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Deschenus Maximus
Digital Fury Corporation
Posted - 2009.04.14 03:34:00 - [61]


The Mega was the reason I started playing Eve. Too bad I never flown one in combat.

Kosh Od
Imminent Ruin
Dirt Nap Squad.
Posted - 2009.04.14 04:12:00 - [62]


Logan Xerxes
Xerxes Security
Posted - 2009.04.14 05:55:00 - [63]

Rokh for all the reasons already mentioned.

Drake, seeing a fleet of these just makes me feel warm inside.

Raven. Seeing 5 or more of these using torps and remote repairig eachother is a sight to behold. A feast of sound and light for the soul!YARRRR!!

Mara Rinn
Posted - 2009.04.14 07:23:00 - [64]

I would describe the Dominix as "thuggish" more than "majestic". It looks like it's built for business.

For majesty, I think the Providence or Maelstrom get my vote.

Posted - 2009.04.14 10:14:00 - [65]


Posted - 2009.04.14 10:36:00 - [66]

I'm going to go with an unusual choice here and put my vote next to the Nightmare.

Granted, its not as graceful as the Nyx or Avatar but there is something impressive about it. It offers a mix of the sinister, a sense of corruption, like its baby brother, the Phantasm.

If I really have to choose an empire ship though, the Armageddon looks pretty majestic.

Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2009.04.14 10:38:00 - [67]

Rokh and Maelstrom.
They both look so solid and clear compared to tier 1-2 of their races. and have so much guns on hull :D

Posted - 2009.04.14 10:41:00 - [68]

Well my first love was the Hyperion.
The first moment I saw one flying by when I was still in my young frigate years
I knew it... that's the ship im gonna fly. And look at me now,
it was the first Battleship I ever flew and will probably be my last.

As for second choice I go for the Kronos, I just love the black and Gold colours on the
already good looking Megathron shape.

Onus Mian
Kingfisher Industries
Posted - 2009.04.14 11:27:00 - [69]

Apoc and most of the Amarr ships. Always wanted to fly an Apoc but have wasted time trying out the other races ships first.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2009.04.14 11:40:00 - [70]

Originally by: Agent Freedom
Subjective question, but what is the ship that, you see it, and you just get that "omgdayum now THAT'S a ship!!" feeling..IS there such a ship? combat or non..

Avatar. Period.

The Quantum Company
Independent Faction
Posted - 2009.04.14 11:58:00 - [71]

Edited by: ShadowDraqon on 14/04/2009 12:00:52
"Graceful and Majestic" looking ships: Nyx, Megathron, Apocalypse, Revelation, Providence, Eidolon
"Hardcore awesome" looking ships: Megathron, Hyperion, Abaddon, Eidolon, Ferox, Avatar, Minmatar shuttle, CONCORD battleship (in the classic graphics, white was cool, why did they ruin it?)

And to lighten things up a bit, here are awesome ships that look like something:
- Scorpion (scorpion)
- Raven (a bird)
- Rokh (steam train)
- Thorax (you know what it looks like)
- Iteron Mk V (a stick)
- Cyclone (razor)
- Fenrir (sandcrawler)
- Avatar (buttplug)
- Executioner (vampire fangs)
- Megathron (action figure if you look at it from below)
- Some Sansha ship (porcupine)
- 50% of caldari ships (boxes)

Agent Freedom
Posted - 2009.04.14 13:40:00 - [72]

lovin' the responses all..keep it going..

Caffeine Junkie
Posted - 2009.04.14 13:41:00 - [73]


Einherjar Rising
Cry Havoc.
Posted - 2009.04.14 14:18:00 - [74]

Any Incursus hull. I always get the feeling that "that ship could do anything".

Honorable mentions go to:
The purely imagined tech 2 or faction myrmidon.
The phantasm although that's more badass.
The providence. I want once even though I really have no good use for an amarr freighter.
The Ark (aka providence tech 2). I haven't seen one ingame, but the paintjob is even better.

Many more are awesome, but those are the best.

Posted - 2009.04.14 15:07:00 - [75]

The mega is the coolest looking ship in the game.

