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Posted - 2009.08.13 00:06:00 - [1021]

1) Rockets
2) System Limits on how many Systems a 0.0 Alliance can hold based on a complex equation taking into account Number in Alliance Skills of the CEO in the Holding corp Ect. Also Allow those Alliance to develop the Space they hold. Outposts with Agents and ways to exploit what they own on a different level.

Posted - 2009.08.13 04:49:00 - [1022]

Edited by: Lusulpher on 13/08/2009 04:59:38
Ships-They lack promised dronebay space.
Make Capitals near-immortal with higher base resists+HP/less anti-support capability/implement EWAR Achilles heel/attach a support cost for merely owning Capitals.

Sovereignty-Lowsec is not special/defensible.
Nullsec has to compete with ISK-generation in HIGHSEC!
Mining has to compete with mineral-generation from missions!
NO specific economic bonus from sovving Nullsec?!
Planets better have a role after Fanfest. And one that forces lots of chaotic movement around system so blobs don't get to steamroll them.

Modules-Nos needs a cycle reduction to always keep cap equalized.
T2 ammo needs rebonusing.
EWAR drones need boost. ECM is fine.
Nerf fighter tracking so they are not a threat to cruisers or smaller. Buff fighter HP and damage.
Any plans to let Caldari ships use multi-type launchers, they severely need range/tracking flexibility.
Fix defender missiles at same time. Also...can't see missile launchers on my ships???

Skills-Put the smuggling book back on the market. Fix police on gates.
Look at some of those minimum thresholds again.
Remapping needs to be every 6 months.
EVEMon needs to be ingame.
All the implants ingame, please.

Carebear stuff-Why does mining not even grab my attention? no space for minigame among all those pretty rocks?
Epic Missions are supposed to have content deployed faster. Do it. Soon. First batch not so "epic".
COSMOS does not take priority over Ambulation...

Level 4 missions don't have any ship/sec status/repeat triggers or random EWAR/plot changes, each time you activate a session. Why? Add an extra set of scram frigs dammit. Or an NPC traitor who reps you/shoots down other NPCs...

Public Relations-How's Ambulation coming along?
How's WOD coming along?
How's joystick flight coming along?
how's Interbus Service coming along? God knows we need it.
How's Planetary Flight/Orbital Bombardment coming along?
How's Asteroid Colonization coming along?
Can haz cutscene for docking/undocking? Hate that loading screen there now...
Any plans for simplified avatarless bridge views/ship interiors?
How are the rest of the animations/effects with the new client coming along? Cyno,cloak/decloak, wormholes all look poo.
How are HD backgrounds, binary+ solar models for each system coming along?
Do you have a PR department? Are they well-paid? Why are you paying them?

Spent more time telling you how to fix the [best freakin' bloody] game.Mad

Iva Soreass
Friar's Club
Posted - 2009.08.13 23:41:00 - [1023]

A way to help fix standings which go beyond the -5 mark.

You have goto implement a way for players who didnt know how this would effect them when 1st starting out untill later on in there eve life when its to late and even with diplo 5 it dont help.

Ithalia Temper
Posted - 2009.08.17 19:06:00 - [1024]

This is just my personal list, I'm sure there are plenty of other pressing issues, but this is my immediate beef list.

1) many disadvantages and too few advantages. Can't field them in spidertank gangs due to the RR range, on top of the "War and Peace" sized list of other issues already listed by other posters. A blaster boat should strike fear into an opponent up close, not laughter (I'm not kidding on this one, I've been laughed at for fielding a blaster boat in a roaming gang before).

2) Web nerf, necessary, but sort of a band-aid fix. Stacking webs still have the same overall effect pre and post nerf, the target is essentially screwed. This happens alot in PVE vs. sleeper rats, I want to field something fast and blaster focused, but I can't b/c their 30km-40km webs stack making it impossible to catch anything. Just get rid of the ability to stack webs already.

