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Reatu Krentor
Void Spiders
Fate Weavers
Posted - 2010.01.07 23:41:00 - [1141]

Is this thread still being looked at post dominion?
anyway my top 3:

  1. Tech 1 ships: There are a significant amount of T1 ships that are effectively useless because of antiquated tier seperation. For example a Slasher, though intended as a tackler rarely(if ever)gets used as such due to lack of slots.

  2. Frigate sized weaponry: Turrets have a discrepancy in fitting requirements, projectile turrets have very low requirements relative to lasers and hybrids. Missiles otoh are sorely lacking in dps, rockets being chief of the suck pile.

  3. Assault frigs: 4th bonus kthx, maybe make them to a marauder style fitting? doo eet!

Fettered Soul
Posted - 2010.01.09 04:37:00 - [1142]

Kronos is underpowered. Compare DPS of Golem and Paladin with DPS of Kronos. Becouse of blaster range I use Rails for PVE. I see that Railgun tracking and DPS are lower then Beam Lasers.

Midori Amiiko
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2010.01.09 10:56:00 - [1143]

1: implant expensive as those buggers are, a person with lvl 5 salvage (or maybe another skill like biology) should be able to recover them from frozen corpses. Implants show up in officer wrecks, right?
2: AI needs to be a little sharper. Rats shouldn't attack players when Concord is in the same belt. I like how rats jump around in a system, but at lower sec levels (less than 0.3) they should scan down and attack uncloaked ships in safe spots. They should hang around stations. If there's a rat-related combat anomaly then there should be a period of boosted spawn rates for as long as it exists. Sometimes rats in nul-sec will warp to a gate. They should camp it--for real. If there's an officer spawn, all rats should act in a co-ordinated manner, especially when it comes to defending that officer.
3: not really a balance issue, but it's strange to get items in loot drops that I probably should have seen used during the fight. Drones come to mind. Might be fun to see more drones used by NPC's against PvE'ers.

The Night Wardens
Viro Mors Non Est
Posted - 2010.01.10 04:24:00 - [1144]

1) blasters. wow. either increase their range, or their tracking by A LOT. also, t2 ammo needs to NOT have a stacking for the penalties. a maelstrom with 8 guns and quake ammo? it energy neutralizes itself! totally useless compared to faction EMP ammo.

2)Armor tank vs shield tank. In any scenario, a shield tank is always going to rep more dps than armor. shields have an active implants set (crystals) and armor gets a passive bonus that's really only good on battleship and larger sized ships. even dual repping armor (i.e. 2 large armor reps) is less effective than using a x-large shield booster compared to large (same fitting requirements, fyi) the only way to best a shield tank is to use faction reps (but oh wait....that doesn't make a difference compared to faction shield stuff)-armor doesn't tank as much dps as a equivalent shield setup, and we loose space for damage mods. conversly, shield tankers loose spots for tackling and ab/mwd mods. it needs to be fixed-one have a reason for less dps tank-like more dps done

3) low/null sec vs. missions: My alliance is based out of the scalding pass region, and as of dominion, we have all of the system upgrades to lvl 4-5. Ratting for an hour, even with chained belts is FAR less profitable than missioning (I average one every 45-90 minutes, and can make up to 25 mil in that time using my abaddon) The only way null sec is better than mission is when the odd 7 or 8 level plex pops up, and i'm not on very often (college student) change up null sec profitablity. thx

Exitar Stormscion
Posted - 2010.01.14 06:37:00 - [1145]

1) T3 ships. They are not really that versatile as it is thought they are , majority of subsistems suck ( bonuses and fittings and stats ) . I dont ask to buff usefull setups but subsistems like wakelimiter and drone subsistem on legion are very very bad. Modular design is quite bad it is usually deference between 6 4 6 or 6 5 5 slot layout or something like that. Very few options for so expansive ships.

2) Asault frigates and some T1 cruisers need buffs ( aurgoror ).

3) t2 ammo needs rebalansing.

Lemmy Kravitz
Posted - 2010.01.14 22:38:00 - [1146]

Edited by: Lemmy Kravitz on 14/01/2010 22:38:54
Neuts.... vamps and cap boosters aren't a very good counter

ECM drones they need a nerf, or make the other Ewar drones just as powerfull.. actually make the other ewar drones more powerfull

Target Painter bonus for mimi ships. it's near useless. Give use maybe bonus to vamps, or extra bonus to speed, eh.... a bonus to something more usefull than target painters. maybe ECCM. idk.

