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Zora Xen
Posted - 2009.04.15 14:14:00 - [91]

For majestic, I have to go with Amarr & Caldari Freighters. They are two gorgeous vessels.

Arbiter Reformed
Garnet Resources
Posted - 2009.04.15 14:25:00 - [92]


The Scope
Posted - 2009.04.15 16:15:00 - [93]

Machariel & Hurricane, joint top.

Amad Kadu
Posted - 2009.04.15 16:42:00 - [94]


Just nice ships. I'd love to see a battleversion of the orca acting as drone battlestar. Twisted Evil

Dr Karsun
Coffee Lovers Brewing Club
Posted - 2009.04.15 17:08:00 - [95]

As many people mentioned before - the Nyx.

Have seen none in game (I know, fail) but I have seen a few on sisi when checking stuff out. They look just amazing, a ship for emperor Palpatine to sit in and watch everybody around die. I don't know why, it just looks amazing. Just... The king of the hill. Maybe it reminds me of SW? Not really sure why.

Second would probably by the navy megathron together with the Amarr Titan (can't recall the name now).

Posted - 2009.04.15 19:00:00 - [96]

Hel mothership, the Maelstrom, and the Hurricane, in no particular order.

Captain Plumb
Posted - 2009.04.15 21:07:00 - [97]

Nyx, no contest.

Gabriel Lioncourt
Posted - 2009.04.15 21:59:00 - [98]

The Abaddon for sure it simply has that raw and lethal look. You don't f*** around with that ship.

Also I love the Omen, especially the Navy Omen. Whenever you are at rest the prow starts to dip down and it reminds me of a giant attack helicopter ready to spring into the hunt.

Oh and also the Providence, sliding up alongside one of those beasts in a frig is a humbling experience to any that doubt amarr tech :P

Quantar Raalsken
Posted - 2009.04.15 23:12:00 - [99]


Posted - 2009.04.16 00:11:00 - [100]

Moros without a doubt. Still dream of the day I own one

Rant Calmante
Posted - 2009.04.16 00:28:00 - [101]


Capitals - Wyvern, Nyx, Archon, Ragnarok, Nagifar, Hel, Chimera

Industrial Caps - Providence, Charon, Orca

Battleships - Maelstrom followed by Megathron, Rokh, Raven, Apocalypse, Armageddon

Battlecruisers - Hurricane takes it here, then Drake, Myrmidon, Brutix, Ferox

Cruisers - Thorax hands down, followed by the Arbitrator/Exeqeur, then Caracal/Vexor

Destroyers - I'd say the Coercer, followed by the Catalyst

Frigates - Giving it to the Magnate, followed by the Kestrel, Incurses, Punisher, Impairor and then rounded out by the Rifter.

T2 variants -

Malediction/Cruscader, Kronos, Sacrelige, Enyo/Ishkur, Heretic, Vagabond, Nighthawk, Eos, Varguar

Faction -

Navy Mega, Daredevil, Navy Caracal, Fleet issue Stabber, Navy Vexor, Firefly, CNR, I guess the Phantasm


Vladimir Norkoff
Income Redistribution Service
Posted - 2009.04.16 00:35:00 - [102]


Followed closely by the Rogue Drone Domi.

Leiara Knight
The Oblivion Guard
Posted - 2009.04.16 01:41:00 - [103]

Originally by: Zarya Hakkonen
I can't believe the only mention of the Cyclone has been in a humorous tangent. It is the most warship-looking warship in the game. Everything about it says, "I am here to f*ck you up." Among battlecruisers, only the Ferox approaches this level of menace.

Also, pretty much all the battleships exude majesty, albeit in varying degrees. The Rokh, Hyperion, Armageddon and Tempest are the most majestic, IMO. I can easily imagine tourists on a ship crowding to the windows to watch any of these behemoths glide silently past, casting razor-edged shadows as they occlude the local star.

Quite so!

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