3) Deimos, a.k.a. Diemost (for good reason), fix it already please. Brutix is better in almost every way except agility while being nearly 1/4th of the price. Increase the PG, slot layout, really needs help. I'm not a big fan of being confined to a drone boat since my blaster boat is struggling.

alexia menchura
Posted - 2009.08.18 23:24:00 - [1025]

1) warp jamming is great for pirating, but should not be allowed in game or have restrictions placed on there ussage. Minmatar race ships 2-1 warp jamming strength to any other race. which means pending on ship a full lower rack of warpcore stabilizers? not good... especially with Hic's.
2) missile and gun penalty's makes it not worth while to even train high skills among other modules "EW"cap/tf/grid issues...
3) even thought this is a mmo game you also have to fine balance for the single player. I love warp lockers, but it should be limited to wars/stealers or a direct attack on follow player belonging to that corp/alliance(a purpose).Rolling EyesIdea apply's to low space and allows for some to escape until proven to be a threat. perhaps rules same as docking after firing on someone.

Posted - 2009.08.18 23:47:00 - [1026]

I forgot to mention in previous changes I'd like to see... what good is the skill afterburner(Skill at using afterburners. 10% bonus to Afterburner duration per skill level) All attribute will still remain in effect thoughout whatever your duration. Whats the point of this skill and makes no sense to train it if attributes remain in effect thoughout entire say 14sec's duration time. With afterburners its 500% mass addition which all adds all mass addition modules at 500% increase. This should stop all attributes when disengaged for that duration period so you get that at Lv 4 14 sec's of none attributed addition. Super importantShocked

The NightClub
Posted - 2009.08.19 18:46:00 - [1027]

1) Level 4 Mission rewards (Possible Solution?)
2) Large Projectiles
3) Even out the salvage tables across NPC types by usage (ie: Serpentis/Guristas salvage being [mostly] crap, versus BR/Sansha/Angels being much more valueable)

Posted - 2009.08.20 02:16:00 - [1028]

1) Armor Vs Shield tanking (Way in favor of Shield tanking, specifically passive shield tanking -- Drake fitted right can passive tank 720+ dps!!! and still dish out 300+ dps!)

Mobius Fierce
Posted - 2009.08.22 07:40:00 - [1029]

Edited by: Mobius Fierce on 22/08/2009 07:43:03
The attribute system. It only serve as a block against fun things.

1st there are the lame learning skills, which are purely a delay of fun.

2nd there are the point selections themselves. Even with remaps, they only reward people who plan out characters a year at a time, like character farmers. And it makes it inefficient for anyone to try a variety of things that are not in their highest attribute.

3rd the implant thing reduces incentives for PvP and rewards character farmers who can stay docked up out of harms way. Implants should provide something useful, like tracking speed, not "learning speed" which is only useful when playing like a carebear. Even with jump clones, real life plans change and you shouldn't be punished for not knowing perfectly when you can and can not play the game.

Finally this game doesn't even need attributes. There is no game design point for them other than to reward character farmers. Everything affecting actual game play is in the non-learning skills. Just remove attributes entirely and pick a decent learning rate for everyone and be done with it. We should be here to play the game, not skill up characters most optimally by not playing them.

Istvaan Shogaatsu
Guiding Hand Social Club
Posted - 2009.08.22 13:42:00 - [1030]

Have I mentioned yet, that the Legion is a terrible under-gunned sack of crap? I think I have.


- 1 more turret/launcher. Legion's pathetic DPS puts it far behind the other T3s.
- Drone bays on the missile launcher, and laser subsystems. Much better drone bay on the drone sub, which is currently a miserable joke.
- More interesting bonuses. Proteus gets MWD cap use and scram range, Loki gets webs, Tengu gets ECM, Legion gets... nothing.

Bellum Eternus
The Scope
Posted - 2009.08.25 11:55:00 - [1031]

Indeed, the Legion does do the least amount of any of the T3 ships when using the cloaking offensive module. Needs to be fixed.

