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Tanjin Luk
Advance Naval Guard
Posted - 2009.04.03 17:16:00 - [1]

Heyas all!

I am looking for a Corp that I can call home. A place where I can stay and help long term and gain some benefits short term. I am a goal driven player and want to be able to make a difference within the right corp, but I am also not looking for handouts. Really the immediate benefits I am looking for short term are folks to talk to, and folks to do things with. Smile

Here is what I am about:
  • Currently have about 2m sp

  • I am a miner with a combat background

  • I am in Central timezone

  • Log on most evenings but some nights not more than an hour

  • I do log on over the weekends but during the day is hit or miss

  • Goal and team oriented person

  • Chatty, and usually pushing the lines of common decency Very Happy

  • A professional in his 30s... hence the casual play times

  • Minmatar based currently

  • Looking to be even more highly engaged in EVE, but am already commited to have me some fun

  • Looking to experience all that EVE has to offer, PvP, mining, mission running, maybe dabble in production in the future, or whatever interests me down the road!

Here is what I am looking for in a Corp:
  • A corp/alliance with a fair amount of active players

  • A corp with goals that I can help achieve

  • A decent range of activities (not just mining)

  • Corp activities, but I wont rely on them for my grouping opportunities

  • A mature, talkative pilot base

  • Minmatar space is ideal but willing to move for the right opportunity

I am really looking to get integrated into a corp soon so please post here or send me an EVE-mail so I can get more information.


Advance Naval Guard
Posted - 2009.04.03 17:25:00 - [2]

Edited by: Hwoody on 03/04/2009 17:26:28
Hey there! You might want to check out my corporation ANG. Our website is

I like you joined this corporation recently, so I know from first hand experience that ANG is the corporation you are looking for.

I think you will absolutely love our corporation, we are relatively new and seeking new members. Our memberbase is top class, pop into "ANG Public" on Eve and check us out. I promise you will not leave disappointed.

Techno-Wizard Industrial Technologies
Posted - 2009.04.03 17:35:00 - [3]

Hello Tanjin,

I think we maybe just what you are looking for, US timezones, Professional people, chatty and Minmatar based ATM. We are a small industrial PVE corp based in Hi-sec ATM looking to grow, we are based mainly around the Rens, Hek & Eram area we have a Hi-sec POS and do T2 manufacturing In a few weeks we will be doing T3 we are also in talks with L-sec and Z-sec corp to trade access for R&D support all character types welcome no minimum skill level needed. The 4 founders have over 8 years of eve experience among them. Get in on the ground floor of a corp ready to go places, if you think this is for you contact Sandill or join "TWITZ HELP" For more information

Republic Alliance
Posted - 2009.04.03 18:48:00 - [4]

Hey Tanjin,

Jade Falcon Clan is a corp focusing on Covert-ops, Intelligence, and Guerrilla Warfare. We and the alliance are strictly anti-pirate. We operate in minmatar space between the molden heath and the 0.0 in the Great Wildlands. Although we are anti-pirate we have enough enemies in 0.0 to keep things interesting if you are in the mood to fight.

The alliance is full of quite a few players of various skillsets and aspirations. With our corp you'll be able to train your PvP/E up and learn how to fight. If you are feeling like mining you could easily move your way into an alliance mining op.

Beyond that we're a great bunch of guys to fly with and are more than willing to help you train up to your full potential. If you're interested contact me in game - I look forward to hearing from you.

- Snotgrab

Gaius Aemilius
Wormhole-space Surveying and Exploitation
Posted - 2009.04.03 20:11:00 - [5]

If you think the idea of being a colonist in w-space is interesting check out our recruiting post.

It can be challenging living down in w-space, but our colonist all agree its lots of fun.

If you're that sort of person, convo me or swing by "Wessex Recruiting" some time.


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