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Posted - 2009.04.01 03:10:00 - [1]

Some info about us.

- We are a corp that was established in early 2003. We are alive and kicking, seeking growth once again.
- We are not currently in 0.0 but have plans to move in that direction once again some time in the very near future.
- We are currently part of Eternus Imperium Alliance.
- We have been in and out of low security space, and have much experience in all respects of 0.0.
- We have much experience in the way of fleet warfare.
- We operate POS's, and do research. We do capital production, and many of the lesser production aspects of eve.
- We are close like a family. Like a family, if you need somthing there is always help from someone within the corp where help needed.

For the most part we produce all of our own ships and supply those in the corp with what they need.

We are currently recruiting pvpers, industry/npc based players.

What we ask of you:
- Team Player, if you join up you are part of a family of pilots who work to support each other. Communication is very important.
- Ability to use TeamSpeak/vent/mumble depending on what we as an alliance decide on.

What we offer:
- We build/supply the ships you need, usually free of charge.
- We have some great FC'S and very experienced pvp members in the corp to learn from.
- We also have a strong industry side of our corp as the name would lead you to believe. If your looking to get into building/research/mining we can satisfy those needs easily.
- A strong standing in both US and UK timezones. We are looking for some Au/Nz time zone players, to increase our ranks in those tz.
- We have strong leadership who takes care of what needs to be taken care of.

If you think we sound like somewhere you would like to call home, then contact Yakuto ingame.

Lunas Whisper
Chillwater Ltd
Imperial Ascension
Posted - 2009.04.01 12:52:00 - [2]

Alliance mate bump.

I will also add that this is a great bunch of guys.

Posted - 2009.04.01 18:17:00 - [3]

Edited by: Yakuto on 01/04/2009 22:06:48
We are still accepting applications from those of you who might be intersted in joining our home.

Xolax Castle
F.R.E.E. Explorer
EVE Animal Control
Posted - 2009.04.01 20:27:00 - [4]

Must be a good corp I have been here a year now. Very Happy

Posted - 2009.04.02 17:31:00 - [5]

We are still open for recrutment. Send Yakuto those emails.

Lunas Whisper
Chillwater Ltd
Imperial Ascension
Posted - 2009.04.02 23:06:00 - [6]

Bumping this to the top.

Posted - 2009.04.03 17:51:00 - [7]

We are still open for recrutment. Contact Yakuto with questions.


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