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2009.08.29 01:51:00 - [1032]

Edited by: Gunship on 29/08/2009 01:56:23
1) Get rid of the doomsday, its not good for game play and is used now extensively in sov 4 systems as an easy way to get rid of romming gangs.
Instead make it have massive staying power and upgraded firepower and tracking (so it can hit BS), make it feared when it arrives on the battlefield, but not an instant kill mashine.

2) The motherships also needs to have far better staying power to justify there costs.

3) The EOS needs some love (just look at the market price) no one flies it becasue it is crap.

Gabriel Karade
Noir. Mercenary Group
Posted - 2009.08.29 08:29:00 - [1033]

Is this thing still being read?

How about fixing the tracking formula that hasn't been re-vamped since 2004; It's full of holes, 0 m bug, doesn't properly account for angular velocity (ship rotation), doesn't account for change of target size with distance, and is generally just... old

Sgt Napalm
Veto Corp
Posted - 2009.09.01 19:46:00 - [1034]

Originally by: Gabriel Karade
Is this thing still being read?


Posted - 2009.09.02 04:27:00 - [1035]

Originally by: CCP Nozh

Balancing is an ongoing process; there will always room for improvement.

First off, are you serious? Looking at "problems" according to how many alts post their pet peeve??

Mine are Caldari/missiles:

Rockets; weakest and most despised weapon system in the game due to completely lame expl velocities and radius and range. Cannot be used against it's intended targets effectively, in short. This also screws Khanid ships.

Giant sigs.

Slowest ships.

Lowest racial dps whether rails or missiles.

Smallest ship drone bays, many with none at all.

Miniscule grid, fitting mod mandatory on many/most ships in order to fit even the "proper sized" launchers.

Nighthawk; designed before HAM's appeared and cannot fit them, cannot fit a gang mod +mwd +HML + non loltastic buffer. The other field commands CAN do all that and fit proper sized weapons. What's it's role exactly?? Field Command my hairy bum.

Ever vanishing mid slots and rig slots (tank) for missile boats due to (now) the required Painter, Web, Rigor, Flare.
Most effective Missile pvp has to happen at web range now due to your explosion velocity (and radius) across the board overnerf, even if it's a long range weapon.
Their goes our vaunted range: loldps+flight time=meh.

lolCruise anyone? Cruise is not a viable pvp weapon anymore. Add in Rockets and our shortest and longest range weapons blow chunks no matter what you do.

Frig test I did highlights some of the problems:
(All missile support Skills at 4 at the time)

T1 Sabretooth vs Veangeance with no EM resists, Sabretooth default/fitted damage of 124 with my skills at the time.

Target stationary: 115 damage
Target MWD'ing (1750ms): 105 damage
Target unmodded speed (317ms): 100 damage
Target Afterburning (707ms): 61 damage

Cald Navy Sabretooth vs Veangeance with no EM resists, Sabretooth default damage of 142 with my skills.

Target stationary: 132 damage
Target MWD'ing (1750ms): 120 damage
Target unmodded speed (317ms): 113 damage
Target Afterburning (707ms): 70 damage

Stain Empire
Posted - 2009.09.06 12:28:00 - [1036]

Dear CCP, please, rebalance Blood faction ships.

Xentara Vispari
Posted - 2009.09.09 09:59:00 - [1037]

1. passive shield tank vs. active tanking - passive shield ships tank more dps and are invulnerable
against cap drain/neut - the advantage using no cap should have a penalty compared
to active tanking (passive tanks should be weaker than active)

2. The T1 market is totally screwed up. T1 items are dropping in masses from NPC ships,
so new industry chars do hardly have any chances to make their living.
Most T1 on the market has less value, than the ore needed to build them.
Unnamed T1 items should not drop from NPCs.
This would also decrease the profit from high sec mission runners and increase the
profitablity of other forms of income.

