 2009.04.20 13:48:00 - [29]

Edited by: Raok on 20/04/2009 13:51:55
recently joined and having a ball already

Posted - 2009.04.20 16:16:00 - [30]

These guys are Top stuff, i've worked with both PhatBoy and Grim and are the best at what they do!

join them

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