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Ministry of War
Posted - 2009.04.05 10:42:00 - [1]

Windows XP Professional 32bit
Ati 3870
AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual core 3ghz
4gb RAM. (although xp only detects about 3.25gb)

Ever since the latest patch i've had random crashes on my client. Yesterday when I was in the fleet that was capturing Ezzara system I suffered three crashes in the space of 15 minutes. Today, with my alt, I had two crashes in a row in a 0.0 system when ratting.

Is this a known problem, because I didn't see any other threads about such an issue.

Posted - 2009.04.05 10:59:00 - [2]

Same here, random crashes...sometimes it runs for about one hour, sometimes it crashes after a few minutes of playing. Together with the crashes, texture issues often appear. I updated my GPU drivers, checked it in other games, everything works well besides Eve.
I also unchecked all the graphic effects, set everything to minimum but it didnt help.

Ikathis sihtaki
Posted - 2009.04.05 18:18:00 - [3]

I also have been experiencing a higher then normal, way higher, amount of CTD and socket has closed. Sometimes will happen to one client on the laptop, start it back up, 10 minutes later will happen to one on the desktop, then about 10 minutes after that the second client on the desktop will close socket or CTD. Thought it was sound, so went to having it back off, but still way higher then normal. It never happens to all clients at once, just kind of random.

Also, did they sneak in a stealth afk disconnect? I will be doing something on the laptop, not payin attention to the desktop, look back and I have been disconnected from the server back to log in screen. It will also do th is to the laptop if I am not paying attention to it.

None of this prior to last couple of patches.

Saaya Illirie
Absinthe Brothers
Posted - 2009.04.05 20:08:00 - [4]

Nuuskur... you using drones? I'm having the same issue, but only seems to happen with drones on grid

Posted - 2009.04.06 08:15:00 - [5]

Been having the same exact problem since the last patch, and it does often happen when my drones are on grid.

Naagarok Compta
Posted - 2009.04.06 10:50:00 - [6]

I just restarted with eve, fresh client install from friday and I am suffering crashes to the desktop a lot with an error in the exefile.exe file. They seem to be random but every single one of them happened when rightclicking something to bring up a menu. Not everytime I do a rightclick, but sometimes - no reproducibility yet. I don't have drones, so drones don't have anything to do with it in my case.

Slippery diGriz
Posted - 2009.04.06 12:18:00 - [7]

Only ever happens to me when I have the fitting screen up.

Solar Imperium
Posted - 2009.04.06 13:22:00 - [8]

same here, regular crashes, xp, vista, no mater

Ministry of War
Posted - 2009.04.06 23:55:00 - [9]

Originally by: Saaya Illirie
Nuuskur... you using drones? I'm having the same issue, but only seems to happen with drones on grid

I had my drones out at Ezzara and there were alot of them on the grid. I crashed later on with my alt account while ratting, but i don't think I had drones out then.

Pink Bunnies
Posted - 2009.04.07 09:56:00 - [10]

Same problem here, i got pretty much random client crashes, no errors at all, just game turns off like i would press alt+f4. And theory about brining up menu/right clicking seems to be possible. I'm win xp user.

Wonders if i'll loose ship because of crash petitoning will reimburse it?

Ministry of War
Posted - 2009.04.07 12:40:00 - [11]

I run eve in windowed mode btw, might this be the cause?

Kieryn L'wellyn
Rule of Five
The Junta
Posted - 2009.04.07 13:01:00 - [12]

I've been seeing these crashes as well. I noticed it happens most when I use the fitting screen.

I've also noticed it happens most when Evemon is running.

I'm not sure which is causing it, or if it's a combination of the two. I'm going to do some more test and hopefully I can narrow it down.

The Knights Templar
Posted - 2009.04.07 13:10:00 - [13]

Random crashes here too along with everyone else and their mother.


XP Professional 64-bit (come on baby, release a 64 bit Eve client for me!)
8G RAM / intel quadcore Q9550
Nvidia GTX 260 (EVGA 216)

Sarcastic Bastards
Posted - 2009.04.07 17:17:00 - [14]

same issue...I didnt see this post before making my own, but its pretty much inline with everyone else. Random crashes....If I leave it alone, then I dont get D/ced, but every time I have crashed I was messing with one or more of these things at once:
-Ship fitting window is open(7+ times)
-multiple chat windows open(atleast 7)(7+ times)
-ships hangar window open(window with ships in it)(7+ times)
-items hangar window open(7+ times)
-trade window open(2 times)
-process of switching ships(last crash)
-right clicking to view/open items/drone bay on current ship.(5+ times)

thats the jest of it...

Elo Behram
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2009.04.07 18:11:00 - [15]

Edited by: Elo Behram on 07/04/2009 18:11:43
tons of random crashes, sometimes while fighting or ratting, sometimes while in hangar

seems to happen more frequently when i right-click for a context menu but it has happened without it as well

Windows XP64
AMD 6000+
nV 8800GTS

The Scope
Posted - 2009.04.09 18:36:00 - [16]

I'm having same exact problem.

Running xp
AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual core 3ghz
4gb RAM.

Efrim Black
Thanatos Industries
Posted - 2009.04.10 02:41:00 - [17]

ati x1900
Intel dual-core 3ghz
2gigs ram

Not that any of the specs seem to matter.

All I care about is that I lost a 200mil Bc, and 500mil in implants a few minutes ago because of another random fraking crash. This is getting ridiculous... >< Am I supposed to just stop playing the game?

Fat Buddah
Posted - 2009.04.10 05:08:00 - [18]

same problem here, plus an interesting observation.
I was running 3 clients yesterday, two mining barges and one iteron.
Frequent crash to desktop happened only to the client that was flying iteron, when alt-tabbing between clients.