3. Jamming is much stronger than other forms of e-war, because it completely disables the
opponent. If a ship was successfully jammed, it should get a temporary invulnerability
against further jamming. The skills/modules of the jammer and the opponent could
determine the time frame of the invulnerability against jamming.

Ghosts of the Past
Posted - 2009.09.10 00:42:00 - [1038]

i took my loki into a wormhole since its a really good ship for wormholing right? So i take my subsystems along to be able to refit for dps, armor fit , remote shield repping and so on. But when i tried to refit at a pos i get the message subsystems cant be refitted in space. Doesnt make sense to me. Can CCP please take a look at this since it puts the lit on the whole modular idea.

ZigZag Joe
Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Posted - 2009.09.16 00:06:00 - [1039]

Large Projectiles + Artillery
Scrambler changes (and their effect on minnie/gallente)
HP extender rigs balance (and purgers)
Missiles (explosion velocity)
Drones (missing drone interfacing 20%/lvl hp buff + 30% for kali)
Black ops (jump range and bonuses)
Minmatar split weapon ships (huginn needs grid, belicose needs anything and everything)


Shadow Kingdom
Best Alliance
Posted - 2009.09.17 11:05:00 - [1040]

Edited by: Korvin on 17/09/2009 11:24:41
Edited by: Korvin on 17/09/2009 11:05:32
1. T2 ammo need some love - it is mostly useless.
2. raptor is a most useless interceptor - it needs some speed, compared to all other races range ceptors.
3. interdictors - who is the best? why i know your answer before you answered?

ps - there is much more, than 3
you want to know what ships/modules are unbalanced - thats simple - take killboards, check the ships and modules noone use - you got it.

Tamara Kit
Eternal Frontier
Eternal Ascension
Posted - 2009.09.17 11:31:00 - [1041]

1. Wormholes (Trammel, Anyone ?)

2. AF bonus missing, pointless (litterally Retribution)

3. T2 blaster ammo = dumb

Posted - 2009.09.18 09:20:00 - [1042]

1 active tanking
2 damp bonus on gallente EAS and Recons increase to 7,5%-10%
3 t2 ammo bonus/penalties balance

4 faction caldari/gallente hybrid ammo difference in damage type
5 return to gallente navy shop therm missiles

Posted - 2009.09.20 21:48:00 - [1043]

Edited by: etgfrogs on 20/09/2009 21:51:11
1: ECM - needs to be rebalanced since it almost garenteed no lock on a rook unless the ship is using 2 eccm, what i think it should be each ecm success hit drops max locked targets then reapplies it with a stack nerf, so each ecm can drop a ships max target locked anywhere from 0-8 anything past 3 gets significantly harder

2: Pulse lasers - i'd say battleships need a 10% reduction in tracking and cruisers a 5% reduction to bring it in comparison with the range they have

3: T2 close ammo - close range t2 ammo is next to never used because of the penalties and the fact faction ammo is next to equal damage

Gypsio III
Dirty Filthy Perverts
Posted - 2009.09.22 16:30:00 - [1044]

1. CPU requirements of Shield Transporters.

LST II and LRAR II on a Megathron:

LRAR II: 7% of CPU, 3.4% of PG.
LST II: 22.4% of CPU, 1.0% of PG.


The insane CPU requirements of LSTs effectively preclude the existence of shield RR BS gangs, reducing the diversity of Eve.

2. Roflkets. You know what the problem is.
3. Hawk. Fat, slow, horrible fitting problems, stupid Minmatar shield bonus, uses roflkets.

Zaiyo Modi
Posted - 2009.09.24 09:27:00 - [1045]

Overpowered use of probes around stargates?

Even though probing a ship take some time, I feel that a correction could easily be plausible, making probing for targets around stargates hard or impossible.

This way, the factor of ship-positioning will be improved by allowing people to rely more on moving their ships around visibly or cloaked, without succumbing to a pvp paradigm where probing make the factor of ship-positioning pretty much a moot point.

