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FullMetal Basilisk
The Naked Peas Group Plc.
Posted - 2009.04.03 18:58:00 - [1]

We are in need of more good company, new blood, and players who want to take themselves to the next level in EVE. We need fighters to help the war against the Amarr as well as to help make MH a better place to fly in =OP We need industrialists to grind the wheels of war. We need Miners to turn those wheels!

We are currently based both in the Molden Heath (Both Hi and Low Sec) and Great Wildlands regions (0.0). We offer ship replacements for all fully insured T1 ships, we offer dividend funds to all active members each month and we also offer a communal pool for ship parts and ammo and reduced ship and ship rig costs and regular training ops. We operate mainly in the Eurozone timezone but do have US and Canadian members (as well as some UK ones that do just not sleep!!)

We will offer any training and guidance you may need from our various members and officers.
What do we ask of you before applying to us?:

1) No pirates!! We are NRDS (Unless fired upon or defending against piracy)
2) Limited API key to the 2 Directors in charge of security.
3) All recruits to Freeform Academy MUST serve out the probationary period no matter how good they are.
4) All members must register for the forum before their application is accepted.
5) 1 mil SP, NO TRIAL ACCOUNTS and sec status 0 or above. No-one above 28 mill SP will be considered.
6) A willingness to play as part of a team, a sense of humour and desire to learn.

Our public channel is Freeformpublic and our current forums are

If you wish to hit up us in game, either contact Fullmetal Basilisk, Cytral, or pop by our public channel. Some Youtube videos are also up, with more to follow. Search Freeform Industries - eve

Come by and have a chat with us! We look forward to meeting you all.

For corp information please look at Freeform Industries (FFID) and Freeform Academy (FF-AC)

Please can our allies and friends Mirror Relations to the Academy. We will be in touch shortly.


Fullmetal Basilisk
Freeform Industries Recruitment Officer


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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