Dirk Magnum
Blue Republic
RvB - BLUE Republic
Posted - 2009.04.10 05:33:00 - [19]

Edited by: Dirk Magnum on 10/04/2009 05:34:25

I started suffering from this about a week ago. I'm always in a gang when it happens. Happened to me four times today in about two hours. First time in a few weeks I can really devote some time to stuff and I can't stay connected more than half an hour at a time Rolling Eyes

Could be worse I guess. I've heard of some people getting dropped every few minutes.

Posted - 2009.04.10 10:16:00 - [20]

Edited by: Phtal on 10/04/2009 10:17:06
me and my corpmates having the same problem since apocrypha. randomly the client crashes. but without any promt. it just closes! as if eve has never been started xD
i had the same situation yesterday 3 times about every 2o minutes..having 2 accounts running. while tabbing the iteron hauler crashes. in most cases it seems that the client tries to load anything (the client stuck first) and then crashes.

edit: mostly while in gang, but not always (in most cases iam ganged anyway ...)

help would be appreciated ;)

(XP prof. GF, Athlon)

The Scope
Posted - 2009.04.10 19:56:00 - [21]

Same problems here. Nothing in particular seems to set it off. It has happened mostly in missions, but I am a mission *****, so that means nothing. I never had a single problem with Eve until the last patch, yet they seem to think it is on my end because they want me to run .dmp and log files or something like that. Then there is the whole sound issue. 99% of the time I can't here guns firing unless I am zoomed all the way in on my ship and facing the firing end of the gun, yet yesterday I was able to be at almost any distance / angle from my ship and hear the guns just fine.

All I know is that I love this game and I am seriously considering not extending my time this month until something is done sbout it. I have lost several million ISK in T2 drones because of this and have only been reimbursed with 3 drones. And since you can only have 2 petitions open at once, I can't petition for all my drones when Eve decides to crash 6 times in less than 20 minutes.

Sebastian Draconis
Draconis Holdings
Posted - 2009.04.11 03:28:00 - [22]

I'm getting crashes too.

Mostly happens while fitting but i've had it happen in space as well.

Lord Migit
Posted - 2009.04.11 08:15:00 - [23]

Edited by: Lord Migit on 11/04/2009 08:16:04
yea im getting loads of random crashes too, it differs completely between 5 in the space of 3mins or 1 per 2hours. Happens usually in fitting window but does happen in space too.


AMD 64-FX62 2.8Ghz Dual Core
2GB ram
Saphire 4870X2
EVE is stored on 70GB raptor

Error Signiture
AppName: exefile.exe AppVer: ModName: _trinity.dll
ModVer: Offset: 002afbc8

Posted - 2009.04.11 11:11:00 - [24]

Edited by: Libuse on 11/04/2009 11:12:58
Same problems here. Mostly in hangar when i right click, it will cause EVE client crash.
in half cases its followed in desktop by message that DEP from Vista stopped EVE client before it makes trouble with system security.
DEP is security watchdog in Win OS. After i disable it problems are still it not helped, but maybe that info could help in revealing true problem.

Last days i have so much client crashes that EVE is unplayable. ugh

from 11/2008 i had lot of crashes like this but only when turning client off, now its ingame.


Core2Duo E4500
8800GT Gigabyte
Vista 64bit

system errors:Podpis problému
Název události problému: APPCRASH
Název aplikace: ExeFile.exe
Verze aplikace:
Časové razítko aplikace: 49ad318e
Název chybného modulu: StackHash_fd00
Verze chybného modulu:
Časové razítko chybného modulu: 00000000
Kód výjimky: c0000005
Posun výjimky: 1f2def47
Verze operačního systému: 6.0.6001.
ID sady: 1223759374
Název události problému: APPCRASH
Název aplikace: ExeFile.exe
Verze aplikace:
Časové razítko aplikace: 49ad318e
Název chybného modulu: nvd3dum.dll
Verze chybného modulu:
Časové razítko chybného modulu: 49cd221d
Kód výjimky: c0000005
Posun výjimky: 0021bfb9
Verze operačního systému: 6.0.6001.

Posted - 2009.04.12 22:25:00 - [25]

Same problem here.

AMD Athlon 6400+
2g RAM

I've lost about three dozen drones to this issue. I refuse to use T2 drones until this gets fixed.

Atsuko Yamamoto
Spartan Shipyards
Posted - 2009.04.12 22:26:00 - [26]

EVE doing the same for me, never crashed before but now it's crashing at lesat 2-3 times a day. Missions, fitting window, or switching cameras seems to do it for some reason.

Yohanes Flame
Interstellar eXodus
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2009.04.12 23:13:00 - [27]


same issue in lots of different scenarios

Win XP

Usually happens while im idle station, just sitting in space.

Zamir Falconi
Interstellar eXodus
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2009.04.12 23:14:00 - [28]


Core Impulse
Posted - 2009.04.13 10:13:00 - [29]

same here Win XP. Usually when the fitting window is open,

Neo Spartans
Laconian Syndicate
Posted - 2009.04.13 10:29:00 - [30]

After about 30 minutes of getting most of SiSi to shoot at me with lots of remote reps on me, I crashed with the log server and /minidump option.

Here's the reply.

// Going to get Tenitigo get a look at the .dmp after easter, possibly defect 36654 -BH Inganam

General crash to desktop, anything can be happening. Has happened a few times to me on Singularity, and on Tranquillity.

Crash happened at:
201 2009.04.12 20:18:20:058 Crashed 0xC0000005, minidump being written in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\CCP\EVE\#crash b86632 2009.04.12 20.18.19.dmp


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