T2 ammo needs to be fixed

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.01.15 03:04:00 - [1147]

There's a balance issue I'd like to raise. Tho I have absolutely no hope that it will be taken seriously or addressed in anyway, I'll do it out of principle.

The issue is about "hot dropping" cyno mechanics.
I think current implementation of cyno generator makes it too easy for anyone to create a hot drop. On top of ease of use, it is very hard to identify ships carrying cyno. Certainly a ship scanner can be used, but it would be extremely inefficient in battle situation. And even you know the ship is a cyno bait, there are no game tools to identify the strength or location of the gang waiting on that cyno.

In EVE, being a "smart" pvp'er goes a long way. But it doesn't matter how smart you are when you enemy just happens to have a cyno with a gang waiting many jumps away. It is totally random, and that randomness ruins the fun of trying to outwit the enemy.

I would suggest that the balance should shift slightly against "hot drop" tactic users by making it easy to visually identify cyno carrying ships on Overview.
And perhaps, introducing a new module that creates cyno-jammer effect within 30km radius - basically tackle range for pvp. Such a module should have similar fitting stats as cyno generator.

it's impact on the battlefield would be such that hot dropping would be a little less sudden and more difficult - 30+ km from target. It would allow players on both sides to make more elaborate battle strategies.

Markus Chen
Super Friends Club
Posted - 2010.01.15 20:31:00 - [1148]

1. Tech II ammo. For example, look at heavy precision missiles. I assume they are meant for hitting interceptors (unless it was assumed a drake would wait ten seconds to switch ammo types to get on a frig/assault-frig killmail). Sadly though, the reduced range, inadequate explosion radius and slow relative speed of the missile itself have rendered this ammo type useless to me in most every situation.

Daishi Kurita
Illicit Technologies
Eternal Rapture
Posted - 2010.01.17 19:03:00 - [1149]

Edited by: Daishi Kurita on 18/01/2010 15:38:01
1. Data Interfaces for invention need to expire! Not quickly at all but EVENTUALLY. The price of interfaces are in the toilet! Major rewards of your "mini-profession" hacking are becoming totally worthless. I would call the rewards highly broken already. But really with interfaces never ever expiring, in a year or sooner there will be NO REWARD AT ALL.

2. Boost the amount of battleships and better the chances of escalations / faction spawns in 0.0 Cosmic Anomalies:

It is a simple solution that would solve the imbalance of Level 4 missions to living in 0.0. It was claimed that Dominion would support more players in a system and really it hasn't changed at all.

NOBODY is running Cosmic Anomalies, people still rely on belt rats and DED complexes for the majority of income in 0.0. (which has been the case for half a decade) Many escalation complexes and cosmic anomalies are underwhelming in terms of rewards and isk per hour. The rats inside need to be more battleship oriented for better salvage and bounties, also the chance of escalation needs to be significantly boosted and the jump radius needs to be HIGHLY reduced. If you expect to be able to support more people in a smaller area you cant expect people to run off into hostile space to finish an escalation.

Ontop of that non-escalating anomalies need more consistent rewards in general. With Level 4 missions you have guaranteed rewards (lp) and bonuses from agents (implants and other goodies).

Drakes With Frickin' Lazerbeams
Posted - 2010.01.18 22:36:00 - [1150]

1) Shortrange Missiles: Rockets should have competitive damage to their counterpart weapon systems. Torpedoes should have range scaled properly with their class, currently they have the range of cruiser sized weapons.

2) Tech 1 'Tiering': Currently there are very few tech 1 ships that adequately fill their intended role, would be good to see these buffed. Particularly thinking about tackling frigates (condor, executioner, atron, slasher) getting interceptor-style bonuses, and logistics hulls (osprey, scythe, execquror, auguror) getting proper logistics-style bonuses and fitting instead of lolmining bonuses. This will greatly widen opportunities for entry level PVP, as well as making T1 PVP gangs much more viable and diverse. Similarly roles at BC level could also use a rework, gallente have 2 BCs with active tank bonuses (no gang ships ugh), Amarr have T2 missile boats but nothing at tech 1 that acts as a midway point (missile mauler/proph plox YARRRR!!)...