Just saying, that having people probing down ships sitting 100-200km off a stargate sort of makes ship-positioning and the combat based on this, deeply flawed.

Posted - 2009.09.24 18:34:00 - [1046]

1. Deimos: I really like that ship, but it needs some kind of Boost. Slots or CPU/Grid, i don't know it. The Brutix is nearly as much powerful as the Diemos and only costs 25% of die Deimos. I don't want to fly Droneboats, i want to fly a Blaster oder Sniper Deimos.

2. Deimos.

3. T2 Ammo: Who use this kind of ammo in blasters?

4. Lvl4 Missions.

ugh zug
PWNED Factor
Posted - 2009.09.25 13:36:00 - [1047]

Is it just me or did Gallente drone boats really under preform in the alliance tournament 7 along with the Gallente tech 3 ship? I was a bit dismayed to see the tengu kill 2 proteus without blinking an eye.

Immortalis Inc.
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2009.09.25 15:12:00 - [1048]

1. The Loki, it gets 5 meds and 6 lows in most cases with immobility drivers. I do not see the point of this. One more mid and one less low is needed for it to be able to run 2 webs. Also it's close to impossible to get more then 500 dps out of it... Fun when the other t3 ships has over 700

2. Projectile artillery, a clip size of 10? Don't think i need to say anymore

3. The Tempest

Esk Esme
Smack Crack and Pot
Posted - 2009.09.26 08:21:00 - [1049]

Edited by: Esk Esme on 26/09/2009 08:21:42
1.high end moons they make way to much cash and 1nce a alalince has a monopaly on them it near imposible for any other smaller allaince to get a look in way to much isk earned imo from 1 moon

about lvl 4's tbh i see nothing wrong with them they are for individual tast i see alot ppl cry over them mainly coz they bord blob warfare and see alot empire dweller's as easy prey if it wernt for that damn noob corp well tbh ppl should av the right to mission in safty if its empire

2 rails are pritty crap compard to other turrets close range t2 ammo isnt to good eaither

EDIT: my spelling sux so sue me if your not a qulifyed english teacher dnt comment lol

3 0.0 regions tbh eve needs alot more them maybe 3-4 new NPC 0.0 regions the goldfish bowl has become way to small in past 2 years with alot more ppl joining game npc 0.0 is also a good way for new allainces to get they feet wet in 0.0

maximus sotar
Posted - 2009.09.27 04:06:00 - [1050]

1. AFK cloaking in a recon, that now has the power to hot drop unlimited black ops. AFK cloaking is a major *%^& up in eve and needs to be fixed... yes cloaking has its place but to give a recon the power to hot drop unlimited DPS in on anything is kinda unfair and makes recons + SB + black ops super overpowered. i suggest that a mass limit is imposed into the covet cyno, much like wormholes. This way a recon pilot is not a super major threat like it is now ... "recon" means according to the dictionary -

An examination of a territory, or of an enemy's position, for the purpose of obtaining information necessary for directing military operations; a preparatory expedition. [1913 Webster].

Also cloaking needs a counter...cant see it cant kill it. and as it stands when u do see it... hes gonna hot drop 20 mates on ya. needs fixing..

2. Astarte sucks.. needs some kinda of armor boost..its dps is good.. tank fails.. a battle cruiser tanks better. and half the time a BC can do close to the same dps.

3. Marauders, you just gave isk farmers a better way to farm. theses ships should not allowed in empire. ppl make more isk in empire than in 0.0. either fix 0.0, or tax empire ppl with 25% tax, and remove marauders/faction BS from empire, as to make it harder to isk farm. empire = 30mil-50mil/hour no risk. 0.0 = same maby little more, but its never safe 24/7. hostile fleets stop isk rolling in, AFK cloaker hot drop gangs, ect... and im sick and tired of a -0.97 true sec system spawning more cruiser spawns than low sec.. a mission runner see more BS than me. cruiser rats shouldn't exist in super low true sec systems.. 5x BS spawns should.

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