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The xDEATHx Squadron
Legion of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2009.05.04 15:19:00 - [121]

Originally by: Taedrin
Originally by: Chribba
So, in order for LEAST wear&tear (heat) - vsync+interval one is the way to go? I'm fine with 20fps if that means my GPU sticks at 50C rather than 85 I'm all happy. What to do?

Yes. Interval Immediate tells the graphics card to do as much work as it possibly can, while interval one (vsynch) allows it to take a break between frame refreshes. BTW, I think we've actually already gone over this in this thread Laughing

The linked thread also tells why you need to run with vsynch off if you ever expect your uncapped FPS to drop below screen refresh (60).

To recap: vsynch will cause dropped frames and an actual lowered framerate during GPU intensive scenes when your uncapped FPS drops below screen refresh.

Benzaiten Reverse
Posted - 2009.05.04 17:42:00 - [122]

Originally by: Red Wid0w
Yeah listen to what people are telling you. YOU NEVER HAD 150 FPS. YOUR MONITOR CAN ONLY DISPLAY 60 (more than likely). All you are doing with your 150fps is wasting processing power, thus reducing the responsiveness of your background apps. Turn VSYNCH on and lock your fps to 60 and there WILL BE NO DIFFERENCE TO EVE. However, everything else on your pc will run faster.

Oh, and those 120hz LCDs are rubbish, they interpolate between frames basically.

Eve is all but just Graphic card hungry, it dont take much CPU and background apps depend mostly just on CPU.

As for VSYNC on, you are just hard limiting number of frames that GC render and at least on my PC it reduce responsivnes of game itself when there is shift on GC ussage.
Most important is that OS itself is balancing usage of resources between applications and when there is change in requirements there is also delay as OS need to do lots of stuff (ie waiting for current tasks to finish).
So, when you are limiting fps to 60 (GK, CPU, buffers memory is from big part used by another application or OS itself) and lets say small fleet jumped on you or you get lots of particles from huge explosion to render, your FPS goes down (lets say by half to 30 but can be more) for while before OS assign you more resources and they goes back up. If you are not limiting your GC performance you have same situation, but not that drastical, but even if so going down from 150 to 120 fps is not something you will recognize.

In EVE its not that big issue, but in some fast action games it make difference.

Kyra Felann
The Scope
Posted - 2009.05.04 18:24:00 - [123]

Originally by: johny B5
thanks, it worked! I didn'd know these settings before and didn't change them. that's why i was confused.
Here's how to do it:
1. Go to Grafiks & Displays
2. Check box "Advanced settings"
3. Set "Present intervall" to "Intervall immediate"

Yup, that's how to enable ugly screen-tearing and waste resources while gaining no visual improvement.

Kyra Felann
The Scope
Posted - 2009.05.04 18:41:00 - [124]

Originally by: masternerdguy
the human eye sees up to around 22fps, so anything above that is wasted anyway.

I used to believe this also, but it's completely wrong.

The human eye has no framerate. It is an analog device and can discern very high framerates. Also, lower framerates like in movies look smooth to the eye because of motion-blur, which most games don't have.

Do some actual reading about the subject instead of just repeating wrong things you hear on the internet.

Lt Angus
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2009.05.04 18:41:00 - [125]

I love this thread Cool
I bet half these guys paint stripes on their cars to make them go faster

Henry Loenwind
Area 42
Posted - 2009.05.05 15:11:00 - [126]

Originally by: Kyra Felann
lower framerates like in movies look smooth to the eye because of motion-blur, which most games don't have.

I feel I need to qft this fact again.

The human eye LOVES motion blur. It evolved in (or was constructed for, if you like) an environment where there was motion blur and it would have been a major investment to avoid it. So the brain decided to use the motion blur to its advantage instead.

If we see something that moves, we expect motion blur. If there is none, we will notice that.

So, we have a computer that produces frames that have not motion blur. What can we do to avoid the eye from noticing it? 3 possibilities:

(1) Add motion blur. For this the computer needs to compute additional frames and blend them together. To reduce the needed frames, rendering can be restricted to parts of the frame that have changed.

(2) Add blur around moving objects. Cheap and simple, the application knows which objects are moving and can add simple blur around them. Or if the camera is moving, it can just add blur over the whole screen.

(3) More fps to the eye. If there are more frames delivered to the eye, there will be some kind of saturation, meaning that the frames will blend together. And blended frames are blury where they are different.

Frames with motion blur look fine at 24fps (movies, either with real blur or CGI/SFX with solution #1), where computer games need more, e.g. 60fps (the max a normal LCD will display) to utilize solution #3.


People state that games feel more responsive without vsync. Read my large 3-post post and you'll know why. In short: Normal vsync introduces additional lag in the chain from game to eye. (actually it's not lag but older frames)


BTW: Thanks to the one who posted the info about DirectX. The last time I worked with teh software side of this, "VESA" was something some graphic cards supported <g>

Henry Loenwind
Area 42
Posted - 2009.05.05 15:12:00 - [127]

Originally by: Lt Angus
I love this thread Cool
I bet half these guys paint stripes on their cars to make them go faster

Hey, that actually works.

Cars with stripes appear to move faster to the observer (the stripes look like motion blur). And usually people who paoint stripes on their cars don't actually want to go fast, they want to impress other people by making them think they go fast...

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