3) ECM: (Forlorn hope choice, can't help myself Sad). Targeting is the way that all ships interact in eve, so having modules or drones that can arbitrarily remove this ability is pretty risky business to start with. I'd say currently ECM is reasonably well balanced in gang/fleet situations but still far too effective on single targets: there needs to be some kind of penalty for using multiple ECM devices on the same target simultaneously, or mechanics need to be altered so that its much harder to create the 'permajammed' illusion.

thoth rothschild
Method of Destruction
Snatch Victory
Posted - 2010.01.18 23:55:00 - [1151]

1) EOS - Very very unpopular ship
2) BO - scanres penalty cloak
3) rockets - who uses em ?

Dr Cedric
Orbital Industry and Research.
Posted - 2010.01.19 05:34:00 - [1152]

I'll add in my opinion, mostly since I can't be flamed in this thread!! HA!

1. Tier System: It totally antiquates almost all of the sub BS sized ships (perhaps the logistics/ewar cruisers are saved, but every frigate and the Tier 1 BC's are basically useless) Please undo the "tier-ing" of at least the BC's and put them on even grounds with each other. They should be there for players to have alternatives, not so players have an obsolete, underpowered, under-flown ship.

2. More destroyer variants: this probably goes with the un-tier-ing mentioned in number 1. There are 5-6 frigate choices, 4 cruiser choices, 2 BC choices and 3 BS choices....there should be at least 3 destroyer choices included in this, and they should not be tiered. In other words equally powerful platforms for different play styles, and perhaps the odd "salvage boat" idea that lots have posted with.

3. Black Ops. For a half a billion ISK investment, it would be nice to get better performance from these ships than what currently stands. Perhaps a change in the decloak sensor calibration timer, perhaps a few extra high slots, perhaps resists in line w/ HAC's/Logistics and almost every other T2 ship in the game.

4. Just cuz i can!! T3 ships: With all the variations availiable, there still seems to be one favorite choice for most players, and I think thats because most of the sub-systems underperform compared to the one "FOTM" subsystem. I can speak from Tengu Experience that the Missile sub-system is really the only good option, and thats for PvP/E in most cases. Yeah, it can do other things, but you really have to sacrifice alot of survivability and/or damage to do those things, that, honestly, a T2 recon or Logistic or Command ship can do MUCH better.

that is all : )

Katherine Rouge
The Scope
Posted - 2010.01.23 18:06:00 - [1153]

Edited by: Katherine Rouge on 23/01/2010 18:19:43
1. Rockets.
Can't even hit most frigate-sized vessels, when they do, the damage is negligible. See e.g Vengeance, Condor

2. Tank on Drakes.
Drakes being the only BCs capable of soloing class 3s wormholes with average skills is the best example. Passive tanked Drake in pvp is also unbalanced.

3. Local in k-space.
Reveals far too much info.

Posted - 2010.01.28 18:04:00 - [1154]

My list of imbalances :

Webifiers : There is no counter module, makes frigates and destroyers pretty much useless if they get webbed. Suggestions : Give us a module to reduce or negate webifiers. Also, make webifier less effective against larger ships (it's mainly an anti-frigate device anyway). Maybe change the webifier effect so it increase mass or inertia, making the ship sluggish but not unable to move.

Missiles : Often cheaper than gun ammos. I think it would make sense if their cost reflected their tracking nature. Also would be nice if there was a working counter to missiles so it's possible to avoid their damage in some way. Maybe a missile jammer module or something.

Tanking : This is an imbalance because shooting cost isks, but tanking does not. The way the game works, it's possible to tank indefinitely and repair all damage for free (meaning we hardly ever use repair facility if we have the skills to use repair modules). Repair modules (be it shields, armor, hull) should have a maximum amount of damage they can repair/refil, then need to be refiled/repaired/replaced. This would create a new isk sink too.

Fettered Soul
Posted - 2010.01.29 01:55:00 - [1155]

Autocannons require tiny amount of CPU and PG comparing with Blasters and Lasers Evil or Very Mad

Beshla Tikolumor
Posted - 2010.02.02 17:31:00 - [1156]

1) + 2) + 3) Black Ops need their jump range doubled. Currently they frequently can't even jump from one constellation to the next within one region.

Tagami Wasp
Sarz'na Khumatari
Posted - 2010.02.05 22:09:00 - [1157]

1) Rockets, you know you said they need fixing CCP, get to it.

2) Railguns. FFS, do something, they need more dps.

3) Caldari railboats. They need more powergrid.

