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Prof Luke
Posted - 2009.04.17 21:38:00 - [1]

Needs to be able to use T2 Strip Miners, with most T2 Crystals, good Ice mining skills. Also most mining related skills should be level 4 or 5. If you have one for sale, please let me know ASAP. Money is not really an object but a good price will definitely get me to jump on the offer. In game mail will work best, but I will take offers and skill links here too. Thanks.

Special Operator
Posted - 2009.04.17 22:14:00 - [2]


Gallious Chaos
Posted - 2009.04.17 22:47:00 - [3]

make me an offerLink

Prof Luke
Posted - 2009.04.17 22:56:00 - [4]

What is the current location of this toon along with what assets I would be getting?

Gallious Chaos
Posted - 2009.04.17 23:00:00 - [5]

Currently in high sec Caldari space
if interested could leave you with a hulk
would have to check on other assest most likely would move to other char

Prof Luke
Posted - 2009.04.17 23:13:00 - [6]

Well, I will offer 2.5B without any assets, and I would have to move him to 0.0 space, out to Wicked Creek. If you dont think that is fair, please give me a price that you think is fair since I have never purchased an alt before but I really need to have an alt for mining to make some money on the side out here. Thanks.

Prof Luke
Posted - 2009.04.18 01:07:00 - [7]


Posted - 2009.04.18 16:05:00 - [8]


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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