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Footoo Rama
Beyond Control.
Posted - 2009.04.13 20:59:00 - [31]

Funny I run both for solo level 4 missions...

My Domi is a passive shield tank that gets about 300dps a sec in passive. Of course this is pretty specialized with almost all low and mids set to create this tank. It runs 5/6x dual 250's and a nos in the high. It is slow, and some level 4's have bs's that stay outside 50km and they can be a little bit of a PIA to track down. What is nice is that you can fit, 5x hobgoblin II's ( or warrior II's if you want the speed) 5x hammerheads II for pretty much everything but frig/desty, 5x sentries if you want to park and sleep though the mission, and 5x large shield/armour logistic drones if you are running with some buddies that need some tank assist. So far the only thing that has broken the tank is Angel extravagance bonus room. build/fit cost is about 120million isk in jita including drones and the ship. The rigs are 3x core defense purgers (these are pricey) The one problem is with the guns on you only have about 6 minutes of cap, or 12-14 minutes with just the 2x invuln II's (2x invulns give the same resists as 2x rat spec I's) Granted you usally do not have to turn on the resists with this guys huge tank, and the drone damage bonus means not fireing your guns 100% of the time is not that bad of a handicap.

My Thron is completly the opposite run as a blaster boat ar tank, with 5x hammerhead II's and 5x hobgoblin II. 3x mag field II's in low 2x large armour rep II's with 2x rat spec resists, mid slot gets 3x cap extender II's and ab/mwd. Top gets 6/7 mega modal ions and a heavy nos. It is cap stable with all guns ab and one rep running. it also uses 3x cap rigs. This costs about 160-180 million isk to build and fit in jita.

The domi is a snooze fest and a little slower to run missions then the thron, but the thron is faster, but you need to pay attention more. Also this thron can be modified slightly to run as a PVP blaster boat, or a pvp sniper boat pretty easily.

Celestial Apocalypse
death from above..
Posted - 2009.04.13 22:30:00 - [32]

I ran a Domi with a 5 slot shieldtank (about 500 DPS sustained against Guristas), 6 435mm II fully gankfitted. Does 1000 DPS at optimal ranges with Gardes, but since I'm up against Guristas most of the time I stick with Wardens and it still does over 700 DPS at 60km, ~850 at 40km, which is more than enough. Not putting at least some 325mm on it is wasting a lot of it's potential, you can armor tank it which gives you in combination with omni tracking links, spike and drone augmentors very good range. But the shieldtanked Domi is one of the fastest missionrunners. It's as close as you can get to a Nightmare performance wise for just 200 mil.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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