4) LAGGGGG. Before anything else fix that, or there is no reason to balance anything. LOL

Soon Shin
Posted - 2010.02.08 17:13:00 - [1158]

Edited by: Soon Shin on 08/02/2010 17:13:46
I think the Paladin should have its bonuses fixed. At Amarr BS5 it does 25% less damage than the Abaddon and the Nightmare beats it out at its relative BS 5. If you look at the other maruaders, they have their battleships skill give them a damage related boosts. So at BS5 the Kronos and Vargur has a 25% boost, the Golem has a damage boost in regards to its 25% explosion velocity (makes torpedos more viable), the Paladin has zero. It it only at Marauders Level 5, that it receives the same bonuses which requires more than a month and a million SP to do so.

Not to mention CCP seems to have given all the maruaders the same amount of Cap (5625 GJ) without factoring in for the ships themselves. The Paladin has 33% less capacitor than its Tech 1 counterpart the Apocalypse (7500 GJ) and it does not match up to it even with max skills (7032 GJ) and it also does not even have reduction in cap use for laser than the Apocalypse does.

It may not be as much of a factor since it uses half the guns, but the Kronos also has the same advantage and Golem and Vargur's weapons don't use cap at all. The Paladin's capacitor should be increased to 7500 GJ like the Apocalypse, and have its cap bonus replaced. The other marauders have had their capacitor increased or stayed the same. It should be replaced with a tracking bonus that all other marauders receive. The Golem gets a bonus to target painters which is like a tracking computer.

Both the Kronos and the Paladin has a fairly useless bonus to stasis to webifiers. Blasters are not viable for missions which leaves only Railguns for the Kronos, and the Paladin is meant to use Tachyons and perhaps Mega Pulses, in which webifiers will do little for the ranges that they operate in. I propose replacing the stasis webifier with the bonus to range that both Golem and Vargur receive.



Amarr Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to capacitor capacity and 10% bonus to the velocity factor of stasis webifiers per level

Marauder Skill Bonus: 7.5% bonus to repair amount of armor repair systems and 5% bonus to large energy turret damage per level


Gallente Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to large hybrid weapon damage and 10% bonus to the velocity factor of stasis webifiers per level

Marauder Skill Bonus: 7.5% bonus to repair amount of armor repair systems and 7.5% bonus to large hybrid weapon tracking per level

Proposed change:


Amarr Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to large energy turret damage and 7.5% large energy turret tracking speed per level.

Marauder Skill Bonus: 7.5% bonus to repair amount of armor repair systems and 7.5% bonus to Large Energy Turret optimal range per level.


Gallente Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to large hybrid weapon damage and 7.5% bonus to large hybrid weapon tracking per level.

Marauder Skill Bonus: 7.5% bonus to repair amount of armor repair systems and 7.5% bonus to large hybrid weapon optimal range per level

This will create a better balance between the marauders and allow them to get the same damage bonuses at the same amount of required skillpoints and time.

Red Raider
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.02.17 00:25:00 - [1159]

Edited by: Red Raider on 17/02/2010 00:25:32
Instead of 3 rows of slots make 6 rows of slots along similar lines.


Yeah because balancing that would seriously screw up the next few years for you but it would fix a hell of a lot more with EVE than the current nerf/balance/nerf/balance crap.

Posted - 2010.02.17 17:06:00 - [1160]

Contrary to some previous posts I think that Active Shield Tanking is much to much inferior compared to Armor Tanking. If you decide to Active Shield Tanking you always heave big issues regarding cap due to inefficiency of Shield Tanking which means that you can't install enough hardeners. So compared to a similar Armor Tanking Setup you have laughtable low Total-HP. Armor Tanking Battleships easily get a total HP (after resists) of 100,000 points while with Active Shield Tanking you are often at laughtable 20,000 to 30,000 points. Additionally to this shields significantly increase your signature which results that you receive much more damage (this is especially true for Minmatar ships which rely on small signature).

Posted - 2010.02.17 17:18:00 - [1161]

Another point I really would like to name is: Minmatar needs more Split-Weapon-Ships with proper bonus.

Currently the only ships with Bonus to both missiles and guns are:
- Fleet Scimitar (Faction Ship)
- Typhoon + Fleet Typhoon
- Huginn
- Loki (with proper components)

Thats really weak!

Give us at least:
- One T1 and T2 Frig with Split Weapons Bonus and maybe small drone bay.
- One T1 Cruiser (non-faction) with Split Weapons Bonus
- How about changing the Cyclone to 7.5% Shieldboost + 5% Projectile and Missile ROF bonus with a 4 Missiles + 4 Guns slot Layout?