Roid Bandit
Posted - 2009.04.14 15:45:00 - [76]

Nyx hands down.

Posted - 2009.04.14 15:56:00 - [77]

My nightmare is sexiest.

Light ***** FTW.

Megan Maynard
Navigators of the Abyss
Posted - 2009.04.14 16:29:00 - [78]

Edited by: Megan Maynard on 14/04/2009 16:29:19

Orca is pretty damn cool as well.

Zhilia Mann
Tide Way Out Productions
Posted - 2009.04.14 16:39:00 - [79]

Originally by: Mona X
Charon (and Orca).

Hate to say it. I really do. But this is the right answer. If we're going for "majestic", that pretty much wins. Obelisk gets a runner's up award.

And overall, no, I don't like their looks (except for the Orca). The Damnation and the Ferox hulls in general are the best lookers for me with a mention for the Myrm and the Nag. But if the OP is serious? Gotta go with the above.

Reach Life
Posted - 2009.04.14 16:41:00 - [80]

Originally by: AstroPhobic

Every time I look at it, I'm like... sweet jesus, that's a freakin' ship.

Oh yeah, the Nyx gets me hot. Reminds me of when I first started and I dreamed of my Megathron all the time. Gallente has some sweet ships.

The only min ship I'll look at is the Naglfar, I like verticle ships. I love my Myrm.

Grek Forto
Crosshair Corp
Posted - 2009.04.14 18:43:00 - [81]

Apocalypse. Smell the name, APOC-ALYPSE.

Also, the description.

"In days past, only those in high favor with the Emperor could hope to earn the reward of commanding one of the majestic and powerful Apocalypse class battleships. In latter years, even though now in full market circulation, these golden, metallic monstrosities are still feared and respected as enduring symbols of Amarrian might."

Mater Inferorum
Posted - 2009.04.15 02:01:00 - [82]

Hurricane. Its a rust red star destroyer with teeth.
'Nuff said

Posted - 2009.04.15 06:08:00 - [83]

Providence it is

Zarya Hakkonen
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.04.15 06:30:00 - [84]

I can't believe the only mention of the Cyclone has been in a humorous tangent. It is the most warship-looking warship in the game. Everything about it says, "I am here to f*ck you up." Among battlecruisers, only the Ferox approaches this level of menace.

Also, pretty much all the battleships exude majesty, albeit in varying degrees. The Rokh, Hyperion, Armageddon and Tempest are the most majestic, IMO. I can easily imagine tourists on a ship crowding to the windows to watch any of these behemoths glide silently past, casting razor-edged shadows as they occlude the local star.

Rock urSocksoff
Invaders Empire Wold
RED Citizens
Posted - 2009.04.15 06:44:00 - [85]

Nyx, Nidhoggur, Chimera.

Mark Lucius
Final Agony
Posted - 2009.04.15 10:16:00 - [86]

Edited by: Mark Lucius on 15/04/2009 10:17:20

Also, the Scorpion hull (Scorpion, Widow, Rattlesnake) is strangely attractive to me, in a menacing sort of way.

*edit* And yet, for some reason I have a Zealot as my signature..... Laughing

Hrothgar Doran
Posted - 2009.04.15 10:36:00 - [87]

Frankly I don't get that feeling with any of the ships in eve.

King Rothgar
Autocannons Anonymous
Posted - 2009.04.15 11:18:00 - [88]

If we're just talking pretty, then I'd say the curse or anathema. Providence is also pretty good looking.

Pascal Almaric
The Solipsist Nation
Posted - 2009.04.15 11:33:00 - [89]

Originally by: ShadowDraqon

- Cyclone (razor)

I called my old Cyclone "Mutant Sparkplug" for a reason.

Fallen Angel's
Posted - 2009.04.15 13:16:00 - [90]

Geddon - because it looks like "reinforcements arrived" - duno
Hyperion (dual butt plug) - almost size of the smaller carriers like nidhoggur
Providence meh starwars
Machariel feels like preparing to bite you.
Harpy, yes old crappy harpy/hawk/merlin/worm - bunch of these gives me starwars feeling.

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