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Che xang
Posted - 2009.04.16 12:19:00 - [1]

Edited by: Che xang on 16/04/2009 20:24:39

I want to sell my minmatar Pvp alt named Che Xang, he is heavily pvp specced, got 20.5 mil sp mostly into gunnery, spaceship command, and navigation skills! Hac lvl5 Bs lvl5 all minmatar guns lvl5, all important gunnery skills lvl5 and the important navigation skills lvl5!
Re-spec is still available and Wallet is positive! He is in an npc corp and waiting to do some serious damage...

Skillsheet ->

Starting bid 3Bil
Reserve 4Bil
Buyout 5Bil

Auction will end on Friday the 24th of April, I reserve the right to end this auction at any point. Apart from that the first buyout I recieve gets the Char or of course the highest bid if buyout may not be reached!

Thx and have fun bidding Cool

Wondering Stare
Posted - 2009.04.16 13:11:00 - [2]

4.2 billion isk b.o offer

Che xang
Posted - 2009.04.16 13:31:00 - [3]

Sry m8, buyout is 5bil, ill take it as a offer though, maybe you are lucky and will stay highest bid..


Posted - 2009.04.16 15:27:00 - [4]

byout 5 Billions...

if you accept contact Lila Schneezauber ingame.

thanks to you

Posted - 2009.04.16 17:51:00 - [5]

reject by outoffer.

because negatieve Sec-Status -7.7

Che xang
Posted - 2009.04.16 18:07:00 - [6]

alrighty, so the pwnage is for sale again! accepting new offers and buyout ofc

Posted - 2009.04.16 18:32:00 - [7]

Ill give yo 4.5b b/o if done now

Kimberly Cadance
Posted - 2009.04.16 19:05:00 - [8]

I pay buyout 5 billion ISK.

But when was the last remapping of your attributes?

Che xang
Posted - 2009.04.16 19:06:00 - [9]

there has not been a remapping yet :)

Posted - 2009.04.16 19:12:00 - [10]

5.5 b/o

Che xang
Posted - 2009.04.16 19:23:00 - [11]

5 Bil buyout goes to kimberly, sry but the higher offer does not count, first buyout is accepted

Kimberly Cadance
Posted - 2009.04.16 19:26:00 - [12]


I am waiting for finishing the deal.

The money is ready for transaction.

Kimberly Cadance
Posted - 2009.04.16 19:34:00 - [13]

I transfered 5 billion to che xang 2 minutes ago.

Che Xang got my account name.

Posted - 2009.04.16 19:52:00 - [14]

Edited by: littlenegro on 16/04/2009 19:52:39
Then why didnt my first b/o of 4.5 count?
Doesnt seem quite fair

Che xang
Posted - 2009.04.16 19:59:00 - [15]

because i stated in my first post that buyout is 5Bil, not 4.5 and not 5.5 after someone else has done the buyout.. sry

Posted - 2009.04.16 20:01:00 - [16]

bah its called an auction.. and the auction ends friday. Im reporting this. Its &^%&$^$

Kimberly Cadance
Posted - 2009.04.16 20:20:00 - [17]

I received che xang.

Transaction done.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.04.16 20:20:00 - [18]

Originally by: littlenegro
bah its called an auction.. and the auction ends friday. Im reporting this. Its &^%&$^$

Report it all you like, the seller is under no obligation to sell until ISK transfers hands. The seller can end the auction/sale any time he sees fit. Next time don't place a lowball offer on a character you really like, then get butthurt that the character gets the buyout for the price listed.


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