Sophia Germain
Posted - 2010.02.18 12:41:00 - [1162]

Scanners are horribly imbalanced compared to other modules in game.
Please look here for a more detailed explanation:

Posted - 2010.02.24 19:01:00 - [1163]

1 Hybrids
2 Hybrids
3 Hybrids

See the treads about em , to lazy to wall'o'text here.

Kyle Cataclysm
Posted - 2010.03.02 14:57:00 - [1164]

1) Pos graphics. All structures are cluttered, which makes accessing them difficult. Theres a thread about this in the assembly hall, called "Resurrecting the dead horse". The issue itself is four years old.

2) Mining revamp. Mineral rebalance is needed, as several mineral prices are too low. Drone regions are producing a large Nocxium/Isogen surplus. Mining in lowsec is not worth it.

3) T1 cruiser balance. Bellicose, Maller, all the T1 logistic cruisers to name a few.

Hueijin San
Estrale Frontiers
Posted - 2010.03.03 09:57:00 - [1165]

1: T3 subsystems. I can only speak for the proteus, but at least the offensive subs aren't balanced enough, with the middle-ground (Hybrid Propulsion) has a combined firepower that in most cases are superior to the other main ones; Drone Synth is nearly useless because it limits the turrets too much and Dissonic EP has no drones at all, and the meager tracking bonus over the Hybrid Prop sys doesn't offset the use of small drones for frigs+++

Also, when a T3 ship cannot compete with a T2 ship (ishtar) when it comes to passive tank and damage beyond 20km something is wrong with the t3.

2: Tanking systems. Shield tanking (active and particularily passive) has ships (races) specialized in these at a severe advantage, both to station autoregen and fittings in general. Since there is no way to passively tank armor and passive shield tanking can be so awesome, something feels unbalanced.

3: Hybrid guns. They just aren't cutting it. See other threads on this forum that sums up my concerns better than a single post could ever do.

Obsidian Hawk
RONA Corporation
RONA Directorate
Posted - 2010.03.03 19:07:00 - [1166]

1) Vargur needs more power grid to make a 1400 artillary boat, right now you sacrifice rigs and lows just to get enough power grid to even fit 1200's

2) RAILS they needz ze damage increase.

3) T3 need drone bays (im looking at the legion)

4) assualt frigs need that 4th bonus!

Posted - 2010.03.04 16:50:00 - [1167]

1) Salvaging ships - it would be nice to have a ship other than a marauder that has a tractor beam range greater than 20km.

2) Cosmic Anomalies in null sec space need to be revamped to provide a greater hourly isk income. In a system with military lvl 5, I'm lucky when 4/20 cosmic anomalies provide greater than 20mil isk. The other 16 aren't even worth warping to.

3) Escalations must have a MUCH shorter jump range.

Michael McNeil
Posted - 2010.03.04 18:50:00 - [1168]

1) AFK Cloak pilots, i think some type of timer on the cloak maybe 30 minutes to an hour, if you warp while cloaked your timer resets, if you decloak and click on the cloak button again, your timer is reset. This should solve the problem with AFK cloak pilots, I understand this doesn't solve the issue in regards to Macro players, but it will help the issue where the player logs in and cloaks then goes AFK.

2) price of ships above battleship is too low, it needs to multiplied by a factor of 100%. Everyone and their mother can get these ships now, and that reduces the idea of having a cap ship as a special weapon.

3) Sovereignty of a system should give you intel of the system you are in, should someone not set to blue enter the system that you have sovereignty over, your stargate should notify you of this as you are the owner of the system and there for should have some method of monitoring traffic.

The Deliberate Forces
Posted - 2010.03.06 07:21:00 - [1169]

Hybrid's really need some love. Just no any good reason's to fly with them this day's, except situation when you trained only for it. I mean all hybrid's, blaster's and rail's, in all classes and ship's with bonuses to them.

Posted - 2010.03.08 06:30:00 - [1170]

1. Passive shield recharge amount I don't see why that should get so many hp back because of the amount of hp that have its not like I can chuck a heap of nano bots over my ship to passively repair my armour .all so what's up with the med and low slots mods for shield tanking ?

2. ecm is overpowered compared to the other e-warfare, and all so why do that get a bs that dose e warfare but the others do not?

3, ammar and gal, why out of the 2 races are the only ones that really use cap for weapons and can only do 2 damage types, witch I don't mined but the cap hurts us more when we get nutted as we cant shoot back even if missile fitted ships get jammed that can still shot at stuff with fof and that can all so kill drones witch hurts gal dps and as for that i cant see why that many other races can use drones in there ships when its meant to be a gal thing

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